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For both residential and commercial requirements, browse WorldBuild365 to source covered roofing supplies, fencing roofing supplies, and where to buy snow barrier roof wholesale.

Find a Snow Barrier Roof Wholesale on WorldBuild365

  • VR Deflector
    VR Deflector

    Double-walled deflector with the flare-profile connections.

  • Arches

    We offer you a ready-arched elements. It is also possible to manufacture arched elements of the order, according to your size. Arches are shipped to the customer without coating for painting or further processing of the customer in a packaged form.


    TILE DN 110 - Complete roof-vent with profiled pass-through, installed directly on tiles. Insulated type, which prevents from condensation of water-vapour in the air-duct during winter.


    STANDARD DN 110 - Complete roof-vent with roof pass-through, designed to be installed under roof sheet. Electric fan type, which is designed for forced air exhaustion from blocks of flats (kitchens, toilets) and public utility buildings.

  • Trapac® Safety Hook
    Trapac® Safety Hook

    Trapac® Safety Hooks are for fixing loads such as roofer's ladders in place while work is being carried out on the roof.

  • Roof Safety Products
    Roof Safety Products

    Ensure a secure and long-lasting roof. Roof safety products - ladders, roof bridges and snow guards - are a necessary part of your house.

  • Snow Guard
    Snow Guard
    MDM Ukraine

    Mdm® snow guards have a special profile, thanks to which they match all the standard roof tiles (no need for cutting tiles).

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Accessories for roofing are readily available from many roof vent manufacturers. For both residential and commercial requirements, browse WorldBuild365 to source covered roofing supplies, fencing roofing supplies, and where to buy snow barrier roof wholesale.

Ensure the accessories you buy are:

High quality – providing reliable solutions and performance.

Innovative – encompassing new products and ideas.

Stylish – bringing character and depth.

Barriers and Guards

Devices to retain snow and ice.

Snow barriers for folded roofs are constructed from galvanized piping, with a coating of powder paint. This typical type of fence forces drifting snow to accumulate in a certain place, and so minimizes the amount of snow falling on the roof. These snow-supporting structures lessen the damaging impact that snow can cause to a building. See details for purchasing a snow barrier roof wholesale here on this business platform.

Snow guards are made from a galvanized steel sheet thickly coated with polyester paint, and can be matched to existing standard roof tiles. The job of the guard is to keep the snow and ice from falling and damaging the property below. Economy line snow guards are made of cold rolled galvanized metal in three meter lengths, with a wall thickness of 1.2mm.

Roof fences come in various heights between 0.6m and 0.9m. They’re made of steel, and finished with a powder coating. With clean lines and cylindrical shapes, these systems are an attractive solution to snow retention without clutter. These retention fences can dramatically reduce the risk of falling snow dropping onto lower parts of the building, or passers-by.

You could also be looking for snow fences, snow fencing, and a wide variety of other snow protection for buildings.

Vents and Aerators

Vital accessories for roofing.

Roof vents are insulated - they prevent condensation of water vapor into the air duct during cold winter months. They’re installed directly onto the tiles with a pass-through profile. They’re also adjustable from angles of 5-45 degrees. The properly installed vent will allow any warm, humid air to escape from the attic.

Similar products also available include roof vents with electric fans, and non-insulated roof vents.

Aerators are specially made for the ventilation of the under roof area. Made of frost resistant polypropylene, they’re also weather and UV-ray resistant, coping with extreme temperatures without any problem. Available in colors of brown, red, green, and black. This apparatus will prevent the accumulation of moisture, keeping the roof area free of fungi and insects.

Plastic aerators and plastic aerators with metal coatings are also available.

Roof Safety Products

To ensure protection.

Ladders without any welded joints are an invaluable addition for roof maintenance. The length of these ladders ranges from 1.8 metres upwards, and the construction is generally of galvanized pipes. Roofing ladders are designed to be safe and secure, with heavy duty attachments created for minimum impact to the roof itself. The ladders need little maintenance, and have a long life. They’re reliable, and give complete protection for roof work.

Metal plancer systems are intended for binder eaves and gable overhangs to maintain roof space ventilation. They have the added benefits of protecting the underlay from internal leakage, rotting rafters and soffits, and expensive future maintenance costs.

Roof covering with synthetic thatch products give a maintenance-free cover that resists termites, birds, and other pests. The thatch is waterproof and weatherproof. Made of high-density polyethylene, it’s also 100% recyclable. This thatch won’t fade or discolor.


Accessories roofing manufacturers can deliver:

Stainless steel chimneys which are constructed from lightweight elements, making delivery and installation simple. They’re high performance with little maintenance, working within a wide temperature range, with low air resistance. Other features include vapor permeability, and being gas-tight and fireproof. This modular chimney is suitable for all types of boilers, fireplaces, and industrial buildings.

Chimney boiler sets which can be used for mounting inside and outside, in residential or industrial properties. Modern technology means seam roller welding gives high weld strength. The exterior is galvanized steel, with a stainless steel interior. These chimneys are durable, practical, and easy to install.