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Identify Suitable Facade Panels Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • AluDesign
    Euramax Coated Products

    AluDesign offers fully customized façade designs. It consists of a multi-layer digital print coating that shows up a phenomenal contrast and design depth, enabling freedom of design.

  • Fiber-cement siding Cedral
    Fiber-cement siding Cedral

    Fiber-cement siding Cedral are man-made substitute for wood, it repeats its surface texture of cedar wood. Siding Cedral gives the front of the building a sense of the natural warmth of wood

  • Fiber-cement Panel Equitone Tectiva
    Fiber-cement Panel Equitone Tectiva

    Fiber-cement panel EQUITONE – a natural composite material, proud of its authenticity. Facade materials EQUITONE are manufactured in German and Belgium factories

  • Fasade panels with glass-coated
    Fasade panels with glass-coated

    LLC "Alfaprom-Emal" specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of modern facade systems. The main innovative focus of the company is the production of enameled panels for ventilated facades.

  • Flat Fasad Cassetts "Perforation" Type
    Flat Fasad Cassetts "Perforation" Type

    This type of cassettes is especially widely spread. Major façade systems are designed to be used with flat cassettes. Easiness of manufacturing, low cost, ability to cover large façade areas quickly facilitated their wide distribution in the construction

  • Ventilated Facades
    Ventilated Facades

    KRAMOS group of companies provides services of design, manufacturing , supply, installation and finishing hinged facade system with an air gap.

  • Roof sandwich panels
    Roof sandwich panels

    Roof sandwich panels are intended to cover the building roofs of any purpose. In this regard, their shape and structure are slightly different from the wall panels.

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Façade panels ensure the protection and safety of the building, so materials used should be resistant to adverse weather conditions. Also look for:

Reduced maintenance costs when using fiber cement siding manufacturers that go the extra mile.

Budget-friendly prices when purchasing panels from trusted façade panels suppliers.

Stability and tolerance when quality products such as aluminium composite panels, are sourced by experts.

WorldBuild365 is a digital platform for striking ranges of façade panels and fiber cement sidings to fulfill all design requirements.


Façade systems are key components in today’s architectural design world.

Fiber cement panels have guaranteed color longevity of 10 years. They’re designed to protect the house from moisture, mould, and mildew, as well as improving thermal insulation and saving heat. They’re highly resistant to extremes of temperature, and are non-flammable. The unique materials used by composite panels manufacturers ensure designs are of top quality and environmentally friendly.

Aluminum composite panels are fire resistant and are available in a range of finishes. Smooth, shiny surfaces protect the panels from negative environmental effects, and with a coating of high gloss, these panels can quickly be transformed into a bright and colorful building feature. Benefits include the speed of process, long lasting durability, low maintenance, and outstanding thermal comfort.

Life panels have been specifically designed to incorporate raw materials, logistics, and recycling to minimize environmental impact. Made from sustainable stainless steel, these panels create the ultimate green solutions for buildings.

Imitation natural stone, slate, and brick panels are a new decorative feature in facades. The panels are manufactured with high quality materials on unique thermoplastic automates casts, creating color scales that closely match the real thing!

Hewn timber panels are fire-proof versions of traditional Russian huts. Panels are stiff which minimizes warping during mounting, and they’re suitable for both new build and renovation projects. The wide range of styles and finishes are not only attractive but provide excellent thermal and sound insulation properties, and can be bought from wood paneling manufacturers.


Quality sidings save energy and prevent costly structural damage.

Fiber cement sidings are practical and eco-friendly. They’ll also stand up to extreme weather conditions without cracking, and the longevity of the sidings reduces long-term costs. Fiber cement sidings products contain non-toxic components, and they’re also fire and insect resistant. See many house siding manufacturers listed in our product directory.

WPC sidings require relatively little maintenance, and the life span of the clapboard is at least 20 years. The material has two main functions – to add protection to the building from extremes in weather, and to allow additional decoration of the façade. Features include no warping, cracking, or splitting, and low water absorption.

Photoceramic sidings are highly dirt-resistant, and have low-color discoloration. Insulating and waterproof properties are excellent, and they’re impervious to mold and mildew. Longevity is a major feature, as the siding will expand and contract with changing temperatures.

Hydrophilic sidings use advanced technology to help wash away dirt that has accumulated on the panels, with rainwater. After cleaning, the moisture stays on the panel coating, which is reliably protected.

Multi-storey building sidings have been especially designed for high buildings. Installation of panels is quick, and can be done at any time of the year. Splice strap technology allows the sidings to be fixed without the use of silicone.