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Buy canopies wholesale or browse our product platform to find an awning supplier.

Buy Direct from an Awning Supplier or Glass Canopy Manufacturers

Connect with a glass facade manufacturer to order a bespoke glazing solution for your building. Buy canopies wholesale or browse our product platform to find an awning supplier:

Contact specialist rooflight manufacturers - To purchase energy saving options suited to commercial or domestic premises.

Find canopy supplies from glass canopy manufacturers - At all price points for both new construction projects and for retrofitting too.

Glass Facades and Glazed Canopies

Glass technology has undergone something of a revolution in recent years. Here you'll find traditional grazing, and recent innovations like heated glass and coatings that change color or transparency.

Light Wall - Use the light wall as a durable energy-saving glazing on any building. This option will bring light in, and can be manufactured with openings for ventilation.

Wind screen - A modular glass windbreak designed for use on ground level. Protect outdoor paths from exposure to the wind without reducing light levels or creating closed corridors.

Bespoke aluminum profile glazing - Glass has always been a renewable and recyclable resource. Thanks to recent developments it can now also be a much more energy-efficient one. Work directly with a dedicated manufacturer and any size or shape of opening, including curved structures, can be glazed using a high quality glass that's been extensively tested in a wide variety of climates and conditions.

Heated glass - Can be used in any construction, and eliminates a multitude of potential issues. Heated glass is self-clearing of snow or ice, and water won't condense as the glass is warmer than the dew point. This product helps control building temperatures in both winter and summer as it reflects heat back into the room in winter while resisting its passage during the summer.

Rooflights - May be manufactured from traditional glazing options or from heated glass. Choose a traditional rectangular rooflight or complex, multi-faceted or even domed forms

Color changing glass coatings - Coverings that adhere to glass and allow rapid changes of color or transparency.

You might also be searching for glass walls, glass facades, curved glass walls, glass wall pieces, or weatherproof glass walls.

Awnings and Awning Supplies

Awnings provide shade and cover while allowing free flow of air. They're a great way to increase the usefulness of outdoor spaces in the home or at commercial locations.

Cassette awnings - Mounted to walls, ceilings or rafters, cassettes fit snugly against the wall when not in use and can set at angles from 5 to 60 degrees.

Vertical awnings - A modern alternative to indoor blinds or curtains, external vertical awnings provide window or wall shading to aid with temperature control within the building.

You may also be looking for storefront sunblinds or retractable sun blinds for homes or commercial premises. You'll find suppliers and wholesalers for these products and more on this platform.

Canopies and Tents

Find a wooden or canvas canopy manufacturer or wholesale canopies suppliers.

Wall mounted canopies - With a length of 6 meters, a wall mounted canopy is the perfect solution to provide shading at larger premises such as factories or warehouses.

Garden canopies - Permanent or semi-permanent structures that resemble a house in miniature, perfect for domestic gardens or hotels. Provides a space to sit and enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.

Wooden pergolas - Ideal for creating an outdoor terrace area for restaurants or bars. A wooden pergola increases seating area and provides protection from both sun and rain.

Exhibition tents and canopies - From simple and inexpensive 8m square canvas pagodas which are easy to transport and install up, to 20m by 40m fully canvas tents for use at festivals and exhibitions, or top of the range options with glass or ABS solid walls for the most exclusive of events.

Other items you might be looking for include event tents, carnival tents, work tents, shop tents, shop canopies, or any large tents and canopies.