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Get metal roofing supplies for new builds or replacement roofs.
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Get a Great Deal On Wholesale Metal Roofing

  • Riverclack Roofing System
    Riverclack Roofing System

    The Riverclack® standing seam metal roof system has been on the market for nearly 30 years now and has proven itself in some of the world’s most challenging climatic conditions. Renowned for its flexibility, exceptional resistance and ease of installation, Riverclack® is the choice for architects across the globe looking to match high quality with design.

Find a metal roofing supplier online and you've discovered the easiest way to take care of one of the most vial aspects of any residential, commercial, or industrial construction project.

Browse this site and check the product specifications from your chosen steel roofing manufacturer - Do all your research from one central point.

Get the best possible price - When you buy wholesale metal roofing.

Get metal roofing supplies for new builds or replacement roofs - You'll also find composite materials suppliers offering wholesale deals.

Complete Roofing Systems

For speed and ease of construction purchase a complete roofing system from a metal roofing manufacturer.

Flat roof steel roofing system - Consists of 600mm wide, roll formed corrugated panels which are joined with clips to allow expansion and contraction in response to temperature changes. Cross flutes on the underside of the panel add rigidity and strength under foot traffic. Choose this steel roofing wholesale option for commercial or industrial buildings.

Interlocking roof system - Steel plates which can be laid onto OSB or wooden surfaces, easily shaped, and equally suited to modern or traditional structures. The steel has a high build polyester coating which both protects the steel and allows for a wide color choice.

Low pitched steel roofing systems - A great option when you're looking for a modern take on the classic seamed steel roof. Suited to a variety of architectural styles and technical performance, and is guaranteed for 50 years. Check the manufacturers specifications on our site and purchase all the elements and accessories needed to complete your project online.

Roofing Components

Metal roofing panels - Designed to look beautiful when seen from above as well as providing all the functionality of a high quality metal roof. Flat roofing panels bring a smooth and sophisticated finished effect. Buy this metal roofing wholesale to get a superior finish for an affordable price.

Metal Tiles - Lightweight steel tiles suited to residential or light commercial applications. Even a lightweight tile is graded to withstand earthquakes, typhoons and temperature extremes, and the tiles themselves are available in a range of colors and finishes so there's bound to be one that suits your design brief.

Aluminium roof tiles - Lightweight, composite aluminium tiles consisting of a backing coat, conversion coat, a zinc-aluminium substrate, and a finish coat which comes in a range of attractive colors. This is an economical option usually available from a composite materials manufacturer which designs products suited to both domestic or commercial applications.

Stone chip coated steel roof tiles - Composite tiles consisting of several layers, including acrylic glazing over a natural stone chip layer, an acrylic basecoat which is resistant to lichen growth, and a steel base which is galvanized on both sides to provide resistance to corrosion. The result is a tile which delivers a strong, long lasting maintenance free roof .

Spanish type steel tiles - When you're looking for metal roofing suppliers selling tiles suited to residential use these are a great option. You'll get all the strength and durability of steel, but a traditional appearance which enhances any home. These stone chip covered tiles come in a range of colors.

Insulated roof composite panels - An upper and lower layer of pre-painted galvanized steel/ aluminium with a central core of insulative polyurethane. Suited to commercial and industrial roofing.

Tile accessories - All the steel roofing supplies you need to fit tiles into position and ensure they're securely placed. Elements available include ridge caps, side flashing, box barge covers, vally gutters, angle trims, and much more besides.