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Purchase Flame Retardant Magnesite Wholesale - And a Variety of Fireproof Parts!

  • Firax

    High quality fire retardant MDF board for use in dry conditions. High-density MDF board with a hard, fine and smoothly sanded surface.

  • Detafire Silicone
    Detafire Silicone
    DL Chemicals

    A solvent-free fire retardant silicone sealant (RTV-1), based on a neutral alcoxy curing system, ideal for fire rated construction movement joints.

  • Fire resistant intumescent sealant "Ogneza-GT"
    Fire resistant intumescent sealant "Ogneza-GT"

    Acrylic sealant "OGNEZA-GT" one-component flame retardant for mounting inside a fire hazard areas. High temperature sealant "fire-resistant-GT" provides tensile resistance to high temperatures up to 2 hours.

  • Fire-resistant polyurethane foam "Ogneza"
    Fire-resistant polyurethane foam "Ogneza"

    Fire-resistant polyurethane foam "OGNEZA" - high quality refractory one-component polyurethane Assembly foam. Has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation properties and excellent bonding strength. The homogeneous structure of the product provides excellent adhesion to the working surface. Household and pistol.

  • Melamine

    Melamine is an organic chemical substance. The basis of the substance is 1,3,5-triazine.

Get in touch with the most reliable CPVC pipe suppliers in the business, as well as trusted companies which sell a wide range of fireproof parts for furniture building. You can buy flame retardant magnesite wholesale and a lot more, right here via the WorldBuild365 directory. All the products you find here will be:

Rated to provide a certain level of fire protection.

Available in a range of quantities, suitable for all project requirements.

On offer as materials or as parts, ready to be incorporated into any stage of design.

Search for the correct manufacturer or supplier with zero hassle using this directory. In it you'll find...

Fireproof Materials

Select from amongst materials suitable for constructing buildings, items of furniture, and more - from more than one fireproof plywood supplier, and experts in the fabrication of other materials too...

Fireproof boards are available in a wide range of thicknesses and other dimensions. They have high thermal insulation properties, while also serving to repel water and other liquids. They're generally used in the enclosing of buildings.

Fire resistant plywood is most popularly used to build the interiors of long-distance transport vehicles, like passenger trains and underground cars. The material has similar physical properties to standard plywood, but offers both significantly enhanced water and fire resistance, as well as vibration absorption. This material can usually be supplied in various sizes and quantities, including the option to buy fire resistant plywood wholesale.

Fire resistant magensite is a modern construction material that arrives in moisture and fire-resistant sheets. All materials used in the material's construction are natural. They include magnesia, the natural crystal bischofite, shell rice, and perlite. This means that not only is this an environmentally-friendly material, it also won't warp even after extended exposure to water or high levels of humidity. In terms of fire safety, this material will not serve as an ignition source and can withstand temperatures of up to 1200°C if the material is laid in a thickness of more than 6mm. In addition, this material is highly durable and resistant to erosion.

CPVC piping systems and materials are provided by a range of trusted CPVP pipe manufacturers here in the WorldBuild365 directory. They're suitable for areas of light fire hazard, and offer excellent flame and smoke resistance characteristics. They offer far lower installation and repair costs as opposed to metallic alternatives, as well as resistance to corrosion and pitting. This material is available as piping, as components for CPVC sprinkler systems, and several others.

Fireproof Furniture Parts

Suitable for assembling furniture that will withstand attempted ignition, this category of items includes...

Glued furniture parts make bench construction simple. They can usually be supplied with or without a coating of resin film or other decorative layer. The main material used in their construction is usually a peeled veneer hardwood and urea-formaldehyde resin combination.

You might also be searching for fire resistant furniture pieces, flatpack fireproof furniture, or ready to assembly fire retardant furniture. Alternatively, you might require a general fire proof furniture parts manufacturer. Quickly search the WorldBuild365 directory to find the parts you need!

Other Fire Retardant and Fireproof Items

For a wide range of purposes...

Fire retardant silicone is a solvent-free, usually one-component, silicone sealant. Supplied by your fire resistant silicone manufacturer for fire rated construction projects - most commonly movable joints - this product is based on a neutral alcoxy curing solution.

Fireproof coverings are designed to increase fire resistance. Most varieties are ecologically sound, and offer high wear resistance - in addition to being completely non-combustible. They're usually supplied with an adhesive - or offer adhesion enough themselves - to bind to metal and plastic surfaces.

Fireproof gloves are available in various sizes from your favored fire resistant gloves manufacturer. Specifically designed to protect the wearer from molten metal splashes caused by welding, they're also suitable for protecting against burrs, sharp edges, and dirt. They're commonly available as leggings and other items of clothing too.