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A metal floor coverings supplier can provide items including cover plates, raised access floors, & many others - find the right company online right now!
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Learn About the Items Leading Steel Floor Systems Manufacturers Offer

There are a wide selection of providers who can offer specialty items such as metal floor coverings wholesale. They know that these metal-based floors must be...

Appropriate for residential, industrial, and commercial use.

Hard-wearing and long lasting.

Aesthetically pleasing and stylish when necessary.

Of course, delivering steel floor systems wholesale isn’t all that these types of companies can do. They also offer products such as:

Aluminum flooring and Metal Raised Access Floors

Find a metal floor coverings supplier who can offer...

Aluminum cover plates are ideal when large gaps in flooring need to be covered, or an expansion needs to take place. These items are hardwearing, durable, and can even enhance the overall look and feel of a particular piece of flooring – many different styles and patterns are available.

Aluminum profiles are perfect for when perimeter expansion and door threshold covers need to vanish. These profiles will hide them from sight and make a floor appear completely seamless.

Metal raised access floors are suitable for office and construction environments. These elevated structural floors allow space for a hidden passage in which various mechanical and electrical services can be stored – this includes cables, wires, and much more. Once picked and contacted, a steel flooring manufacturer will also be able to produce bespoke raised access floors.

Items with comparable attributes to these include metal cover plates for floors, standard metal flooring, raised access floors made of metal, floor profiles made of aluminum, aluminum floor profiles, metal access floors, and metal raised floors.

Composite Metal Flooring

Source a composite metal flooring supplier who can provide...

Composite metal floor decking can be easily installed, and reduces the amount of concrete that is required during a construction process. In fact, in most cases a professional CMF manufacturer will likely be able to offer decking units that are robust and have wide spans. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Similar items include standard composite metal flooring, composite steel flooring, composite floor decking, and metal floor decking.

Industrial Flooring

Identify an industrial flooring provider who can deliver...

Floor plates can be used as trench covers, platforms, stair landings, and even as stair treads. They feature a leaf pattern that enables high slip resistance. Plus, these plates will usually come with lifting keys that'll allow for them to be moved whenever necessary. Also, according to specific needs, these plates can almost always be provided in various thicknesses and be coated with primer or paint.

Tread plates are specially designed to be non-slip, and are normally constructed out of robust aluminum. This means they’re ideal for sloped floors and those areas that are likely to be frequented by individuals who need to be prevented from falling, such as the elderly, and the disabled. These surfaces are also generally hard-wearing, easy-to-clean, and don’t require any kind of finish – unless a certain style is desired.

Open mesh plates can be used to seal floor areas over machinery and other types of sensitive equipment. This type of plate also offers greater weight distribution attributes.

Products related to those above include bespoke metal floor plates, metal covers for floors, anti-slip metal flooring, slip resistant metal flooring, slip preventative metal-based flooring, metal floor plates for protecting machinery, and engineered metal floor plates.