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Raised access flooring manufacturers of many kinds can be identified & contacted via WorldBuild365 - a massive online directory featuring many products.

Buy Raised Access Floor Panels Wholesal


    MODULO is a disposable formwork for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces which physically separate the building from the ground.

  • New Elevetor
    New Elevetor

    NEW ELEVETOR is an element made of recycled polypropylene for the creation of tanks or crawl spaces in the foundations.


    DEFENDER allows to create a ventilation and waterproofing space between the wall and the backfill, saving the filling of the trench with gravel.

  • Raised floors PTS
    Raised floors PTS

    This flooring system is made up of practical modular elements and is an excellent option for indoor and outdoor installations requiring underfloor space. Raised floors optimise designs, creating functional and valuable space in which to house underfloor systems.

  • Glass floor
    Glass floor

    Decorative glass floor for the kitchen. It is possible to install glass floor in the kitchen with LED backlight.

  • LG Decotile Panels
    LG Decotile Panels

    Durable plates for a raised floor are a reliable method of load distribution in the building. It have insulating properties.

  • Panel C-38-VP
    Panel C-38-VP

    Durable plates for a raised floor are a reliable method of load distribution in the building. It have insulating properties.

  • Interfloor A-38-A Plate
    Interfloor A-38-A Plate

    The flat square plates of the Interfloor raised floor serve for even distribution of load, sound absorption and fire insulation. The areas of application of slabs include offices, technical and public premises.

The raised floor system suppliers, raised access flooring manufacturers, and raised floor tiles suppliers you'll find here in the WorldBuild365 directory can provide high quality raised access floor panels wholesale. These items allow for...

The creation of concealed compartments suitable for both mechanical and electrical components, such as wiring.

Aesthetically pleasing flooring.

Robust surfaces which will last for many years.

These products are described in more detail below:

The Types of Raised Access Floors Available

The raised access flooring manufacturers you'll find here can offer you:

Glass raised access floors that are ultra-transparent and feature special triplex glass which is approximately 18mm thick. It should be noted that the glass floor manufacturers featured in this massive online directory can also provide LED backlights which can be installed in conjunction with the glass flooring.

Ceramic coated steel raised access floors which have anti-static, fireproof, and shockproof properties. They can also handle high loads, and can be fitted with numerous top tiles of many different styles – this includes materials such as PVC, ceramic, marble, granite, and wood. What’s more, these products come with a pedestal that allows for easy adjustment of their height, and the assembly process is very easy.

Calcium sulfate raised access floors that are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market due to their superior environmental and fire resistance, in addition to their high strength, smooth surfaces, and other desirable attributes. This type of floor is entirely non-toxic, and is made without bleaching plant fibers.

Wood core raised access floors that are designed and constructed using advanced technology. The base is made of chipboard of the highest quality. And the top tiles can be made out of HPL or PVC depending on customer preference.

Bamboo raised access floors are easy to fix, have strong wear resistance, and are totally convenient for wires.

Steel raised access floors that are otherwise known as cementitious infill raised floors. These items feature panels without edge trims. They’re incredibly robust and long lasting.

Aluminum access floor systems that are made of 100% aluminum and topped with HPL or PVC tiles. Moreover, this flooring has excellent anti-static attributes and a high load bearing capacity, as well as high dimension precision. In addition, pedestals will come with these items, allowing height adjustments and total flexibility. It's easily possible to get these aluminum access floor systems wholesale.

Other items available that have similar attributes to the above include false floors, standard wood raised access floors, standard glass raised access floors, and laminated raised access floors.

Raised Access Floor Materials

The professionals on this site can provide:

Raised floor panels made out of various premium standard materials including, but not limited to: chipboard, steel, PVC, and special anti-static components. Note: these access flooring supplies can all be sold separately.

Similar products include aluminum raised floor panels, aluminum foil raised floor panels, and granite raised floor panels.

Formworks for Crawl Spaces Beneath Raised Access Floors

The false flooring manufacturers you can contact through this directory can produce:

Ventilated crawl space formworks, which are disposable, and which offer protection from both radon gas and rising damp. Also, compared to traditional formwork, these crawl spaces are much more efficient and can be assembled much more quickly.

Waterproofing space formworks allow for the complete ventilation and waterproof of walls. They have excellent mechanical strength and don’t need gravel for the back-fill – as a result, they’re quick and easy to install.

Comparable units in this directory include recycled polypropylene components also suitable for creating crawl spaces.