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The first job of any roof has to be to keep the weather out - here you'll find a trusted waterproofing supplier, for waterproof supplies and membranes.

Eco-Friendly and Green Roof Solutions - Buy Photovoltaic Cells Wholesale

  • Agora

    Viewing buildings from above has become increasingly common in recent times. Beside the possibilities offered by satellite imagery websites, architecture often combines higher and lower volumes, with the lower building’s roof viewed as a façade from the the taller building. The concept of the roof as a “fifth façade”, first introduced by the architect Le Corbusier, is now more relevant than ever.

  • Green Roofs
    Green Roofs

    The lack of green areas in towns and cities not only creates a negative aesthetic and social impact, it also helps to increase the air temperature through what is known as the “Urban Heat Island” (UHI) effect. Thermal imaging shows us that built-up areas absorb more sunlight than vegetated areas, acting like a heat storage unit.

  • Photovoltaic Systems
    Photovoltaic Systems

    Riverclack® Solar Roofing Solutions are unlike any others on the market, combining high tensile aluminum alloys, snap-in locking systems and smart drainage systems to deliver the most reliable, quickly installed PV roofs ever. Investing in a Riverclack® PV solution is a smart choice environmentally and financially. The long life guaranteed features of Riverclack® roof covering systems along with Riverclack’s smart PV mounting options ensure a totally reliable solution that will reduce your building’s energy costs for years to come.

  • Multitec built-up roof
    Multitec built-up roof
    Astron Buildings

    The soft Multitec Кщща represents superpolyester of light gray color.

  • RNA-400-1.5 / RNP-350-1.5 Rubemast
    RNA-400-1.5 / RNP-350-1.5 Rubemast

    Rubemast is a rolled bituminous fused material, which is manufactured by applying a two-sided coating composition onto bitumen-impregnated roofing cardboard. The roofing device does not provide for the use of hot adhesive mastics.

  • P-350 / P-300 / P-300 (O) Glassine
    P-350 / P-300 / P-300 (O) Glassine

    Glassine is a uncoated roll material obtained by impregnating roofing paper with oil bitumen. It is a lining material. Available in rolls of 20 square meters, 1000 mm wide.

  • Roof Panel KS1000 X-DEK (PIR) System of the combined type
    Roof Panel KS1000 X-DEK (PIR) System of the combined type

    The roofing system has a trapezoidal structure with internal isolating layers of IPN (PIR). The system features low weight and outstanding thermal insulation properties. In addition, it is possible to attach different types of insulation coating to panels of this type.

  • Roof Panel KS1000 FF
    Roof Panel KS1000 FF

    The roof panel KS1000 FF is universal and suitable for industrial, residential, or public premises. Like all other types of roofing panels by Kingspan, this type has excellent fireproof properties.

  • Zias Roofing System
    Zias Roofing System

    The system for high-quality installation of roofs, mansard floors and prefabricated building frames.

Whether you're looking for a low budget roofing system or a cutting edge environmentally-responsible solution, you'll find all the supplies you need in our product directory:

Go green! - Connect with a green roof manufacturer, or buy energy generating photovoltaic systems wholesale.

Get the basics sorted - The first job of any roof has to be to keep the weather out - here you'll find a trusted waterproofing supplier, for waterproof supplies and membranes

Find the accessorizing components you need - Get chimney flue suppliers from stainless steel flue pipe manufacturers, or mastic and bonding products designed to work with roofing materials.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Systems

Be part of the solution and increase your green credentials by using your roofing to improve local climate or generate renewable energy.

Green roof systems - Built up areas absorb more sunlight than vegetated ones and increase local air temperature, contributing the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. Work with a green roof supplier and your building will improve air quality and encourage biodiversity and wildlife, contribute a local cooling effect while you conserve energy, increase thermal efficiency, and reduce fuel bills.

Photovoltaic Systems - Find a pholovoltaic manufacturer or supplier who'll help you take advantage of the clean energy revolution. Connect with PV panel manufacturers who appreciate that easy installation, reliability, and long product life are all essential, and buy your PV panels wholesale to get the best possible price.

Roof Technology

The roof is more than just a cover to keep the rain out. Smart roofs contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings and play a role in climate control strategies.

Insulated roofing systems - A sandwich type roofing solution, the insulation is penapoliuteran with an upper and lower metal layer. Insulation options vary from 30 to 70mm while the thickness of the metal can be from 0.4 to 0.7mm.

Complete roofing systems - Rather than buying individual components from different suppliers, purchase everything needed in one go. That's the structural supports, ventilation plates, thermal insulation and vapor barrier, and the topmost metal coating. A timesaving option that's certain to result in a roof where all the components are compatible.

Automatic roof - Suited for offices, other commercial or industrial premises, and for domestic properties too. A roof that opens for ventilation and which will close automatically. Roof opening and closing can be controlled by a timer switch or in response to environmental factors, such as rain or temperature.

Roof Waterproofing

Find a reliable waterproofing manufacturer and select the correct waterproofing materials from online suppliers for new roofs or renovations.

PVC membrane - A specialist coating suited to flat and pitched soft roofs, offering both thermal insulation and watertightness. Can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Check the many waterproofing membrane suppliers represented on this platform to find the specific membrane most suited for your needs.

Asphalt Mastic - A traditional waterproofing sheet. Modern variants are reinforced with polyester spunbond and coated with polyethylene film for superior performance. This type of waterproofing is noted for its resistance to both temperature extremes and acid or alkali pollutants.

Mastic Adhesive - To seal overlaps in membranes, shingles, and valley mats. A powerful adhesive made of modified bitumen, plasticizer, filler, and with an added herbicide to inhibit moss and lichen growth.

Additional Roofing Components

The roof is the natural exit for flues, chimneys, and ventilation shafts.

Stainless Steel Chimney - Find chimneys for a single fire, or a single channel total vertical exhaust pipe suited to connecting up to 10 different boilers, the latter is suited to apartment buildings and means that only one extension from the roof is required for multiple dwellings.

Flues for solid fuel boilers - Manufactured in stainless steel, and available from different suppliers in any size or configuration, meaning that all domestic or industrial applications can be catered for.