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Items including wholesale floor blocks can be purchased from numerous suppliers using WorldBuild365. These products can be used for beam & block building.

See What the Leading Floor Blocks Manufacturers Can Offer

  • Decomaster D005-74 Color Floor Baseboard
    Decomaster D005-74 Color Floor Baseboard

    Color floor baseboard D005-74 is a very important detail in the interior. The plinth is made of high-quality, proven and reliable materials.

  • Décor Valley Flooring Film
    Décor Valley Flooring Film
    Décor Valley

    This is a veneer material that transmits three-dimensional wood texture. Polypropylene materials combine durability and environmental friendliness and contribute to maintaining interior cleanliness.

A large number of floor blocks suppliers can provide the quality items needed for beam and block construction projects. This involves creating floor support elements suspended between two beams or girders. These elements can be constructed out of a variety of different materials. But no matter what they’re made of, they’ll still be…

Fast and easy to install.

Largely maintenance free.

Suitable for domestic and commercial projects.

To learn more about these wholesale floor blocks, keep reading below:

Floor Blocks and Inter-Joists

Many floor blocks manufacturers can deliver products such as...

Polystyrene floor blocks make flooring weigh a great deal less once fully constructed – this is due to the lightness of the polystyrene. Plus, blocks made of this material also have excellent insulating properties, which can make a property much more energy efficient once they’re installed. Also, while they won’t be as strong as materials like concrete or wood, they’re still very robust.

Concrete floor blocks allow for the creation of some of the most cost-effective suspended floor systems around. They’re suitable for the lower and upper floors of both domestic and commercial properties, and can be quickly installed. Additional benefits of these blocks include excellent sound, fire, damp, rot, and vermin resistance, as well as longer life spans than timber equivalents.

Wooden floor blocks are lightweight, and enable construction workers to quickly maneuver them into a desired position. After they’re installed these blocks can also act as an excellent medium for under-floor heating. These items can be supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wood-concrete floor blocks are specially designed to prevent noise, cold, and other undesirable elements from penetrating them and entering the building in which they’re installed. As a result of this they have a high fire rating and thermo-acoustic insulation.

Beam and block floor blocks, beam and block construction materials, concrete inter-joists, polystyrene inter-joists, wood inter-joists, wood-concrete inter-joists, concrete floor bases, and wood floor bases are also available from several different providers.

Girders and Beams

The majority of girder manufacturers can provide the following on request...

Steel girders and beams can act as strong and versatile supports in a wide range of different buildings. Their main benefits includes high strength and durability which ensures they'll remain in the best possible condition for many years. Steel girders are also more cost-effective than widely believed, costing less than those made out of materials such as aluminum – girder suppliers are easily found online.

Wood girders and beams can be cut into a large number of different shapes, and this makes them ideal for construction projects. The chief advantage of these beams is their quality-cost ratio - while not as tough as products such as aluminum girders, they're much cheaper and still very hard-wearing. Wholesale girders like these can be purchased from a large selection of professional suppliers.

Aluminum girders and beams have many desirable attributes including strength, lightness, versatility, and durability. Also, they’re always straight so can be fitted quickly and simply, and they offer greater bending and shear resistance than beams and girders made out of wood.

Wood beams, aluminum beams, steel beams, beams for floor blocks, beams for beam and block projects, girders for floor blocks, strong flooring girders, girders for flooring, and robust floor block girders can also be bought from many of the suppliers you'll find in this directory.