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Talk to a fireproof aluminium constructions supplier when you need fire windows, fire-hose nozzles, & more! WorldBuild365 has a wide range of manufacturers.
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  • Lp-Ognedekor-30/60 Openable Fire Windows
    Lp-Ognedekor-30/60 Openable Fire Windows
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    Openable fire windows ei30, ei60 - Fire rated hatches with more than 25% glazing, with PFG-30 (28 mm thick) and PFG-60 (34 mm thick) glass for outer glazing.

Fire-hose nozzle manufacturers, and the suppliers of a wide range of other fire-related aluminium safety products, can all be found here on WorldBuild365. Peruse this directory to find items which are:

Designed to withstand the highest temperatures - vital for any sort of fire protection function.

Suitable for any building, making it easy to match the pieces you install to any design requirements.

Available for weatherproofing, making them suitable for outside use.

The fireproof aluminium construction supplier you reach through this directory can provide an array of different products, including...

Fireproof Aluminium Construction Components

These materials are intended for fireproofing buildings of all kinds, and preventing the spread of flames once a fire has broken out...

Fire partitions are intended to be designed as part of fire walls or for use in blank partitions in shopping malls and other commercial buildings, administration buildings, banks, and production facilities. Fire partitions consist of connected sections, usually less than 2m x 4m in height and width. They are frequently designed as a series of glazed modules consisting of a frame of metal pipes welded together, covered in zinc sheets, and heavily insulated with rigid thermal lining. Inside this structure, intumescent strips of the required fire protection rating are installed, and fixed in place by rubber compactors.

When exterior placement is required, the option of additional unilocular glazing is possible. This ensures that the interior of the glazed modules will not be susceptible to cold or ice, which would weaken the resistance they offer.

Fire partition segments will almost certainly be available from your fireproof aluminium constructions manufacturer - either as replacement parts for full fire partitions, or to create customized fire partitions to fit different sizes of frame. For details of the materials involved in their construction, see the listing above.

Fire windows are also made from welded metal structures, but instead of an opaque filling, they have a central panel of fire-rated glass.

Openable fire windows are similar to the fire windows listed above, but are designed to be placed as hinged hatches to allow egress from a burning building. Fire safety regulations require that these hatches close automatically. When the fire alarm system is triggered, the magnetic latch is released and the window closes. It can then be resealed by means of a closer or spring loop after being used for egress.

Similar products include glazed fire partitions, fire partition panels, fire partition frames, fireproof windows, and aluminium fire-rated windows.

Fire-Hose Nozzles

Usually made from aluminum, fire-hose nozzle manufacturers tend to supply a number of different models...

Fire-hose barrels are designed to allow the user to easily point and focus a stream of water to extinguish a blaze. Many will arrive packaged with their own fire hose. There are models with a variety of working pressures available, and those with different levels of water consumption. These products are suitable for fitting in any kind of residential or commercial property, including tower blocks, blocks of flats, and malls or shopping centers.

Other similar searches include: firehose nozzles and firefighting equipment for buildings