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Browse our digital platform to locate roof guttering supplies for a new construction project or to replace a guttering system.

Connect with a Roof Drainage Systems Wholesaler

  • Metal gutter systems Siba
    Metal gutter systems Siba

    Metal gutter systems Siba - drains of high quality, the main advantage of which is not only aesthetic appearance, but also a long service life, the technical characteristics of the material

  • Drains PVC
    Drains PVC

    Gutters and drainpipes of Vinyl-On produced using technology Co-extrusion process that allows us to give various properties of the layers, connected at the molecular level.

  • Drainage System "Aqualine" from the company Metallik and co.
    Drainage System "Aqualine" from the company Metallik and co.
    Metallik & Co

    Group of companies " Metallik & Co." - an association of dynamic companies specializing in the manufacture of products from galvanized steel sheet and steel with polymer coating , as well as the further implementation of the finished product. www.metallik.ru /www.dymohod.metallik.ru

  • Rainwater systems
    Rainwater systems

    The irreplaceable finishing touches to your roof. Ruukki’s rainwater system removes rainwater from your roof effectively and ensures that the water is channelled safely away from the structure.

  • Bilka Rainwater System
    Bilka Rainwater System

    The rainwater system Bilka referred to as controlled discharge stormwater system from the roof or rainwater collection and drainage system, as the name implies, is designed to take water from the roof and direct it to the sewer system.

  • 120 Classic
    120 Classic

    A new roof drainage system available in copper colour, made with a combination of PVC and acrylic.

  • Elegance 140 Gutter System
    Elegance 140 Gutter System

    System Elegance 140 is designed for roof drainage of medium and large - sized residential, administrative and light - industry buildings.

  • Murol Set 1 Ready-made Set for Drainage
    Murol Set 1 Ready-made Set for Drainage

    The ready-made Murol set includes everything needed to install a drainage system. The ready-made drainage kit is an excellent choice for small buildings, private houses, outbuildings and the like.

  • Standard Drainage System
    Standard Drainage System

    The drainage is one of the most important parts of the roof. Standard drainage system is designed to collect and drain atmospheric precipitation and can cope with large volumes of water.

Rainwater channeling is vital to keep a building in good repair, and making the right choices for your drainage is essential. Browse our digital platform to locate roof guttering supplies for a new construction project or to replace a guttering system. You'll also find rain gutter manufacturers offering individual parts for replacement of failed components.

Connect with a roof drainage systems wholesaler - Negotiate a discounted price for bulk purchase of water drainage supplies.

Compare different products from drainage pipe suppliers - Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and system capacities.

Rainwater Drainage System Suppliers

Find a drain pipe supplier offering functional and economical options, or choose elegant products that enhance the appearance of properties whilst protecting them from the elements.

PVC drains and guttering - A practical and affordable drain pipe supply option. Produced by a combination of co-extrusion and injection molding technologies, PVC gutters are a popular modern choice, they offer a long life and require minimal maintenance.

Coated steel gutters and downpipes - Practical and beautiful, with curves designed to minimize the build up of debris that can impede water flow. A double sided coating makes this an extremely durable product, something reflected in the 20 year warranty period. Suitable for new builds or retrofitting on any sort of roof, and available in a range of colors.

Copper guttering - Is easily installed, brings a luxurious appearance, and being resistant to corrosion, temperature extremes, wind, snow, hail or rain, it's also a practical choice.

Modular guttering for industrial buildings - Larger roof areas mean more water to be collected, and so require larger gutters and drain pipes. In this instance, choose a drain pipe supplier offering a modular system of a larger capacity than would be needed for smaller buildings.

Roof to sewer systems - Many roof drain manufacturers provide a range of products designed to attend to every stage of the drainage process, from roof line collection right through to delivery of water into the sewer system. Different elements connect perfectly to ensure fast and effective flow.

Roof-Line Drain Accessories and Supplies

Neck Gutter - An angled plank designed to fit snugly over interior corners of complex roofs. Composed of an inner galvanized steel side, while the outer surface is coated with a polyester-based material.

Chimney and Ventilation shaft hoods - Prevent entry of rainwater into chimney pipes or ventilation shafts while also strengthening the upper parts of the pipes against damage from strong winds. Can be manufactured from steel, copper or a zinc titanium mix.

Rainwater funnels - Manufactured in galvanized steel in a variety of sizes ranging from 100mm to 150mm

Check with suppliers for other accessories needed to install your system, including inner or outer angled chutes to change the direction of water as it flows around the roof, gutter hooks and connectors, and plugs for the ends of guttering runs.

Accessories and Components for Drainage Systems

Keep gutters and drainage systems in good order by replacing individual failed components promptly. Keep costs down by checking products showcased by the drain suppliers here to find parts compatible with the existing system.

Angled drain pipe - When a straight down drainage system is unsuited to the purpose or location of the system, purchase an angled pipe that channels water away from walls and foundations.

Straight drainpipe lengths - Ranging in size from 1.25 up to 4m in length, these pipes can be linked to give the correct fall from any roofline with the minimum wastage of materials.