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The Reliable Way to Buy Fire Retardant Paint Wholesale


    Professional fire protection and biosecurity wood with amplified fireproof action (I c., II c.) And shading control

  • Impregnation "Fenilax"
    Impregnation "Fenilax"

    Fire Bioprotective impregnating composition for wood Benefits: transforms wood into nonflammable material It may be applied at t ° to -15 ° C

  • Reks® Barrier
    Reks® Barrier
    Trading house "Reks"

    REKS® BARRIER is a mixture based on mineral components and contains a modified composite cement binder, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, and finely divided mineral supplement.

  • T-600 Stancotherm
    T-600 Stancotherm

    Two component, water-borne, intumescent transparent, wood varnish, for the protection of wooden surfaces. Certified product from European Institute.

  • Pyrolac 600
    Pyrolac 600

    Silicone, heat resistant industrial coating with excellent resistance to high temperatures.

  • T-500 Stancotherm
    T-500 Stancotherm

    Intumescent paint ideal for the protection of metallic constructions from the possibility of a fire outbreak. For external use, recoating with the suitable coating is demanded. Product certified by European Institute.

  • Frost fire resistant paint "Ogneza-UM"
    Frost fire resistant paint "Ogneza-UM"

    Fire-resistant OGNEZA-UM - retardant composition comprising a dispersion antiperiodic and intumescent fillers in an organic solution of acrylic copolymers. Introducing a chemically-active suspension, OGNEZA-UM is designed primarily to significantly increase the fire resistance of steel structures and impart incombustibility wooden surfaces.

  • Fire-retardant paint for metal "OGNEZA-VD-M"
    Fire-retardant paint for metal "OGNEZA-VD-M"

    Fire retardant paint "OGNEZA-VD-M" water-based is designed to improve the fire resistance of steel structures for all types of industrial and civil use, with higher requirements for explosion and fire safety.

  • Fireproof paint for wood "Ogneza-VD-D"
    Fireproof paint for wood "Ogneza-VD-D"

    Fire retardant paint "OGNEZA-VD-D" for timber is used for interior applications. Fire paint provides effective protection of wood products and structures with high requirements for explosion and fire safety.

  • Nevel Silver Fire Resistant Paint
    Nevel Silver Fire Resistant Paint

    This fire resistant paint is recommended to use in educational institutions, cultural-mass, public buildings and residential types of buildings and also for evacuation routes.

Search the lengthy product lists of a wide range of leading fire retardant paint manufacturers, all in this one handy directory. You'll find it easy to source intumescent paint suppliers who provide products which:

Are suitable for different materials including wood, steel, and more

Won't leave any residue, making them suitable for any situation.

Provide additional affects, such as antibacterial properties or aesthetic enhancement.

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Fireproof Paint For Wood

Seal and protect wooden buildings, beams, walls, bearing beams, and other items against fire damage, and prevent them from catching alight for longer...

Fireproof paint for wood comes in a variety of types, suitable for both interior and exterior application. Talk to your fire resistant paint supplier to make sure that you're purchasing the correct product for the task at hand. In order to function properly, some compounds need to be impregnated into the wood through repeated coatings. This has the side-effect of there being no salt or lime-type coatings visible from the outside after the application is complete. Varieties are available which in no way affect the structure of the wood, and which will not interfere with any subsequent treatment, such as painting or gluing.

Fire resistant impregnation with additional properties are popular products. The most common additional property these materials offer is being antiseptic, while others are specially designed to enhance the appearance of the wood underneath, or to provide frost resistance or wear resistance, as well as proofing against rot, mildew, or insect infestation.

You might also be looking for frost or fire resistant lacquer, fireproof lacquer, fire-retardant paint for wood, and fire resistant wood varnish.

Fireproof Paint For Metal

Most fire retardant paint manufacturers also stock items suitable for protecting structures and other items made from metal...

Fire resistant paint for steel is designed to dramatically increase the fire resistance of structures made from steel. This type of paint usually takes the form of intumescent fillers in a solution of acrylic co-polymers. Some types of this coating available from your heat resistant paint manufacturer will be suitable for use on wood structures too.

Protective fireproof paints are also commonly available. They produce coverings with a heavier duty effect suitable for both fire and explosion safety.

Other similar products include fire-retardant paint for metal and fireproof metal lacquer.