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Metal cladding facade provides water and wind resistance, can be incorporated into an energy-efficient design and delivers a bright, modern, and aesthetically pleasing appearance to commercial and industrial buildings.

Explore the World of Metal Facade Systems

  • Qbiss One modular façade system
    Qbiss One modular façade system

    Qbiss One is a sophisticated, cost-effective modular façade system that offers a true alternative to conventional rainscreen, with many integrated benefits yet without compromising the aesthetics or performance.

  • Tecu Classic Copper Sheets
    Tecu Classic Copper Sheets
    Armadil Group

    The material has a natural red copper color, eventually acquiring the patina layer.

  • Trimoterm Power T Panel
    Trimoterm Power T Panel
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The Trimo's company novelties are Trimoterm Power T facade and roof panels, which have the highest energy efficiency and profitability.

  • Alternativa Brackets for Facade Glazing
    Alternativa Brackets for Facade Glazing

    The"Alternative" company offers universal steel brackets for fastenings of translucent and stained-glass systems. Brackets are designed with a different mounting method, which allows their use with a varying deviation from the ideal line of the entire structure. The company produces assembly units of various types for a variety of types of translucent systems.

  • Altec Composite panels
    Altec Composite panels

    Gravis offers Altec aluminum composite panels consisting of two aluminum plates, between which is a mineral or plastic filler. Due to this structure, the material is distinguished by its lightness, special strength and rigidity. Widely used in facade decoration of buildings.

  • Metal Siding
    Metal Siding
    KMK Trade company

    Metal siding is a modern facade material which is widely used for finishing of buildings. The siding production is carried out on automated rolling mills, which allow you to clearly withstand the specified geometry of the profile. Our company offers three types of metal siding - it is “Ship's board”, “EuroBrus” and “Block House”.

Give an old building a face-lift or browse the metal facade systems available here when planning the outer facing of a new construction. Metal cladding facade provides water and wind resistance, can be incorporated into an energy-efficient design and delivers a bright, modern, and aesthetically pleasing appearance to commercial and industrial buildings.

Check out a range of different options - Including perforated metal facade panels.

Connect with a metal facade systems supplier - To buy metal facade systems wholesale.

Or maybe you'd like to go directly to a metal facade systems manufacturer and commission bespoke panels for an exclusive project.

Complete Facade Systems

Choose a total wall solution to speed up the building process:

Modular facade system - Requires less steel-work and eliminates the need to worry about insulation, vapor protection, wind protection, or additional sub construction. The wall is pre-fabricated, reducing installations times, and resulting in a highly energy efficient building which meets all safely requirements for modern construction.

Different Metals Used for Facade Panels

Metal facade options range from the economical and functional to the luxurious. Search our online business platform to find facade solutions for all price points and briefs.

Economical Solutions

Corrugated sheet - A traditional solution in industrial and civil construction for anything from stalls, pavilions, or semi-permanent site buildings up to industrial warehouses. Corrugated metal facade panels are low cost, relatively low weight in ratio to their load-bearing capacity, but unsuited to cutting edge design.

Perforated metal facade panels - Metals used to produce perforated facade sheets include stainless steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, brass, aluminum, tinplate, copper, titanium, and others. The choice of metal will affect the properties of the final cladding material. Perforated aluminium panels come in a range of color finishes.

Expanded metal facade panels - Retain the basic strength of metal while reducing both weight and cost. Expanded metal is ideal for safety fences and can also be used as shielding in modern constructions.

Aluminium facades - Aluminum has long been used as a facade metal. Its high strength-to-weight ratio and weather-resistant properties makes it ideally suited to the purpose. You'll find a variety of aluminium facade suppliers and manufactures within our product directory offering a range of finishes, including transparent lacquer and brushed aluminium in thicknesses of 0.5 up to 1.5 mm.

Metal alloy facades - A zinc, copper, and titanium alloy facade panel is an economical and easy to work with option that combines strength, beauty, and a long lasting finish. Suitable for a range of commercial and industrial uses.

For High End Briefs

Copper facades - An elegant finish that lends itself to high end projects. Copper brings a very distinctive look to any facade. The initial investment will be higher than with other metals, but copper requires little to no maintenance and has a useful lifespan of 100 years or more.

Steel facades - Advantages conferred by selecting steel as your metal facade cladding include strength, durability, and low maintenance costs. Look for polymer-coated steel to maximize corrosion resistance.

Volumetric panels - Gives a distinctive three dimensional finish that will confer individuality to any building. Suited to public, residential, commercial, and industrial constructions. Volumetric aluminium panels are available in different colored finishes, and a variety of patterns including honeycomb, shells, diamonds, triangles, and even an origami effect.

Kinetic facades - Individual metal plates are suspended from a framework, resulting in a wall that moves with the wind. A beautiful and elegant choice that will confer unique properties to the building. One to consider for top-end commercial premise constructions.