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Laminate floor suppliers, manufacturers of laminate flooring, and where to buy laminate flooring wholesale are all addressed in WorldBuild365’s online directory.
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  • Laminate

    This floor covering is suitable for homes and apartments. It is optimal for living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. The decorative layer of the laminate imitates the structure of the tree. Such a laminate can be used with warm floors at a heating temperature of no higher than 28 ° C.

Multi-layered synthetic flooring with a clear protective finish is hard-wearing and cost-effective. This type of flooring is also:

Versatile, as it can simulate the look of dozens of natural hardwoods.

Easy to install with new innovations in the manufacturing process.

Resistant to mould and bacteria growth.

Laminate floor suppliers, manufacturers of laminate flooring, and where to buy laminate flooring wholesale are all addressed in WorldBuild365’s online directory.

Special Feature Laminates

Focusing on needs.

Moisture resistant laminate flooring is most suitable for high traffic areas such as restaurants, clinics, and offices. This new and unique concept of modular flooring has all the benefits of laminate flooring with the addition of withstanding extreme humidity. Ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms, and kitchens. The absorbency leads to exceptional sound reduction and high underfoot comfort.

High gloss laminate covered with a natural lacquer has extra durability, so it’s highly recommended for high traffic areas. Due to the high shine, it’s also a very attractive type of wood flooring. Easy installation is another benefit, and maintenance is simple using a mop or vacuum. There are many finishes and designs to choose from, and it has a very long life span.

High pressure laminate provides great surface wear resistance, and is available in a variety of vivid colors and patterns, made with the latest technology in decorative papers. Due to the multiple layers, this flooring is more durable and resistant to scratching. High pressure laminates are resistant to chemicals and heat, and have flame retardant and anti-bacterial properties.

Traditional Laminates

Long-established designs.

Oak laminate flooring gives a natural wood shade effect with a modern, deep embossing surface. The wax-coated locking strong special click installation process is simple and straightforward. Narrowed planks create an attractive, original design. Oak is one of the most popular designs available from hardwood flooring suppliers.

Parquet laminate is less vulnerable to scratches, and is easy to clean. It can also be directly installed on bare concrete. Benefits include easy repairs, with light sanding, and sealing with varnish. Finishes are attractive and trendy.

Vinyl laminate flooring from wholesalers has many advantages. It’s fast to install, easy to maintain, and a warm surface to walk on. This anti-dust type of flooring can be used in any room in the house, and will last for years. Thanks to the top layer, it’s also pressure resistant, making it ideal for heavily used rooms.

Classic laminate flooring is simple and fast to lay and install - the covering can be laid in any direction. The flooring is flexible and practical, and available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. See wholesale laminate flooring suppliers on this business platform.

Modern Laminates

For the latest fads and fashion.

Fiberglass plastic laminate is a high-technology material that possesses numerous advantages over conventional wood flooring. Thermosetting resins and glass fiber are chosen to ensure the quality and benefits of the materials. The glass fiber improves the strength, the resistance to damage, and the maintenance of a fixed shape.

Luxury laminate flooring from laminate flooring manufacturers is very resilient, and closely resembles the look of natural materials through realistic textures. This type of flooring comes in plank shapes or tiles, rather than individual pieces. The strips are approximately 12mm thick – this is known as the wearlayer thickness. The material is firm, yet elastic, and is also moisture-resistant, handling full liquid submersion without warping or discoloring.

Bamboo laminate flooring is an environmentally safe product, and is a highly renewable resource. This extremely popular type of flooring from laminate floor manufacturers is also very durable – it doesn’t easily stain or scratch. It’s also extremely versatile, so suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s cost-effective to install, and is easy to maintain.