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Several specialist insulation board suppliers & manufacturers can be found in our online catalogue. WorldBuild365 lists products from all round the world.

Ordering Underlay Wholesale

  • Atlantis System
    Atlantis System
    Daliform Group

    Atlantis is an advanced system for creating cavities in general, under-floor cavities and ventilated floors in newly constructed or restructured civil and industrial buildings, accumulation tanks, dispersion tanks.

  • Infrared film striped 0.5 m width (50 m roll)
    Infrared film striped 0.5 m width (50 m roll)
    Luxon TD

    Carbon heating technology from heatflow company, is a system of infrared heating of film and "warm floor" of the new generation heatflow ™, that has improved plate-carbon coating (unlike similar films manufacturers).

  • Insulating material for the floor
    Insulating material for the floor

    Insulating material for the floor "Megafleks" is used as leveling, noise and thermal insulation substrate under laminate, carpet

  • Heat Distribution Plate
    Heat Distribution Plate

    Heat distribution metal plate RGT.190 d 20 is used for mounting the lungs (dry) floor heating systems XL-PIPE. Heat distribution plate having the size 190h1200 mm, it covers up to 90% of heated area.

  • The liquid underfloor XL-PIPE
    The liquid underfloor XL-PIPE

    The main element of the XL-PIPE - a sealed plastic tube of high strength, which is located inside the heating element: the seven-conductor cable from an alloy of chromium and nickel coated with highly resistant Teflon.

  • Polystyrene Foam System
    Polystyrene Foam System

    The advantages of this system is that it can be used in all types of buildings: on concrete, wooden ceilings, as well as in the reconstruction of the old flooring.

  • Flooring system TERAJOINT
    Flooring system TERAJOINT

    A prefabricated leave-in-place joint system designed for constructing formed free-movement joints in high flatness category industrial floors. The system provides arris armoring for heavy-duty applications, class-leading load transfer capability


    Expert Matt is an underlay made from extruded polystyrene (XPS). Expert Matt smoothes small unevenness of the basis, it has high resistance against burdens and it muffles the floor. It is offered in sheets which makes cutting and assembling fast and easy. The underlay is designed to apply for every type of flowing floors. It is recommended both for laminates and three-layer boards.

  • Silence Comfort
    Silence Comfort
    Poli-Eco Plastics

    Specialists start with underlays ”We all appreciate silence. Forget about unpleasant footstep sounds, typical of floor panels laid using cheap foam, once and for all. Maintain your privacy by reducing noises coming through the floor – use the Silence Comfort acoustic underlay!"

  • Energy Pro Comfort
    Energy Pro Comfort
    Poli-Eco Plastics

    Specialists start with underlays ”Underfloor heating system is becoming more and more common in passive and energy-efficient houses as it works at much lower temperatures of the heating medium than other systems. Which underlay will work here? I recommend Energy Pro Comfort!”

  • Iglu® Formwork
    Iglu® Formwork
    Daliform Group

    The sisposable formwork for aerated concrete floor can be used during the construction and restructuring of civil and industrial buildings.

  • Rectolight floor
    Rectolight floor

    Floor composed of prestressed concrete joists associated with interjoists made of moulded wood and a 4 cm thick compression table.

  • ITT Maxi Series Trench Convectors
    ITT Maxi Series Trench Convectors

    ITT Maxi trench convectors are high profile (14sm and 19sm) ITT series in floor convectors which can be installed into deep floor trenches. They have relatively bigger heat exchanger and high heat output. We also manufacture wood and aluminum grilles that come in a variety of sizes and color palette to complement these convectors.

  • Technowood
    Polymindo Permata

    Technowood by Viro, commonly referred to as oriented strand board, is recommended as the subroof underlayment when installing Virothatch and Viroreed. Technowood by Viro, makes efficient use of unusable small diameter Aspen logs, a natural and abundant resource. By using these logs, we reduce our dependency on mature growth forests.

  • Form Deck
    Form Deck
    Duckshin Housing Co

    It is a corrugated deck plate used as a preferred replacement of conventional plywood forms for casting concrete joist floors.

  • Damper tape
    Damper tape
    Keep Ukraine

    Damper tape Penoroll is a tape of polyethylene foam. On one side of the tape has an apron that protects the tape from damper aggressive concrete and closes the gap between the damper and the heat insulation tape. It is used to compensate for thermal expansion of the concrete screed floor heating system, and to avoid heat losses.

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WorldBuild365 is an online catalogue of professionals including expert underlay suppliers, insulation board suppliers, and under floor heating mats suppliers who can provide various types of underlay wholesale. These products are...

High load bearing and able to handle very heavy weights.

Insulating, preventing heat from escaping properties.

Totally safe, increasing fire safety.

Further details about these quality items are provided below:

Thermal Insulation Underlays

If you need a high quality underlay manufacturer, this is where you'll find them. WorldBuild365 lets you quickly source...

Thermal insulation panels that can be used in balconies, walls, floors, and other structural elements. It should be noted that when these panels are fitted in floors they will create a warm floor effect. The thermal insulation panels suppliers in this directory can provide units in varying thicknesses, lengths, and widths.

Under-floor heat insulating mats that consist of expanded polystyrene covered in polypropylene cloth. They have fantastic insulation properties and will not allow cold to get through them, or heat to penetrate the floor screed below them. In addition to this, these mats are also resistant to chemical and biological elements, they won’t rot, and are incredibly easy to install.

Infrared heating films, which feature innovative carbon heating technology. These specific films are superior to many other currently existing products on the market. This is because they have a thicker heating layer, one that’s strengthened even further by carbon nano tubes. These components guarantee trouble-free operation for up to a decade. The infrared heating film manufacturers on WorldBuild365 provide products which maximize fire safety.

Heat distribution plates that are made of galvanized steel, and which have an omega-shaped profile which enables them to tightly cover almost any pipe they’re installed over.

Liquid under-floor pipes that are designed specifically to heat houses. If installed correctly they'll become a unique and powerful system of electric underfloor heating that can achieve 12% more heat savings than everyday radiators.

Other underlays which provide these advantages that you can also find here include trench convectors, heated insulation panels, heat controlling under-floor panels, heat insulating plates, and sub-floor heat loss control products.

Acoustic Insulation Underlays

A reliable acoustic insulation supplier can provide you with:

Under-floor acoustic insulation panels, which are high density polyethylene membranes glued onto highly-elastic polyethylene foam. These panels have high acoustic insulation properties and can be placed under laminated floors and panels. Due to their special dimpled structure they’re highly resistant to both pressure and punctures. Another function of these mats is to give protection against moisture.

Under screed acoustic insulation units, which have superior acoustic performance and will reduce both impact noise and noise propagation.

Other products with comparable attributes in this online directory include insulation soundproofing mats, soundproofing panels, acoustic insulating panels, noise reducing mats, and more.

Strengthening Underlays

Quickly search a large database for high grade products, including:

Sub-roof underlay panels which make efficient use of a widely thought-to-be unusable resource – aspen logs with small diameters. These products will meet all APA performance standard structural tests and have been specially engineered to provide superior cross-panel and racking strength, as well as shear resistance in applications that require it.

Inter-floor overlapping girders which are lightweight yet provide large amounts of strength due to their unique design. These girders are extremely resistant to heavy loads.

Pre-fabricated joint systems that can be left in place once fitted and used for various heavy-duty applications that require high load bearing.

Other items with these attributes are also purchasable. These include under-floor supports, strengthening under-floor joints, sub-floor underlays, and sub-floor strengthening panels.