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Protect people and possessions and ensure buildings conform to safety codes - With the help of a fire alarm manufacturer or smoke detector supplier.

Get Your Fire Safety Equipment From a Smoke Detector Wholesale Supplier

Choose an electronic lock supplier and get all the security system supplies you need using our product directory. Compare specifications from different fire alarm system manufacturers or check out smoke detector wholesale prices.

Buy security cameras wholesale - To provide a visible deterrent against intruders or theft, and keep staff, customer, or resident parking areas safe.

Protect people and possessions and ensure buildings conform to safety codes - With the help of a fire alarm manufacturer or smoke detector supplier.

Security Locks

To restrict access to buildings or secure possessions within them.

Electronic lock - Designed for wooden doors, the digital pad for the entry code is incorporated into the door handle fixture.

Digital mortise lock - A high end lock incorporating an LED operation indicator, alarm in the case of incorrect PIN code entry, low battery warning, and mechanical key override.

Security Systems

Get your security alarm supplies or buy an alarm system wholesale. The sellers represented on our business platform include world leading alarm system manufacturers and suppliers of high security solutions.

Access management systems - Products intended for commercial and institutional buildings or office premises. Check the specifications from your alarm system supplier to select a variant containing the features you need. Possibilities include visitor management, access authorization management for specific areas within a large building, and even parking space administration.

GMS notifications systems - Transmit an alarm or SMS message to predefined numbers in the event of incident. Can be incorporated into existing security systems to respond to different threats including unauthorized access, fire, or even water leaks.

Cameras and Monitoring Systems

Buy a single device or invest in wholesale security cameras and all the monitoring equipment needed to gain the greatest benefits from them.

Mini security camera - Featuring a 360 degree pan, 90 degree tilt, and automatic 10x zoom.

Close circuit security cameras - Designed for busy public areas such as supermarkets or shopping malls. Quite apart from the deterrent effect of visible camera presence, the recording facility means that evidence is available for immediate presentation.

Monoblock security system - A single monoblock touchscreen computer is used to monitor output from up to six cameras. Camera operations can also be controlled from the monoblock - for instance it's possible to zoom in with a specific camera or scroll through recent events.

Fire Prevention and Control

If there's one time you want to be certain of quality, it has to be when you're choosing your fire alarm supplier. Browse our online catalogue to find a reputable smoke detector manufacturer, a wholesale fire alarm supplier, and other fire safety equipment too.

Smoke detectors - Absolutely the first line in defense against fire. Modern smoke detectors feature at least 2 LED status lights so they can be seen from any angle, and work on the photoelectric sensing principle, giving a faster response in the case of a real threat, yet a lower incidence of false alarms.

Fire detectors and control panels - For use in larger buildings, these can incorporate a range of functions including manually operated alarm points, smoke, heat and beam detectors, sounder, flasher, and alarm bell. The multi-sensor approach means that a real fire is addressed at an early stage while false alarms are reduced.

Carbon dioxide fire suppressors - Carbon dioxide can be stored in either high pressure cylinders or low pressure tanks. It's been used as a fire-fighting agent for over 100 years and is safe to use on any sort of fire, including electrical fires. Carbon dioxide can be used for total flooding or local application, and it's an ideal choice for protecting high value equipment.