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Epoxy flooring & other high-end industrial flooring products can be found & identified in this massive online directory - some items can be bought wholesale.

Vinyl Plank Flooring and Further Products by Leading Manufacturers

  • Nanten M Primer
    Nanten M Primer
    Nanten Group

    Nanten M Primer is a pigmented 2-component solvent-free epoxy primer for priming moist concrete structures prior to coating. Prevents seepage of moisture towards coating. Is not suitable for premises exposed to capillary seepage of moisture.

  • Nanten SL T Epoxy
    Nanten SL T Epoxy
    Nanten Group

    Nanten SL T Epoxy Coating is two-component solvent-free abrasion resistant epoxy coating for old and new concrete floors. The compound's content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) is very low.

  • Welded Deck SP
    Welded Deck SP

    Grating is a welded structure consisting of steel elements in the form of longitudinal and transverse bands. These products are characterized by high strength, durability and resistance to all kinds of wear and tear (mechanical, corrosion).

  • Pressed flooring P
    Pressed flooring P

    Pressed grating P is a structure consisting of specially trained supporting steel strips and pressed into them, cover bands.

  • Expansion Joints
    Expansion Joints

    Expansion joints installed on floors, walls, ceilings between the sections of the building. This allows you to offset or compensate for the shrinkage of certain sections of the building. It is used in the construction of administrative, office and shopping centers, warehouses, loading platforms, transitions and other buildings.

  • Промышленные  покрытие пола.
    Промышленные покрытие пола.

    Полиуретановое двухкомпонентное покрытие пола толщиной 3 мм. Матовое эластичное покрытие предназначенное для устройства пола в помещениях с высокими вибрационными , пешеходными, механическими нагрузками.


    Description: Polished facing coating, cement and polymeric, high strength, able to withstand continuous loads in crowded areas.

  • T/GRIP

    Description: Surface non-sliding treatment. Applications: Sliding risk areas, such as steps or swimming pool borders, humid rooms and outdoor areas.


    Description: Smooth, cementitious and polymeric coating with a rustic finishing. Applications: Spaces that require more resistance, such as commercial stores.


    Smooth, cementitious and polymeric coating. Applications: Exterior surfaces of dwellings, stores or buildings in general.

  • Navona
    Fratelli Poggi

    Roman Travertine Navona is one of the most requested in stone market for its beauty and resistance.

  • T/SWIM

    Smooth, cementitious and polymeric coating, with high resistance to sun rays and to chemicals. T/Swim is a product especially designed by T/LABS to apply in swimming pools.

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The industrial floors featured on WorldBuild365 are provided by vinyl flooring suppliers, epoxy flooring manufacturers, vinyl plan flooring manufacturers, and other experts who know the importance of...

High resistances to different temperatures, mechanical devices, and other elements found in industrial locations such as factories.

Long lifespans that allows for great cost-efficiency.

Easy maintenance which ensures continuous reliability.

Note: these industrial floors can be bought wholesale, and many of them are described in detail below...

Types of Flooring

All the products below can be provided by the professional distributors on this site. Some of the items, like vinyl floors, can be sold wholesale:

Vinyl flooring is durable and stands up very well to heavy foot traffic. What’s more, it’s comfortable underfoot for users and actually reduces noise levels. Moreover, this type of flooring is easy to both install and maintain – learn more about it by quickly getting in touch with the vinyl floor suppliers and manufacturers you'll find through this directory.

Concrete flooring is extremely tough and resilient, and can withstand pressure from very heavy equipment. This includes cars, trucks, forklifts, stacked crates, and more. This means it's used as an ideal material for parking structures and areas.

Polymer flooring is designed for surfaces made of concrete, metal, wood, and other similar building materials. The polymer will protect a floor from various elements, including those that are mechanical and chemical, making the floor that it's applied to much stronger and more resilient. As a consequence of this, the floor will also have a longer life span.

Polymer cement flooring is a layer made of polymer concrete or sand concrete. It can be applied to mosaic terrazzo concrete floors and many others.


These encompass:

Cementitious coatings made from sand, special cements, colour pigments, and hard aggregates. Like the other coatings on offer, they offer very high protection against mechanical elements, and are therefore well suited to use in structures such as factories and warehouses.

Epoxy coatings, which are non-shrink as well as being wear-resistant, and have high mechanical and chemical resistances – these coatings protect floors from oil, grease, fuel, detergents, and salts, as well as mild acids and alkalis. It should be noted that the epoxy flooring solutions offered by manufacturers on this site are suitable for all concrete surfaces, solid, floors, and walls. They can even be used as decorative metal surface treatments, pre-coat adhesives, and anti-corrosive primers.

Enamel coatings are two-component solutions for interior and exterior cement walls and floors. They feature an acryl-urethane resin that allows for excellent water dispersion and high resistance to sunlight. This coat will stop floors from yellowing.

Gratings and Fasteners

These specialist additions include:

Welded gratings, which have been manufactured from sturdy strip steel. The cross bars are made of drawn and twisted or round wire which is pressed into the bearing rods and welded at all intersection points. The end result is a grate that has exceptionally high load bearing capacity.

Pressure gratings which feature interlocking flat bars and come in a wide range of aperture sizes and depths. This particular type of grating is made of flat bars of unequal depth – they’re pressure-locked and very strong.

Grating fasteners which can secure and fasten materials in order to permanently anchor gratings.