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Control access to any property with the right audio and visual locking equipment. Compare the offerings of the largest number of intercom manufacturers and make sure you're getting the best deal. You'll already know that it's important that your security device is...

Suitable for this type of installation - wired or wireless, multi-modal or singular.

Giving you the correct functionality, with audio and video links, and more.

Tough and durable enough to withstand long term exposure to the elements.

Wholesale security equipment suppliers are always worth consulting, as are all the top door access control systems manufacturers. They'll be able to provide you with:

Intercom Systems

Buy security products wholesale or search for the perfect intercom for your home or business needs. Many devices incorporate one or more of the functionalities described below...

Wired intercoms tend to require more in-depth installation work than wireless options, making them more suited to being added to properties that are under construction. Their advantage lies in the fact that they're highly unlikely to be disrupted by any outside influence, and thus are judged by most professional intercom suppliers to be completely reliable. The length of cable supplied varies, but is commonly several hundred meters in length, making this not usually a limitation in their use.

Wireless intercoms can be used to operate several entry and exit systems simultaneously. Some models even allow you to hook the device up to a smartphone or other device via an app for complete convenience. Like their wired counterparts, wireless intercoms can be used to activate and deactivate electronic locks holding closed any door or gate, as well as - usually - any security or other lighting that may be hooked up to the system. The main advantage that wireless intercoms offer are their simple installation, making them suited to fitting to almost any property. A negative aspect of their operation is the possibility of interference by interruptions to the line-of-sight between the transmitter and entry point, as well as local sources of electromagnetic interference.

Video intercoms are, of course, designed to allow the occupier of a property to view the person attempting to gain entry before allowing them inside. In this way they have significant security advantages over purely audio models, but do tend to be slightly more expensive.

Multiway intercoms are designed for use in gated communities and the like - where multiple properties need different levels of control over multiple access points.

GSM systems utilize the prevalence of mobile and cell phone technology to allow easy access to a property by multiple people. Some access control suppliers offer these systems for both home and business use. Generally, there are two types of GSM system:

The first allows you to receive a mobile phone call from someone outside of your property, with the system being set up to direct the call to your home phone, and then your mobile or cell if the home phone is not answered. The second type of GSM system has a set array of "accepted" phone numbers stored inside it. The owner of one of these numbers only needs to call the gate's own telephone number to be permitted access. The latter are usually only installed in communal properties and businesses.

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