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WorldBuild365 gives you an extensive catalogue of tiles from leading roof tiles manufacturers. Buy roof tiles wholesale & get high quality items for less.

Contact Your Favorite Roof Tiles Wholesaler Through WorldBuild365

  • Photogalvanic tiles Tegosolar
    Photogalvanic tiles Tegosolar

    Photogalvanic roof tiles from "Tegola" - solar energy for your home. Due to the Flexibility and lightness, Tegosolar is ideal solution for any type of roof.

  • Roofing Tiles CT3 3-TAB
    Roofing Tiles CT3 3-TAB

    Product is the easiest to install and has a huge range of color selection.

  • CT5 Roofing Tiles
    CT5 Roofing Tiles

    Roofing tiles CT5 is very popular in Europe. Especially looks good on the roof with a high angle.

  • Tile Mountain
    Tile Mountain
    Bangun Globalindo Perkasa

    Metal tile so-called Roof Tile is an alternative to tile made concrete, ceramics, and other types of other conventional tile. Roof Tile Gnet/Suma TB is tile made from basic materials galvalume with design and new dimension of modern and exclusive.

  • Classical Eaves Tile
    Classical Eaves Tile
    Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material

    Eaves tile is mainly placed on roof eaves. The shape is similar to pan tile except the hand-crafted pattern at the end. A variety of patterns are available to choose. Chinese dragon and peony flower are the common design and available. In legend the dragon is the king of animals,which is the symbol of Chinese culture.

  • Union Roof
    Union Roof
    Union Metal

    Metal roof is made of zinc-colored aluminum which has advantages such as light weight, corrosion resistant, leak-proof, anti-cracking.

  • Iko C30
    Iko C30
    Atap Teduh Lestari

    For homeowners who want extra durability and protection, select `s premium IKO Cambridge architectural shingles.

  • Zurich Tile Collection
    Zurich Tile Collection
    Docke Home Systems

    Flexible shingles Döcke PIE GOLD - roofing product in the form of a flat sheet made of glass fiber impregnated with SBS modified bitumen with cutouts along one edge of the sheet.

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WorldBuild365's huge product range means that when you need a roof tiles manufacturer, you'll find the one that makes sure:

Any type of building can be roofed, thanks to the wide range of tiles and other roofing materials available.

Your budget is matched with options for both economical builds and high tech designs

All weathers are resisted, by choosing a material that meets all climate requirements

Whether you need flat roof tiles suppliers or clear roof tiles suppliers, the WorldBuild365 product directory will have the manufacturer you need...

Roof Tile Materials

Are you looking for conventional roofing tiles, or a special type of material for a particular project?

Cement-sand tiles often come from companies which are also terracotta tile suppliers. They're a very popular choice, and come in many formats, with the classic sea wave being one of the most common. They're very durable, and easy to install.

Cement - pure cement tiles are widely prevalent in home, commercial, and industrial construction projects. Their toughness and utility, combined with the fact that they can be made to any required form or pattern, makes them ideal for almost any project.

Natural slate tiles offer a classic look, and are available from many a roof tiles wholesaler.

Tile-effect steel - steel isn't always the first material that the layman would think of for a roof. But with tile-effect steel giving the appearance of a more traditional roofing material, this isn't often a problem. The material retains steel's toughness and durability. Because of the ways it's made, it creates a seamless roof that's great for weather protection. For these reasons, roofing of this type usually has a long warranty attached to it.

Polymer-coated galvanized steel tiles offer many of the same advantages as tile-effect steel. The polymer coating is frosted, which adds to the UV and wind resistance offered by this type of material. It's based on a polyurethane resin and polyamide with the layer of primer added on top. They come in various sizes and styles.

Architectural shingle tiles are almost certainly available from your roof tiles manufacturer. They offer rugged and dependable performance, and come in both standard and high definition varieties.

Specialist Tiles

These slightly unusual types of tile are often found in modern construction projects...

Photogalvanic tiles are solar energy collectors. Mounted on a bitumen base and three layers of silicon, the structure is very resistant to UV rays and weather. They aren't made of glass, and so offer surprising durability and resistance to wear and tear. They're also no longer as prohibitive in terms of price as they once were, or need any special care to maintain. Rain water will serve to keep them clean. They work even when portions are in shadow, thanks to their individual cell construction.

Other Roofing Materials

When you find your roof tiles supplier through WorldBuild365 you'll often find they offer various other roofing materials, including:

Paper asphalt is generally used on buildings with a low sloped roof pitch. Similar to shingle tiles in material construction, asphalt roofing is often available in a roll or membrane as well as in tiled formats.

PVC roofing sheets are similar in general format to paper asphalt rolls, in that they're layable in sheets rather than as individual tiles. This type of material is lightweight, and offers great protection against the elements. It can be purchased in a vast array of colors, including custom ones to match individual design requirements.