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On WorldBuild365 there are listed reliable hardwood flooring suppliers, solid wood flooring manufacturers, and more.

Source Hardwood Flooring Suppliers

  • Massive board Achim Home Furnishings FTVWD20220
    Massive board Achim Home Furnishings FTVWD20220

    A massive board Achim Home Furnishings FTVWD20220 will noticeably change your interior and set the tone for the entire atmosphere of the room. The cover has a universal appearance, so the massive board is suitable for various styles of decoration of the interior space.

  • Art Collection Modular parquet
    Art Collection Modular parquet
    Kraft Parkett

    Modular parquet from the Art collection is represented by a wide choice of models with different geometric patterns and shade. The parquet is made of oak boards, therefore has the highest performance characteristics. In the process of production, the oak board is subjected to the finest processing to create an ideal flooring texture.

  • Galathea Parquet board
    Galathea Parquet board

    Galathea parquet board has a number of features that significantly distinguish it from other products on the market. The carrier layer of the parquet board is made of a HDF plate with a locking joint. It is a modern high-density material obtained in the process of pressing with a high temperature. The front layer of natural wood conveys all the richness and variety of natural patterns.

  • Charm Parquet Board
    Charm Parquet Board

    The Charm collection of the parquet board is distinguished by its exquisite shades and textures. Model parquet, which sets the tone for the interior lies at the heart of creating of a cozy home. These goals was guided by the well-known designer Egidio Panzera in creating the parquet board. You will immediately feel how this collection will charm with the shades of antiquity.

  • French Oak Parquet
    French Oak Parquet

    Parquet French oak is a new element of the Nature collection. This parquet is the latest development of Sofia, a joint work of dozens of specialists - designers, technologists, engineers.

  • Ash Country Three-striped Parquet Board
    Ash Country Three-striped Parquet Board

    The four-layered parquet board HARO is made of natural materials using modern technologies. Parquet board HARO 4000 is a natural, environmentally friendly product that meets high standards.

  • Amber Wood Massive Board
    Amber Wood Massive Board

    Massive Board of Amber Wood series includes several collections: amber, jade and marble collections. Massive boards are made only from wood of the highest quality.

  • Ombra Oak, Boardwalk Collection
    Ombra Oak, Boardwalk Collection
    Kahrs Group

    Kährs new collection of rustic wood floors. These stunning single-strip oak floors feature a brushed, hand scraped surface, enhanced by a Nature Oil finish that enhances the grain and texture of the wood.

  • Story 138 Frostbite Oak, Light Collection
    Story 138 Frostbite Oak, Light Collection
    Kahrs Group

    Narrow 1-strip in clean grading. Covered with special tinted lacquer system with pearl pigments. Brushed. Beveled edge. The unique coating slightly plays with shades depending on the angle of view and lighting.

  • Prague Oak, Capital Collection
    Prague Oak, Capital Collection
    Kahrs Group

    This single-strip, stained oak floor from the Capital Collection features warm, earth tones pooled with stone grey hues. Only the finest quality timber is used, and each board is carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood.

  • Collection Wood (Havanna)
    Collection Wood (Havanna)

    Flooring Collection Havanna is suitable for brutal interiors. It was also used in the television project - for a game lounge in the basement of a country house. The design imitates stamps on old boards used for packing goods.

  • Sequoia Terrace Board
    Sequoia Terrace Board

    The terrace board from a wood and polymeric composite is a progressive construction material. In its production mainly used natural wood flour and high density polyethylene HDPE.

  • ITP Terrace Board
    ITP Terrace Board

    The terrace board from a wood and polymeric composite is a progressive construction material. In its production mainly used natural wood flour and high density polyethylene HDPE.

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Quality flooring from an honest wooden floors supplier will ensure a permanent surface that also looks spectacular.

Installation of wooden floors from reputable engineered oak flooring suppliers guarantees any special conditions are taken into account.

Endurance will be assured when using trusted engineered wood flooring manufacturers.

Easy cleaning is a key factor when choosing the type of wood for the project.

On WorldBuild365 there are listed reliable hardwood flooring suppliers, solid wood flooring manufacturers, and more...

Wood Floors

For everlasting style:

Solid wooden flooring is available in various grades and sizes. All boards can be treated, colored, and finished to requirements. High quality wooden floors last for years, and are hygienic and easy to clean, with a minimal maintenance program. Wood species include American Walnut, Canadian Brown Maple, and Russian Pine, to name but a few.

Engineered board flooring is innovative wooden flooring that’s made of high quality hardwood to form the upper layer, and a steadying bottom layer. This forms an extremely stable product which virtually eliminates warping. Selections of pure oiled woods are readily available, from European Oak to Walnut.

Oak flooring remains one of the most popular flooring options available due to its durability and hard wearing features. It also improves with age as the color enriches. The attractive grains take well to staining and coloring, and it is very resistant to fungal and insect infestations. This high quality wood ensures a timeless look - see wholesale oak flooring contacts on WorldBuild365.

Hard-Wearing Floors

For everyday durability:

Engineered flooring gives the look of solid wood alongside practical and cost benefits. It doesn’t expand or contract to the same extent as solid wood, and it’s extremely durable. There are a wide range of colored and textured solutions available to suit all requirements, and it’s easy to install.

Laminate flooring is resistant to stains, impacts, and scratches - its versatility makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas. Installation of the wide variety of patterns which are available is quick and easy. The flooring won’t fade or discolor, and it’s easy to clean and care for. This low maintenance requirement and the affordability of the products make for a popular choice.

Vinyl flooring is used for domestic, commercial, and industrial premises. Important characteristics include strength and sound insulation, durability, water resistance, and eco-friendliness. As well as these practicalities of use, installation is also easy. Choose for a wide range of colors and a variety of textures.

Fashionable Floors

For classical and retro-style interiors:

Chevron flooring is a modern take on the traditional French floor, with an oak texture gently softened by a warm designer color. Each plank is milled to precision on cutting edge equipment, and is fast and simple to install. The flooring can be finished with lacquer or silk oil, making it wear-resistant, and guaranteed for a lifetime.

Bamboo flooring is extremely durable and easy to maintain. This surface made from natural vegetation is a highly renewable source, growing much faster than hardwood trees. Caring for the flooring is straightforward – brush and vacuum regularly, and damp-mop it occasionally. Get bamboo flooring wholesale details on WorldBuild365.

Mosaic flooring has a factory-applied hard wax oil finish that protects it from dirt and moisture, while still letting the wood breathe. The oil emphasises the natural beauty and grain texture of the wood. The finish is environmentally friendly.

Parquet flooring is warm and durable, and with regular maintenance can remain bright and smooth. Parquet boards combine modern technologies with traditional trends. Matt finishes reduce the wear as they protect the wood, and magnifies the soft lines for a beautiful end result.