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Linoleum is an environmentally friendly & robust material that can be used to produce many kinds of floors - lino suppliers can be sourced on WorldBuild365.

Leading linoleum flooring manufacturers and suppliers

  • Linoleum 1 ECO
    Linoleum 1 ECO

    Tekhnolux company has a wide range of coatings for residential premises, in particular household linoleum Series 1 ECO

  • Marmoleum "Polimpeks"
    Marmoleum "Polimpeks"

    Flooring Marmoleum or as it is called colloquially "linoleum"

  • Antistatic linoleum "ACH"
    Antistatic linoleum "ACH"

    Protection from the static electricity, nice appearance, wide range of colors - is not a complete list of advantages of antistatic linoleum the domestic manufacturer of "Stroyplastpolimer".

  • CHORI-001 Linoleum
    CHORI-001 Linoleum
    Axioma Mironova

    The advantages of linoleum: High wear resistance performance. The possibility of multiple restore appearance. Wide range of colors. Anti-slip floor and safe.

  • Grabo Fortis Flooring
    Grabo Fortis Flooring
    Graboplast Rus

    Grabo Fortis flooring is a homogeneous flooring with the highest class of wear resistance, it's a green, innovative product that can be recycled.

A variety of linoleum manufacturers have put their products on to WorldBuild365. This includes a specialist Marmoleum manufacturer, a lino supplier, and other highly regarded companies. The items they produce and then deliver are...

Designed to last and robust.

Ideal for use as flooring.

Made to have special attributes such as anti-static properties.

The linoleum wholesale items that can be purchased through this site are detailed here:

Linoleum Flooring Types

Find out more about the specific attributes these floors have below:

Marmoleum is a special brand of linoleum created using pure linseed oil, the resin of coniferous trees, shredded cork or wood flour, and natural lime. These ingredients are entirely non-toxic, and when blended properly together create a material that is both hard and durable, and has anti-bacterial and anti-static properties. These attributes make Marmoleum perfect for use as flooring. Not to mention the fact it can be cut into tiles and then fixed together without the need for an adhesive that emits fumes – the linoleum suppliers featured in this comprehensive online catalogue know the importance of environmental protection.

GRM flooring is a type of eco-friendly product created using an entirely sustainable composite wood resource. This wood type can be used for a wide variety of applications including not only flooring, but decking, ceilings, louver, cladding, wall panels, screens, furniture, and more. But when used as a floor it is highly resilient, and works extremely well with linoleum. The manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 can provide GRM flooring wholesale.

Anti-static linoleum is ideally used as a floor covering in areas where elements such as micro-electronics and processors are likely to be utilized – laboratories, substations, and similar locations. This specially designed linoleum is a static dissipative and will rapidly diffuse any electric charge that comes into contact with it. It can be laid on ordinary glue and has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, the majority of the linoleum manufacturers who’ve signed up to WorldBuild365 can provide this type of flooring in many different colors.

Customers who search for these items may also want to look at standard linoleum flooring, strong linoleum flooring, linoleum flooring tiles, linoleum floors with anti-static properties, and linoleum flooring made of green resources and materials.

Imitation Films

The following items are made to imitate particular materials:

Linoleum imitating films made out of PVC have been designed to look completely authentic. The material is soft to walk on, flexible, resistant to water and dirt, and highly durable. This flooring will usually have a width of between 1.6 and 4.1m, and a thickness of between 0.10mm and 0.50mm. If needed, new personalized designs can be created to fulfill specific needs.

Other examples of products that offer the same attributes as those above are: standard flooring films, imitation linoleum flooring, PVC flooring films, and PVC flooring.

Protective Coatings

This heading includes:

Coatings for linoleum suitable for the majority of residential premises. It’s important to apply these coatings particularly to linoleum that's laid down in areas where water is expected to be spilled. This could be in a bathroom or kitchen. These protective measures will ensure the floor isn’t damaged by these regular splashes.

Standard floor coatings, acrylic linoleum flooring coatings, protective coatings for linoleum, linoleum wear-resistant coatings, and other solutions are also available.