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Locate an easy way to buy fire windows wholesale through the unified business directory WorldBuild365. Consult the listings of world-leading manufacturers.

Find the Fire Rated Glass Supplier Perfect For Your Needs

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    Fire windows

    Fire windows

Fireproofing any building is much easier when you have access to the right materials. Source the fire rated glass manufacturers that stock the items you require using WorldBuild365, and make sure you're getting items which:

Provide the right level of fire resistance - a wide range of types and strengths of protection are on offer.

Are suitable for indoor and outdoor work as required for this specific project.

Can be customized with additional affects, such as UV resistance, bulletproofing, and much more.

Buying fire-resistant glass wholesale has never been simpler. This directory brings together the product lists of all of the leading suppliers and manufacturers, so you can easily get access to...

Fireproof Glass and Windows

Buy fire windows wholesale with ease, with the broad range of stockists in this directory. They supply...

Fireproof windows offer a serious degree of protection from fire. The models stocked by the fire resistant glass suppliers here in the WorldBuild365 directory range from ratings of E15 to EI90. They are available in various profile thicknesses to suit the requirements of any project, as well as in mountings of stainless steel to increase corrosion resistance and to assist in fire prevention. Most designs of this type of window are made from two thicknesses of glass with a fireproof filling made of a special compound. This double-layered structure makes the glass extremely resistant to fire, but does not affect its optical proprieties. Both closed and openable models are generally available.

Fire rated glass comes in various sizes, ready to be fitted into whatever window frames you already have or are planning to purchase. Similar in composition to the windows above - two layers of glass with a polymeric compound in between - this type of glass is generally rated between EIW15 and EIW60 limits of fire resistance. Their operational temperature range is anywhere from -40°C-+80°C. Heat resistant glass suppliers usually supply this type of item for both interior and exterior construction use. Models are generally available with increased UV resistance, bullet-proofing, and impact resistance, as well as in decorative colored, frosted, and tinted varieties.

You might also be searching for fire windows, fire safety windows, fire hazard glass, or toughened glass.

Fireproof Glass For Facades

Larger varieties of product are generally available...

Facade glass - your fire rated glass supplier might also stock larger items suitable for building entire building facades out of fireproof glass. Specially suited to buildings with a non-standard design, many fire glass manufacturers will provide products which can be custom-fitted to any requirements. Stained glass designs are also possible, as well as materials which offer increased solar protection, or which have been coated in Stemalit - also know as enameled glass - for increased strength and kinetic resistance.

The metalwork components of fireproof building facade glass can be coated in any color, and also come in special corrosion-resistant varieties which also assist in fire prevention.