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Discover the range of materials used in construction and find panels of the size and technical specifications best suited for your construction project.

Connect with Aluminium Sandwich Panels Manufacturers

  • Alternativa Sandwich Panels with Mineral Wool
    Alternativa Sandwich Panels with Mineral Wool

    Sandwich panels by the "Alternative" company has a high degree of thermal insulation. The panels consist of several layers: a sheet of cold-rolled steel, a layer of mineral wool from basalt fiber and again a sheet of steel.

  • Sandwich panels
    Sandwich panels

    The company produces single-sided and double-sided sandwich panels with a thickness of 6 to 99 mm. Sandwich panels are used for finishing window, door slopes, facing of arched slopes, the device of partitions, warming of balconies.

  • Sandwich panels
    Sandwich panels

    If you need high-quality sandwich panels, contact Mosstroy-31. We will inexpensively produce the product of the right size in the shortest possible time.

  • Ak-Hunji Sandwich Panels
    Ak-Hunji Sandwich Panels

    Sandwich panel by Ak-Hunji is a ready-made building material from a flat layer of insulation, sandwiched between two sheets of high-strength profiled steel.

  • Continent Sandwich Panel
    Continent Sandwich Panel

    A sandwich panel is a building material having a three-layer structure consisting of two sheets of rigid material and a layer of insulation between them. All parts of the sandwich panels are glued together by hot or cold pressing.

  • Profstal Three-layer Wall Panel
    Profstal Three-layer Wall Panel

    Sandwich panel wall a used for the construction of industrial and commercial buildings, insulation of existing buildings. The panels make it possible to erect buildings in a short time, significantly reduce the time and cost of construction, and are easy to install.

  • BELPANEL - C5 Wall panel
    BELPANEL - C5 Wall panel

    This wall panel answers very high operational characteristics, and also represents one of two innovative brands (C4 and C5) among these sandwich panels. They differ in the types of connections.

  • Sandwich Panel Isobox - Plisse
    Sandwich Panel Isobox - Plisse
    Isopan Rus

    Self-supporting metal faced panel, micro-ribbed on both sides, insulated with polyurethane foam, used for the construction of facades and walls of industrial buildings and prefabricated structures for construction site

  • Sandwich Panel Trimoterm Design C
    Sandwich Panel Trimoterm Design C

    Trimoterm Design C - a special sandwich panel, which is cleaned of dust and dirt with rain water. Thus, the building always keeps striking appearance, but maintenance costs are reduced.

  • Roof sandwich panels
    Roof sandwich panels

    Roof sandwich panels are intended to cover the building roofs of any purpose. In this regard, their shape and structure are slightly different from the wall panels.

  • Sandwich panel CC-105
    Sandwich panel CC-105

    Fully meets all the necessary requirements, for physical and mechanical properties far superior to the established norms.

  • Sandwich panel СК-140
    Sandwich panel СК-140

    Fully meets all the necessary requirements for physical and mechanical properties far superior to the established norms.

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When you're looking for quick, economical, and proven insulative panels, browse our online product directory to find insulated sandwich panels suppliers and aluminium sandwich panel manufacturers:

Buy three layer sandwich panels wholesale - To pay advantageous rates for panels that deliver both thermal insulation and the highest standards of fire resistance.

Compare products from aluminum sandwich panel suppliers - Discover the range of materials used in construction and find panels of the size and technical specifications best suited for your construction project.

Panels Used in Multi-Layer Constructions

Here you'll find products from a range of mineral wool and polystyrene sandwich panel suppliers, designed for use in roofs, walls, or other construction projects:

Roof insulation panels - Sandwich panel manufacturers produce different panels for different purposes. Insulating roofs is one of the more common applications. Mineral wool insulated panels for use in three layer roof systems are easy to handle and quick to install.

Wall sandwich panels - Cassette profile panels designed for use in industrial or warehouse construction. The outer layers are of polymer coated galvanized steel, while the core may be either mineral wool or, on your request, another type of insulation.

Fire resistant three layer sandwich panels - Mineral wool insulation mounted on metal cladding. The density of these panels confers great thermal insulation and makes them highly fire resistant. A tongue and groove type fixing system offers speedy and simple installation simple. Your sandwich panels suppliers will offer a range of thicknesses, so you can select the one which best suits your needs.

Panels for cold store facilities - Filled with environmentally safe polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam, developed by insulated sandwich panels manufacturers to meet the needs of the cold storage industry. Available in thickness ranging from 40-220mm and to any length required. A range of coating options are offered, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass fiber reinforced polyester.

Panels Suited to External Use

Sandwich panels with an outer coating that will withstand the elements, and complete wall systems suited to all kinds of construction projects.

Aluminium composite cladding panels - Suitable for both internal and external use, these panels are composed of a fire retarding mineral core with a PVDF-coated aluminum skin on the upper side and a polyester coated base. The panels are available in different colors, and require no painting once installed.

Fireproof roof sandwich panels - Suited to roofs with inclines on office buildings, commercial centers, and industrial facilities. The panels are fireproof, have a high load-bearing capacity and deliver a high level of thermal and audio insulation. They can also be used for facades, partition walls, and ceilings.

Sandwich panel wall system - The panels may be filled with mineral wool or polyurethane foam. The system includes elements such as framing openings, fasteners, and choices of finishing. The result is a wall with a high level of thermal insulation, which is quick to install and looks good from both inside and out.

Self-cleaning external wall panels - Fire resistant panels consisting of a galvanized and painted steel sheet outer skin, and a dense mineral wool core. The outer wall is coated so that rainwater clears the surface of dust and dirt, minimizing the need for costly and time consuming maintenance. Suitable for high end commercial buildings from car showrooms to shopping centers and malls.

External wall panels with hidden fixings - Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation, these facade panels can be used in spans of up to 14 meters with no visible intermediate fixings.

Precast sandwich walls - A stage on from just buying the panels from your aluminum sandwich panel suppliers. The structure consists of an outer concrete layer which can be smooth, polished, colored, or coated with aggregate, an insulative layer tailored to your requirements regarding thickness and type of insulation, and an inner load bearing wall.