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WorldBuild365 is the site to visit when you want to purchase cork flooring wholesale. Link up with the top manufacturers & suppliers of cork tiles & floor!

Find a List of the Top Cork Flooring Manufacturers

  • NRT Flooring Inlay
    NRT Flooring Inlay
    Amorim Cork

    NRT Flooring Inlay, made of cork placed very close to the noise source dissipates energy transmitted by the foot when hitting the floor.

  • NRT Top Layer
    NRT Top Layer
    Amorim Cork

    The NRT technology (Noise Reduction Technology) - is a solution for the floor, which reduce the noise level in the room by 50%. The floor covering with this technology acquires anti vibration properties. NRT Top Layer is a cork component with high density. Its smooth surface allows you to create an individual design for the floor covering.

  • Wicanders Dekwall Cork Floors
    Wicanders Dekwall Cork Floors

    Corkwood lives 250 to 350 years. Each tree must grow 20-25 years before the first layer of cork bark can be removed from it. This cork is known as the first tube removal, and it has a hard and irregular structure

  • Polovik Cork Parquet
    Polovik Cork Parquet

    Polovik Cork flooring is a natural moisture resistant coating made from the ground bark of cork oak.

  • Florence Elite Cork Floor
    Florence Elite Cork Floor

    Florence Elite cork flooring brings to the interior an unusual feeling of unity with nature, combined with the unique comfort of the cork floor.

  • Impuls Cork Floors with Fhoto Printing
    Impuls Cork Floors with Fhoto Printing

    The Impuls collection of cork flooring will give your house a unique design that is not anything like it. The flooring will play a major role in the arrangement of the interior. The collection of Impuls is full of bright colors and shades, and is perfect for a children's room, living room or any other room for your taste.

  • Pro Comfort cork flooring
    Pro Comfort cork flooring

    The PRO Comfort flooring by Egger combines the best properties of laminate and cork. It like no other material create a special comfortable atmosphere for rest and pleasant pastime. We invite you to evaluate how amazing a floor covering made of natural materials can be.

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Cork has significant advantages as a flooring material. Make sure that you select the right product for the situation at hand, with the trusted and experienced cork flooring suppliers you can find through the WorldBuild365 directory. All products you find here will:

Absorb sound and insulate to keep heat in and cold out.

Be sustainable, so that use of cork as a building material will not harm the environment.

Help to reduce aches in knees and hips when fitted in a property.

If it's the option to buy cork tiles wholesale that you're after, you'll find it here. Likewise, many manufacturers provide small quantity options for more limited projects...

Cork Flooring

Buying wholesale cork flooring has never been easier. Browse between stockists which offer...

Cork flooringis made from the word of cork trees, a material which can last for upwards of 250 years. The trees themselves need to be at least 25 or more years old before the first batch of cork bark can be harvested. After this, the harvested material is pressed in a furnace, and the pieces are glued together. This results in the appearance of the well-known and immensely popular cork boards. Cork is an environmentally friendly and entirely natural flooring, which offers great characteristics in terms of waterproofing, underfoot comfort, and great insulation, as well as being anti-static and anti-allergenic. Cork flooring is available in a wide array of different colors and patterns. Installation is quick and easy.

Dense cork flooring has a higher density than other types of cork flooring, making it suitable for almost any flooring application.

Polyurethane treated cork is usually supplied as two separate components - the cork flooring itself, and the water-based polyurethane treatment. Treatment with this product enhances the flooring's natural toughness and resistance to wear and tear. Be aware that the treatment may serve to darken the initial shade of the floor.

Cork Floor Tiles

One of the simplest ways to buy cork flooring wholesale is to buy it in tile form...

Cork tiling is a popular choice for many walls and floors, especially kitchens. Most tiles are pre-coated, often with a tough acrylic to seal them. Some varieties are supplied with a self-adhesive backing for the ultimate in easy application. Several different cork flooring manufacturers offer both very thin wall tiles, as well as cork tiling that's composed of several different layers - usually one for noise and impact insulation, and one with a decorative surface. Sometimes these have a layer of MDF sandwiched in between.

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