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Consult with all of the leasing construction safety equipment suppliers in one simple place - WorldBuild365. Here you'll find a huge range of safety barriers and other construction site equipment, all provided by leading manufacturers. All of these items are:

Safety tested to make sure they will achieve the desired goal.

Available in a range of colors and materials suited to almost any site or safety purpose.

Durable, so that they can withstand even heavy impacts.

Whether you need a smaller long-lasting barrier for permanent or semi-permanent installation, or to buy a safety barrier wholesale - or indeed a large number of them to cope with the requirements of a new company or large site - you'll find the right company for you here...

Safety Barriers

For life-threatening situations it is of course vital to discuss your safety requirements with your safety barrier manufacturer before purchase. Some of the most common types of protective barricade include...

Stretch belt barriers are lightweight systems designed to be fitted onto the top of standard-size traffic cones. They function as a cordon rather than a heavy duty barricade, but the fact they shrink back within a very small housing for easy transport makes them an ideal lightweight safety barrier. The barrier itself is usually made out of a retractable webbing colored in clear warning chevrons.

Temporary expanding barriers are a design which is familiar to many people because of their concertina shape. Useful because they are freestanding, and can be compressed for easy storage, users can connect multiple barriers together to create a lengthier barricade. As with most warning equipment, they are usually available in black and yellow or red and white varieties. They offer fairly easily circumvented security, but a clear demarcation point for no-entry areas.

Interlocking plastic safety barriers are waist-high units most commonly seen as thick yellow plastic screens fitted with inbuilt warning signs and a black ribber base. The individual screens can be linked together with simple integral joints for the easy erection of even quite lengthy no-go zones. They are usually designed for interior use, often inside malls and shipping centers.

Heavy duty plastic safety barriers are often seen as red and white chevron-sporting units with heavy, self-weighted black rubber bases. They're usually used to form the barrier between road works, traffic, and pedestrians.

Steel portable site barriers are a slightly more heavy-duty version of the plastic safety barrier, and are generally provided by industrial safety equipment suppliers for roadside construction work and other temporary work sites. Their sturdy construction makes them tough enough for almost all conditions, as well as an economic and easy to erect alternative to heavier barriers. Like other modular units, they can be linked together easily to form longer barriers.

Elevator or lift guards are used to block access to elevator doors when the lifting platform is being serviced or is not currently functional. The most popular types are modular, and made out of a durable polyethylene plastic. Non-conductive telescopic poles ensure that the barrier cannot be pushed inside the elevator shaft.

Full temporary edge protection systems are heavy duty units designed to prevent the edges of any buildings, earthworks, and elevator shafts - as well as other areas of construction work that are at the edges of long drops - from becoming a safety issue. Edge protection systems are usually designed to be modular, and to come in large quantities. The best industrial safety equipment manufacturers will provide products that have been intensively tested. Some models are supplied with heavy duty steel profiles - make sure that these tough units are the type you require for your specific purpose before purchase.