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Keep up to date with a wide range of facade materials manufacturers on the digital platform Worldbuild365. Find cement board & ceramic tile suppliers too.

Facade Materials Suppliers Can be Found in Our Directory

  • Silicate-calcium sheets
    Silicate-calcium sheets
    Rus Interra

    Silicate-calcium sheets are a new material in the construction market. It does not contain asbestos, and is therefore environmentally friendly and safe. SCS will find its use in the decoration of internal walls of the room, garages, ceilings, cornices. This material is resistant to water and fire, and has a constant size.

  • Chelsea Facade facing boards
    Chelsea Facade facing boards
    Chelsea Decor

    Facade facing plates - products of rectangular shape. Used for facing the surface of walls and slopes - the side surfaces of a window or doorway formed by the thickness of the walls.

  • Polygraphy

    PVC products: wall and ceiling panels, boards, angles, furniture edges, skirting boards, various accessories, etc.

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Façade systems from dependable manufacturers are widely used in renovations, coming in a variety of materials and architectural styles.

Weather and waterproofed designs are vital for extra durability.

Protection of building interiors is guaranteed with products obtained from trusted façade materials manufacturers.

Low maintenance is a key factor when choosing materials from cement siding manufacturers.

WorldBuild365 is a product catalogue sourcing high quality items from façade materials manufacturers at competitive prices.


Striking designs reflecting vision and beauty are incorporated in:

Façade plates – these have been developed by leading experts using the most modern materials available in the field of façade technology. Their high performance characteristics include longevity, low thermal conductivity, and high fire safety. They’re also environmentally friendly, and protect the walls from weathering. More than 3000 colors are available for protective coatings.

Ecological Copper facades – made from 100% recycled copper means reduced emissions, waste and disposal costs. The copper retains its full quality and workability, as well as helping to protect the environment! Perfect for architectural applications. Buy them from the facade materials suppliers we work with.

Aluminum ventilated facades – an ideal alternative to plaster or painted options as aluminum can provide significant heat savings during periods of hot weather. These facades are effective in protecting the building from dust and dirt, as well as being unaffected by extremes of temperature. High quality finishes remain at affordable prices from façade materials suppliers.

Zink facades – this tried and tested material is suitable for a whole range of applications, including facades, roofs, and drainage systems. Its alloy properties ensure its virtually maintenance-free, and keeps an appealing appearance for years.

Ceramic bricks – intended for house facades, these high quality ceramic bricks are dense and completely frost-resistant. A key benefit is durability, alongside longevity. The smooth, saturated surface is red and glassy, creating an elegant, weatherproof application.

Panels and Boards

Created for use in both interior and exterior environments:

Terracotta panels are extremely reliable as they’re non-combustible, giving complete fire protection. They’re physically stable, and lightweight. The natural coloring won’t fade, and will suit both traditional and modern settings.

Power panels are used whenever building materials are exposed to considerable water or mechanical stress. These cement bonded panels are reinforced with glass fiber mesh, giving them great additional strength, suitable for many exterior facades and interior construction.

Curved panels are produced from a variety of natural materials, and give good thermal insulation performances. They’re resistant to air permeability and give maximum design flexibility.

Fiber cement boards available from a reliable cement board supplier are frost resistant and self-cleaning! They’re also fire and shock protected, making then ideal for use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The durable boards are resistant to rot and water damage, and to changes in temperature and humidity.

Claddings, Tiles, and Trims

Finish off in style with:

Brick claddings that have a high quality outer surface which can protect against water and the influence of frost without any problem. One of the most important advantages is that so little maintenance is required. The structure the cladding is installed on will be protected from weather, mould, and pollutants. Acoustic claddings are available in a range of flexible and curved options.

Tiles with stone filler are classed as a multi-component ceramic product, and provide warmth and distinction. Insulation from the cold is guaranteed. A reduction in noise on top of damp insulation, as well as savings on maintenance costs, makes these a sure-fire option. Cement-sand tiles are made of clay and have unique wear-resistant qualities.

Trims from wholesale façade materials suppliers are used for windows, doors, and corners, giving extra protection to vulnerable areas. Extended lengths simplify installation, and an acrylic-latex primer is applied for better adhesion of paint. Trims provide protection from moisture and fungal decay. The natural texture complements facades giving a finished look.