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WorldBuild365’s online directory lists sliding fire doors suppliers, steel fire door suppliers, fire rated doors manufacturers, and more.

Select a Reputable Fire Rated Door Supplier

  • Smoke-proof Doors
    Smoke-proof Doors
    BKT Construction

    Smoke-tight doors to contain the spread of smoke during a fire. They are recommended to be installed in the tambour and industrial buildings, stairwells of residential and administrative buildings.

  • Fire door system
    Fire door system

    The company «Syntera» is engaged in manufacture and sale of fire protection structures, which will provide protection against the spread of fire, while conveniently fitting into the interior of the premises.

  • VPO EI 60 "Thermostop" SB translucent fill.
    VPO EI 60 "Thermostop" SB translucent fill.
    Termostop NPP

    Gates VPO EI-60 "Thermostop" designed for installation in fire barriers proѐmy buildings and structures for various purposes, to prevent the spread of fire and other hazards of burning in the other room.

  • Fire construction
    Fire construction

    Fire protection construction capable of withstand fire for a long time - a guarantee of fire safety business and shopping centers, office buildings, as well as government agencies.

  • Fire doors
    Fire doors

    Fire doors "Status" elevated fire different properties are obtained thanks to the special design of the steel fire doors:

  • Fire-rated door HRUS 30 A-1
    Fire-rated door HRUS 30 A-1
    STM Agency

    For decades, the HRUS 30 A-1 fire-rated door has been providing optimum safety for boiler rooms and rooms with oil tanks. This door is the best example of how you can benefit from Hörmann's expertise in fire protection. The best-selling boiler room door in Germany.

  • SGS Sliding Fire Door
    SGS Sliding Fire Door
    Somati System

    The individual door segments, securely combined into a compact door leaf, are manufactured from thin-walled steel profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge.

  • Fire-proof doors
    Fire-proof doors
    Master Ingenieros

    Automatic fire doors prevent fire from spreading, protect against heat, offer the maximum safety, and guarantee an emergency evacuation.

  • Fire metal doors
    Fire metal doors
    Gates and Automation №1

    Fire doors, produced by our company, are resistant to an open flame for 60 minutes. Installed by our company doors have all necessary licenses and certificates, which guarantee the proper level of security at your facility.

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Fire resistant doors and gates prevent the spread of fire, and are an essential part of any fire protection system.

Performance must be proved by passing regular tests.

Installation needs to be professional and accurate.

Maintenance must be ongoing and thorough.

WorldBuild365’s online directory lists sliding fire doors suppliers, steel fire door suppliers, fire rated doors manufacturers, and more...

Fire Doors

From fire rated doors manufacturers with safety as a priority...

Fireproof security doors from fireproof door suppliers are constructed from electro-galvanized metal sheet. The door leaf covering and internal composition are both of fireproof material. The frame has an additional embedded false frame, with full perimeter rubber gasket sealing. Additional features include an automatic door bottom seal, latch regulator, and heavy adjustable hinges. The lock has three keys plus a construction key.

Fire metal doors are resistant to an open flame for 60 minutes. The door comprises a frame and canvas – the frame is made from metal sheet folded around an insulating material. The rigid frame forms the casing. Around the perimeter of the door is thermos sealing tape, which fills the gap between the door and the frame. Steel door suppliers will provide all necessary licenses and certificates guarantee these doors.

Sliding fire doors suppliers offer thin walled steel profiles with individual door segments. The door post and header are lined with an intumescent insulation material. The sliding mechanism can be adjusted vertically or horizontally, and the individual leaves can slide to the left or the right, according to the building layout. Additional features include doors with door sills, escape doors without sills, and special panic doors without sills.

Vertically moving fire doors have individual segments, securely combined into a compact door leaf. The thin-walled steel profiles have an uninterrupted thermal bridge. The door post and headers are also lined with an insulation material. The doors can be ordered from a fireproof door manufacturer with smoke-proofing as an option, and with or without a motor.

Sectional fire doors are composed of individual horizontal sections, maintaining a low lintel whilst keeping a high fire resistance. The individual sections of the gate are connected by steel hinges. Each section is manufactured from thin-walled steel profiles and covered with fire-resistant boards and zinc plated sheets. When connected the sections form a single compact door leaf. Fire door manufactures can provide versions with full vertical movement, and for standard and enhanced lintels.

Fireproof Gates

Swing, draw, or lower...

Sliding fire gates are intended to fill apertures in fire barriers. They’re installed in fire walls and partitions in buildings such as car parks, store rooms, and construction sites. The gates consist of flaps, a suspension system, and an electric control drive. The body of the gate is made in separate sections, with an outer sheathing of steel sheets. Control drives are electric and automatic, closing of which is controlled by the general fire alarm system. Additional options when buying fireproof gates wholesale could include radio remote control, motion sensors, and light signalling.

Swinging fire gates consist of gate flaps, made of steel profiles. The special precast fire rated panels are placed within a sheathing of steel, filled with materials that provide the necessary limit of fire resistance. The lock flap is equipped with a mortise cylindrical latch lock and locking device. The gates are attached to the building structure by anchor screws and mounting plates. Any mounting gaps are filled with fire rated foam, and covered with a cement-sand solution.

Fireproof gates for use in the industrial sector can be sliding, swinging, or lifting. Swing gates are capable of containing the spread of the fire for long periods of time, allowing for effective evacuation of any property. Sliding gates have the additional benefit of good insulation with energy saving properties. Sandwich panels with special fillers are used during the construction process.

Hatches and Blinds

Fire safety extras.

Fire protective hatches provide protection for gas and electricity meters, and other communications. High fire safety requirements are met, as the hatches are constructed of fire protected materials. The finishing of the hatch installation is with putty, plaster, and rolling constituents. Perimeter gaps are properly filled, making the hatch virtually invisible.

Fire blinds are made from steel sheeting with a special casings. They’re installed into the aperture, or hung from the ceiling. The bottom part of the fire blind has a cloth feature that stretches and fits tight to the floor after lowering. The silica fabric is heat treated in order to provide low thermal conductivity, and extremely high resistance to temperatures. Tubular motors lower the blinds after the alarm signal is received - blinds are raised by an operator signal. Fire door hardware suppliers may offer self-lowering and manual reeling for small sizes.