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Obtain Details On Facade Components Wholesale

  • Facade systems cladding fiber cement buildings, asbestos-cement slabs, latonitom
    Facade systems cladding fiber cement buildings, asbestos-cement slabs, latonitom

    The system of "Union 1000" - is designed for fiber-cement cladding facades of buildings, asbestos-cement slabs, latonitom etc. materials. In systems "Union 1000" used reinforced box-shaped brackets with the original form of the movable part of three sizes, allowing continuous adjustment of the removal of the facade facing the wall with respect to the plane in the range of 100mm

  • The system for cladding facades of buildings stoneware and terracotta tiles
    The system for cladding facades of buildings stoneware and terracotta tiles

    System-5000 - designed for facade stoneware slabs of buildings with visible fixing, used C-profiles U-shaped bracket with two vertical ribs that compared with L-shaped bracket provides higher load-bearing capacity (can withstand heavy loads like shear (by weight of the system load), and peel (wind load))

  • Aluminium ventilated facades Yaret
    Aluminium ventilated facades Yaret

    This material is characterized by high quality, affordable price and the perfect alternative to plaster, painted facades, as well as an ideal material for indoor decoration.

  • Facades
    Quinta Metalica

    All Quinta Metálica® facades are built by installing several layers of different materials on top of each other, where each layer has its own particular function. If we start from the outside, moving inwards, we have the following generic layers.

  • Facade system
    Facade system

    Facade system Decot 21

  • Claddings

    Natural and artificial stone.Facing with natural or artificial stone is the most respectable way to create a building façade.

  • Wall System LPA900
    Wall System LPA900
    Astron Buildings

    LPA900 consists of ribbed steel panels, externally fixed to the secondary framing with self-drilling screws with composite nylon heads, colored to match the sheeting.

  • Corrugated sheet HC-35
    Corrugated sheet HC-35
    Steel Construction Company

    Corrugated sheet NS35, is widely used in the industrial and civil construction. This profile is characterized by a very good combination of high load-bearing capacity with a relatively low weight, low cost and attractive appearance.

  • Cornice outer 2
    Cornice outer 2

    Cornice - architectural element of decorating the exterior and interior of the building decoration.

  • Spotlights Facade Systems
    Spotlights Facade Systems
    ART Roofs

    Spotlights Facade Systems increases the service life of the roof and helps to avoid corrosion by providing a higher resistance to mold and fungi.

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