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See listings for carpet manufacturers, carpet suppliers, and wholesale carpet suppliers on WorldBuild365 – the trusted product catalogue.
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Floor coverings made from thickly woven fabrics are part of everyday home décor. Yet carpets can also:

Eliminate noise by sound absorption.

Save energy as carpets are natural thermal insulators.

Relieve allergies by reducing allergens.

See listings for carpet manufacturers, carpet suppliers, and wholesale carpet suppliers on WorldBuild365 – the trusted product catalogue.

Home and Work Coverings

For practicality and durability.

Carpets for offices are designed to be durable and smooth. Carpets in this environment face a lot of wear and tear, so need to be of a high quality. Office carpet suppliers will provide stylish and affordable ranges that work well in open plan office spaces. Get wholesale carpet prices on this business platform.

Carpets for children rooms need to be warm and cosy, and brightly colored. Cut piles and loop piles are best for these rooms, as they don’t hold dust or allergens. The denser the carpet the better, as this has better crush resistance, and helps the dirt stay on top. Low-height piles are best for play rooms, made from 100% polyester.

Flocking floors available from wholesale flooring suppliers are made from dense nylon, and are anti-abrasive. The high dense structure of the fiber reduces resistance from luggage wheels, making this type of carpet an ideal choice for hotels, hospitals, and airports. Easy to clean and sound absorbtion are another two important benefits.

Carpet tiles have a wear-resisting coating with short uncut surface loops which are available in a range of colors. The material is 100% polyamide with anti-static and dirt protecting treatments applied. These provide additional protection and extend the life of the tiles, making them suitable for use in any room. Alternative options available from carpet tile suppliers include tiles made from micro-tufting, producing a durable tile that’s also soft.

Stain resistant carpets are intended to protect areas from dirt and grime. These carpets are made from 100% propylene, with an asphalt base backing. The pile height is 3.6mm. Carpets are coated with a chemical finish that repels dirt and liquids, preventing them from being absorbed. Stylish and practical carpets come in a range of colors and designs.


Designed to wipe feet on!

Anti-static mats are multi-purpose and mainly used in areas where tight hygienic control is necessary such as school and hospital kitchens. These mats actually absorb electricity making them suitable for use when repairing electronic components. Hard wearing conductive mats almost instantly remove static. Mats are made from PVC with a self-extinguishing flammability feature.

Carpet mats have excellent moisture and dirt absorption properties. They reduce slippage, and are easy to clean. Mat heights are approximately 10mm, widths from 1.35 – 2.0 metres. These mats are ideal for covered entrances and indoor areas, as they serve to protect the underlying carpet from dirt and grime. Extra benefits include safety and comfort, and the fact that they are available from many rubber mat manufacturers.

Moisture absorbing mats from rubber mat suppliers are designed on a base of rubber and made of polyurethane and vinyl, so have a long service life. They’re excellent at absorbing dirt and moisture. Mats reduce slips and falls from potentially hazardous floors, and remove dirt and moisture from shoes. Moisture resistant rubber backing ensures the mat doesn’t move once positioned.

Luxury Carpets

For comfort, elegance, and grandeur.

Handmade carpets made from Tibetan sheep wool, silk, and Tibetan nettle have a very tight binding with 100 knots per square inch. The color scheme, size, and shape of the carpet are all chosen by the client. Designs include classic Italian wall hangings imitating a diagonal rub, space carpets using over 60 colors inspired by images from the Hubble space telescope, and modern abstracts where the wool acts as paint strokes – the colors are applied layer by layer to create the chaos.

Exclusive carpets use the unique technology of Chromojet printing to print designs of great complexity. Patterns can be shifted and colors changed on the same canvas. This type of digital printing is becoming increasingly popular. Get more from listings on this digital platform.