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Easy maintenance, as cleaning needs only soap and water.
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  • Aluminum Ventilated Facades
    Aluminum Ventilated Facades

    Special aluminum alloys 5754 and 3005 provide: • durability and reliability • light weight, flexibility and strength • firesafe(nonflammable) (Fire Safety Certificate SSPB.RU.OP073.N.00290 (incombustible per SNIP 21-01-97) Fire Safety (pdf. 1,6 mV)

WorldBuild365 has comprehensive listings for aluminium composite panels suppliers, aluminium composite panels manufacturers, and aluminium facades manufacturers. Discover facades with:

Exceptional strength in relation to weight of the panels used.

Easy maintenance, as cleaning needs only soap and water.

Panel versatility for adaptation to new construction or renovation.

Facing Panels

Guarantee performance and quality.

These panels are the latest development in light materials suitable for front panels. The inner layer of the wall panel is made of aluminum paper, and reflects and retains heat - it also has moisture protection properties. Wall panels from ACP sheet manufacturers are durable, have low thermal conductivity, and are also environmentally friendly. They can be easily installed, and used for both interior and exterior decoration. The surface pattern can simulate many different materials, such as:

Brick imitating facing panels based on original brick styles and colors to suit almost any application.

Stone imitating facing panels with textured effects for classic solutions and modern forms.

Ceramic imitating facing panels for a smooth, high quality exterior.

Mosaic imitating facing panels designed for a decorative finish.

ACP Panels

Add an economical option to any structure.

Aluminum composite panels consist of two sheets of aluminium with an interconnected layer, coated with polyester. The benefits of using this type of panel include the ease and speed of production, the long lasting durability, and excellent weather resistance. On top of this, thermal comfort and sound dampening are improved, and little maintenance is required. These panels generally come with an eight year warranty when purchased from a reputable ACP manufacturer.


Designed to benefit structures.

Ventilated facades will reliably withstand high winds, as well as extremes of temperatures. The construction is of aluminium alloy, which is also water-resistant and resistant to UV rays after the special coating is applied. This surface treatment prevents any color change, is durable, and self-cleaning. A wide range of colors are available. In addition, there are a variety of simulated styles that can be provided. These include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Stone imitating ventilated facades ensuring warmth and distinction.

Wood imitating ventilated facades for thermal and acoustic isolation.

Copper imitating ventilated facades give protection against water, wind, and sun.

Metal Façade systems

For the optimum ratio of price and quality.

Ferrous facades have high strength qualities, and are durable and fire resistant. Installation at any time of year is simple, as the materials are also able to deal with any extremes of temperature.

Shingles facades are suitable for covering small areas such as skylights and chimneys, or larger areas as in entire building frontages - different sizes and combinations will suit even the most complex architecture.