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Choose the quick & convenient way to consult the ranges of a huge number of smoke ventilation system manufacturers - the WorldBuild365 business directory.

Buying Smoke Exhaust Ventilation Systems Wholesale Is Easy

  • Fire normally open valves KLOP® 1
    Fire normally open valves KLOP® 1

    Fire normally open (NO) valves KLOP®-1 are designed to prevent the spread of combustion products in a fire in systems of general ventilation and air conditioning systems with mechanical drive traction.

  • Smoke hatches KLAPAR
    Smoke hatches KLAPAR

    Smoke hatches KLAPAR® designed for installation in the roof of the building to ensure that the natural removal of smoke in case of fire.

  • Vents VKDV Smoke Exhaust Fans
    Vents VKDV Smoke Exhaust Fans

    Roof centrifugal Vents VKDV Smoke Exhaust Fans suits perfectly for usage in emergency exhaust ventilation systems.

  • OZ Fire Damper
    OZ Fire Damper

    Fire damper with a normally open valve is designed to block the spread of fire and combustion products on air, shafts and channels of ventilation and air conditioning systems in case of fire in buildings and structures for various purposes.

When it comes to fire safety, all projects require top of the line materials. Using WorldBuild365 you'll find it easy to locate the smoke exhaust ventilation supplier that provides the kind of items you need...

Ideal for any ventilation system - even those mounted on ships and other marine vessels.

Rated to various fire resistances, suitable for even heavy duty or fire hazard areas.

Suitable for manual or automatic operation, so they fit with any necessary design requirements.

Locate a smoke hatches manufacturer that will fulfill your needs with ease. This directory contains a list of products which may include:

Smoke Hatches and Exhaust Systems

Designed to fit in with the requirements of any building renovation or construction project...

Smoke hatches - also known as smoke exhaust ventilation systems - are designed to be mounted on the roofs of all kinds of buildings. Primarily for use in the event of fire, they give the installed ventilation system somewhere to vent smoke should it enter the system. Under non-emergency circumstances, these vents can also allow natural light and air to enter into the property. This type of hatch is generally rated for standard fire safety levels, and so are not designed to be used in fire or explosion hazard zones. They tend to be available in both transparent and opaque designs, with the opaque option generally having superior heat resistance qualities. Most allow both manual and automatic operation via an electric tracked system.

You might also be looking for smoke skylights, roof vents, or roof smoke vents.

Fire Safety Equipment for Ventilation Systems

This category contains easy ways to buy fire Normally Open valves wholesale, and to locate the suppliers of other valves suited to fire risk reduction...

Fire dampers are supplied by smoke ventilation system manufacturers for installation into existing or soon-to-be constructed ventilation systems. These units prevent the spread of fire and flames through the ducts of the system.

Fire Normally Open valves are also designed to prevent the spread of fire through any ventilation system that they're fitted to. Also known as NO (Normally Open) valves, these units are generally fitted physically adjacent to or as part of fire barriers in order to create complete firebreaks within a structure. Other popular installation places include the branches of a duct immediately before any fans, and before the horizontal or vertical floor connectors. Several ratings of fire resistance are available with different models, ranging usually from 60-90 minutes. Electromagnetic actuators allow the devices to function automatically, but many models require manual release to the open position after they've been activated.

Fire valves for seaborne use, for example when building offshore platforms or in ship construction, are also available. This type of valves should usually be supplied with accreditation of their rating by the relevant marine or maritime authority.

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