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Fireproof paper suppliers & the manufacturers of a range of other fireproof insulation can all be found here in the constantly-expanding WorldBuild365 list.

Buy A Whole Lot More Than Just Fire-Resistant Polyurethane Foam Wholesale

  • Fire resistant plywood WBP-TM
    Fire resistant plywood WBP-TM

    The material is designed for use in cars tselenapravlenngo subway. On physical and mechanical properties of the material has a performance level of general purpose plywood increased water resistance mark of PSF, on fire-technical group refers to materials

  • Fermacell Firepanel A1
    Fermacell Firepanel A1

    fermacell Firepanel A1 is a new dimension in fire protection for dry linings. The innovative development of the original fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard complies with construction materials class A1 (non-combustible).

  • Tape thermoplastically "Ogneza-LTU"
    Tape thermoplastically "Ogneza-LTU"

    Thermoplastically tape OGNEZA-LTU with a self-adhesive layer is one of the best fire seals used to seal the gaps and enhance the fire resistance of fire doors, gates, hatches, valves, smoke, flanged duct connections, fireproof safes, etc.

  • Coverings

    Are intended for increase of a limit of fire resistance to REI 60 (60 min.)

  • ET Concrete
    ET Concrete
    Tizol AO

    ET Concrete is the main part of the system of constructional fire protection and thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Fire-resistant basalt material PMBOR-8f
    Fire-resistant basalt material PMBOR-8f

    The fire-protective basalt material PMBOR-8f is uded for creating a heat-insulating screen on the surface of smoke and air duct systems. The created heat-insulating screen withstands high temperatures and fire, due to which the ducts in the fire retain their functions and do not collapse for a certain period of time.

  • Fireproof basalt insulation PMB-40-F
    Fireproof basalt insulation PMB-40-F

    High-quality fireproof material for thermal insulation and vapor barrier of baths and saunas. The product on one side has a foil layer, insulating vapor and reflecting heat.

  • Likk Copper outdoor anti-static tape
    Likk Copper outdoor anti-static tape

    Used in the installation of anti-static flooring, laid on the prepared surface over concrete screeds, protecting the premises from the arising electrical charges. The tape can be used when laying linoleum, in instrument making, in the manufacture of conductive systems.

Ceramic fiber manufacturers that you can rely on are quick and easy to locate through this online directory. On WorldBuild365 you'll only find stockists who provide products which:

Provide the highest fire resistance ratings, making them suitable for use in even in fire hazard environments.

Are suitable for construction and improvement purposes, so they can be applied after building is complete.

Can insulate in a wide variety of circumstances, including all residential, commercial, and industrial building interiors.

Choose the correct product for your needs from the extensive list of fire-resistant tape, sealant, and fireproof paper suppliers in this directory...

Fire Insulation

Whether you need to buy a large quantity of fire-resistant polyurethane foam wholesale, or you need a smaller amount for repairs or to increase the fire resistance of a building, it's here you'll find the supplier you need

Fire-resistant polyurethane foam is a product sold by almost any experienced fire resistant sealant supplier. It's a one-component refractory assembly foam that provides high levels of heat insulation, as well as sound insulation. It's also known for its superior bonding strength, and is therefore suitable for use on almost any kind of surface. Its most popular uses are as a fire and smoke-insulator between walls and ceilings, in installing doors, windows, and sealing panels, to fill voids behind panels, in sewage and water networks, and in central heating. The only materials this foam will not adhere to are Teflon, polyethylene, and silicate surfaces. It generally provides around 4 hours of fire protection.

Fire resistant intumescent sealant is designed specifically for use in fire hazard areas. Much like its lighter duty cousins, it offers significant tensile resistance to high temperatures. It is particularly useful in creating a solid building envelope, including in vulnerable areas such as cable penetrations. It offers excellent adhesion to wood, metal, concrete, brick, plastic, and many other materials. It is also quick-drying, weatherproof, and highly durable.

Fireproof ceramic fiber paper is the leading product of many fireproof paper suppliers. It comes in a variety of standard dimensions usually ranging from 610 x 12 000 x 5mm to 610 x 60 000 x 1mm. Because it's supplied in tape format, this kind of paper is easy to cut and to use as wrapping. It provides low thermal conductivity and heat storage, and is generally made out of some sort of refractory fiber.

Thermoplastic tape will expand to fill space in the event of fire. Any gaps between the leaf and frame of the door, for example, will be sealed. This prevents flames and smoke from spreading. This tape is generally capable of functioning at temperatures up to 120°C. When you buy thermoplastic tape wholesale you're choosing one of the best products to enhancing the fire resistance offered by doors, windows, hatches, valves and gates.

Other related search terms include: fireproof sealant, fire expansion sealant, fireproof tape, and fire sealant tape.

Speciality Fire-Safe Equipment

As well as ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers and other linked insulation suppliers, in this directory you'll find specially designed, highly durable materials for fire and explosion prevention. For instance...

Oxy-gas welding equipment designed with an explosion protection device integrated into the handle. They're usually fitted with one oxygen cylinder and one butane and propane cylinder.