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Compare Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers

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Pre-fabricated building panels speed up the construction process. They're also an efficient way to meet the high levels of thermal efficiency, strength, and quality demanded of modern buildings. Compare products from a range of composite panel suppliers featured on the WorldBuild365 digital platform.

Buy panels for interior use and exterior cladding from a composites manufacturer - or connect with aluminium composite material suppliers and buy your composites wholesale. 

Choose a sleek, contemporary finish - or source panels that confer modern benefits while retaining traditional character.


Composite Panels for Exterior Use


Aluminum composite panels - are manufactured as a 'sandwich', composed of a non-toxic polyethylene core compressed between two layers of aluminium. Panels are coated with protective films making them resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, and airborne pollutants. Composite panels have great strength relative to their weight, and they're easy to cut, drill, and bore during construction. They also require very little maintenance, and are suited to both new construction projects and retrofitting.

Chameleon panels - aluminum panels that change shade depending on the angle they're viewed from. Available in different thicknesses and panel size for ease of fitting. Sure to bring a whole new light and life to any building.

Marble and granite coated aluminium panels - perfect when you need to retain a traditional and natural appearing facade while still enjoying all the benefits of modern composite materials. Panels are available in different thicknesses and sizes.

Wood effect aluminium panels - these panels bring all the advantages of aluminum facades while conferring a natural wood-like appearance to the building. Available in a range of dark and light wood effects.

Mirror panels - another striking effect, this option brings the appearance of brushed metal to the facade of the building.

Nano coated aluminum panels - a non-toxic water-based nano coating brings additional benefits to this product. It's self-cleaning, resistant to airborne pollutants such as dirt or carbon monoxide, and the coating preserves the gloss and color of the panel. Nano coated panels are available in a range of colors and finish effects including stone and wood appearances, and come in a variety of standard lengths, widths, and skin thicknesses.


Stone, Cement and Ceramic

Cement composite boards - cement composite delivers the benefits of modern construction technology such as strength, flexibility of use, and environmentally responsible manufacture while retaining the traditional warm appearance normally associated with natural materials.

Fibre cement panels - a durable, environmentally friendly panel composed of a mixture of calcium silicate, magnesium carbonate, and inorganic fibers. The final appearance of the facade resembles block stone. Another option that combines a traditional appearance with the strength of modern construction materials. 

Ceramic tiles - bring a warm, brick-like appearance to the facade of any building. Designed to fit perfectly onto concrete walls and form a very strong bond.


Composite Panels for Interior Use

Some of these panels are suited to either interior or exterior use. Check the product specifications from your composite panel supplier for details.

Wood-polymer panels - can be used for interior cladding or for exterior facades. Wood-polymer is an environmentally friendly and economical option. It's easy to install, resistant to temperature changes, will not fade in sunlight, and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Cork coating - suited to interior wall finishes, facades and roofs. The cork coating is applied as an emulsion, and will both repair and prevent cracks in facades. This fast, easy-to-apply option also acts as both thermal and acoustic insulation. 

GRC board - glass fibre. reinforced concrete boards are widely used in construction and civil engineering, and have many advantages over conventional mortars and concrete. They're light yet high strength, non-corrodible, non-combustible, and flexible in usage. Consider GRC for interior partitions, ceilings, roof bases, and to cover interior columns.