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A wide range of premium PVC floors can be found on this digital platform - WorldBuild365. They're made by the top vinyl flooring suppliers & other experts.

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  • Premium: BRASIL
    Premium: BRASIL

    Surface: 100% natural hard wax oil - 2 layer (1st layer - the color, the 2nd layer - abrasion-resistant transparent)

  • Large lighter-weight non-slip rubber tread
    Large lighter-weight non-slip rubber tread

    L-shapped solid rubber tread is installed on on readymade stair steps outside and inside of buildings using rigid fastening (studs, self-threading screws) or using either glue or temporary fixing with gouble-sided tape.

  • Floor riffled rubber coatings
    Floor riffled rubber coatings

    The coatings are intended to cover entrance way to the room, stair steps and floors in buildings, protect from mechanical impacts, serve to clean footwear, as well as for steady and comfortable walking.

  • Decking

    Flooring for suburban areas, villas, around the pool areas, piers. Made of wood-polymer composite (WPC). Fire-resistant, water-resistant, easy to install. Made in Kazakhstan. Warranty up to 15 years

  • Floating vinyl floor FatraClick
    Floating vinyl floor FatraClick

    The Fatra Click series with 20 elegant wooden and stone patterns is an ideal solution for all households that will appreciate a luxurious design and great characteristics of a combination of a vinyl and wooden floor.

  • Thermofix vinyl floors
    Thermofix vinyl floors

    Thermofix is special heterogeneous modular vinyl floor covering made since 2003 by the Fatra, a.s. Company. It consists of several layers with inserted glass matting. The transparent wear layer is treated with a mechanical profile. In addition, the surface is coated with a polyurethane layer that increases resistance and facilitates maintenance.

  • Imperio Floors Collection
    Imperio Floors Collection

    Imperio is made of modern and environmentally friendly materials, contains no harmful softening agents. Its dimensional stability is achieved owing to thermostabilisation technology and the use of a dimensionally stable lower foil.

  • Stain-resistant PVC coating
    Stain-resistant PVC coating
    Sistemy Gryazezashchity

    Frost-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC coating), which consist of modular, stain-resistant coating made of PVC, perfectly maintained both in winter and in summer time of the year, and aluminum replacement for PVC reduces the cost of construction, not inferior in quality.

  • Stain-resistant rubber coating
    Stain-resistant rubber coating
    Sistemy Gryazezashchity

    Modern high-quality rubber coatings have a number of advantages that distinguish them from other types of stain-resistant materials. Rubber coatings are designed for use both indoors and outdoors and thus able to ensure the cleanliness of not only indoors, but also outdoor - make the entrance to your visitors and employees comfortable and safe in slippery time of year.

  •  PVC Commercial Flooring Shine
    PVC Commercial Flooring Shine

    The combination of knife coating and calendering technology in production process makes Diseno commercial floor with excellent performance and price ratio.

  • Flooring Gamrat ALTICA
    Flooring Gamrat ALTICA

    Gamrat ALTICA – a flexible multilayer covering with a transparent wear layer. Available in sheets. Has a static dissipative properties.

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PVC flooring manufacturers, LVT flooring manufacturers, and simple ways to contact a reliable vinyl flooring supplier are all in this directory. They can offer high quality vinyl flooring wholesale, as well as wholesale vinyl plank flooring, and more. All these items are...

Resistant to wear and tear.

Attractive to the eye.

Practical and long lasting.

Additional information can be viewed right here:

Flooring That Ranges from Material Imitation to Multi-layer

Featured products include:

Wood imitating tiles that provide all the aesthetic advantages of wood tiles without any of their physical drawbacks. These tiles are easy to install, offer excellent wear and chemical resistance, as well as high durability. What’s more, the PVC wood tile suppliers on this site know the importance of long life spans. And they’ll provide products which have exactly that.

Sports flooring that’s suitable for many different activities, covering both amateur and professional games of basketball, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, futsal, and much more. This type of flooring is very resilient and will remain practically unchanged despite ongoing activity on its surface.

Commercial flooring that has been designed for use in structures such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, and transport hubs. Because of the large amount of foot traffic expected in these environments, this flooring has been made with superior wear, abrasion, and stain resistance. What’s more, users who desire a more artistic layout in their building will be able to pick their floor color. All materials are environmentally friendly.

Multi-layer flooring is flexible, and covered with a transparent layer that helps prevent wear. It’s available in sheets, and is anti-static. These properties make this type of flooring ideal for rooms and areas where a lot of activity constantly takes place. This could be anywhere, from a public building to a health care facility. Also, this flooring contains no harmful elements whatsoever, and is therefore suitable for rooms where small children will play.

Comparable items in this directory include standard PVC flooring, compact PVC flooring, PVC imitation materials, products from rubber flooring suppliers, and so on.

Vinyl Flooring

The wholesale vinyl flooring options on offer here encompass:

Modular vinyl floors which consist of several layers with a special glass matting sheet inserted within. The surface is coated with a polyurethane layer that results in superior resistance and simpler maintenance requirements. It should also be noted that this particular type of flooring emits very low noise levels when it's stepped on, and can come with a guarantee that lasts for up to a decade.

Floating vinyl plank floors are ideal for those users who appreciate luxurious designs. The vinyl plank flooring manufacturers featured on WorldBuild365 will deliver products that are easily installed, and which come in many different modern patterns imitating a wide range of different materials, including wood and stone. Moreover, these planks are suitable for not only domestic properties, but commercial ones too. Once bought, they’ll require little ongoing maintenance.

Abrasion-resistant vinyl flooring that’s been specially designed to stay in the best possible condition for as long as possible. It’s made of totally natural materials, and comes with a brushed, finished surface.

Luxury vinyl floor tiles are highly aesthetically pleasing but also offer many practical advantages, such as: increased rigidity, improved thermal expansion, moisture resistance, easy maintenance, low noise levels, and more. It should also be known that the luxury vinyl tile manufacturers in this online directory can offer these tiles in many different colors and designs.

Similar products on this site include moisture resistant vinyl flooring, static-resistant vinyl tiles, wear-resilient vinyl floor, standard vinyl floor tiles, and more.

PVC Floor Coverings

The subsequent items are just some of those that are available:

Electrostatically conductive floor coverings have been designed for applications in areas like laboratories, x-ray areas in hospitals, operation rooms, and so on.

Anti-static floor coverings are ideal for areas in which electronic products are used, such as in computer halls and telecommunication buildings.