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The range of steel door manufacturers, hollow metal door manufacturers, and security door manufactures is itemised in Worldbuild365’s online directory.

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  • Stainless steel doors
    Stainless steel doors
    BKT Construction

    Stainless steel doors trademark "CGT Construction" established in many social and strategically important sites in Minsk - at train stations, airports, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, educational institutions.

  • Sanitary partitions
    Sanitary partitions
    BKT Construction

    For the manufacture of sanitary and shower partitions using modern building materials differing moisture resistance, having anti-corrosion properties and easily washable.

  • CDF EI 60 "Thermostop" SOLID DOORS
    CDF EI 60 "Thermostop" SOLID DOORS
    Termostop NPP

    Gates CDF EI-60 "Thermostop" designed for installation in fire barriers proѐmy buildings and structures for various purposes, to prevent the spread of fire and other hazards of burning in the other rooms.

  • Evacuation doors
    Evacuation doors
    Master Ingenieros

    In case of evacuation, its barrier-free system allows the flow of people. The manual mechanism to open the doors ensures a safe emergency exit.

  • ACROVYN doors
    ACROVYN doors

    Wooden plastic-lined doors ACROVYN is designed specifically for hospitals, schools, retail and hotel complexes, sports facilities, airports, railway stations and other public institutions. It can also be used to "clean" areas.

  • Armoured door Argus E160
    Armoured door Argus E160

    Door frame with barge, made of steel profile gated 1.7 mm thick. The door leaf of x / k metal, two contour seal; thermal compaction  LUT-1 tape around the perimeter of the box.

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Special purpose doors are required to provide a specific performance level and need to be:

Designed to withstand nominated measures.

Constructed to meet specific needs.

Customized to suit almost any requirement.

The range of steel door manufacturers, hollow metal door manufacturers, and security door manufactures is itemised in Worldbuild365’s online directory.

Impenetrable Doors

Doors that are next-to impossible to pass through.

Bulletproof armored security doors are constructed from a special bulletproof material, with four heavy adjustable hinges. Features include a limiting opening device for controlled opening, an automatic door bottom seal, a latch regulator, and full perimeter rubber gasket for the frame. The double armored door is made of electro galvanized metal sheet.

Wholesale security doors may be supplied with latch regulators and alarm systems. Locks with card readers make them extremely security-wise. Double armored doors are constructed from electro-galvanized metal sheets, and have heavy adjustable hinges. Frames with an embedded false farm are electrostatically painted with a black anti-scratch finish.

Fire Proof Doors

Fire-resistant doors to prevent the spread of flames.

Fire doors with automatic locks prevent fire from spreading, whilst protecting against heat. They offer maximum safety whilst evacuation takes place - heat resistance lasts for up to 180 minutes. Available from the fire door manufacturers we work with fitted with central or side openings, transparent peepholes, and anti-panic openings.

Fire prevention doors from the manufacturers you'll find on WorldBuild365 are smoke and gas-tight, designed to withstand heat and resist fire. The galvanized steel frames are of high quality, with a protective film. Cold smoke seals improve the performance of the doors, as the seals increase in size, creating a barrier that the fire and smoke won’t be able to penetrate. Keyholes are covered to protect them from dust.

Smoke-proof doors contain the spread of smoke during a fire. They’re recommended for installation in stairwells of both residential and commercial buildings. These types of door significantly improve the fire safety of buildings, as they’re made from durable materials. All smoke-proof panels have certificates of conformity.

Metal doors made from double galvanized steel sheets with mineral seals are able to withstand heat and flames. Metal door manufacturers work to heavy duty specifications, providing strength and durability for extra security. These doors are ideal for schools, offices, hospitals, and stairwells.

Stainless steel doors are pressure tight - single sheet metal is intended for fire doors, for both internal and exterior use. The stainless steel surface can be coated with polymeric powder paint, or be polished, brushed, or mirrored. These doors can be used in shopping centers, office buildings, and educational institutions.

Extraordinary Doors

Designed and constructed by special purpose doors manufacturers.

Evacuation doors with barrier free systems allow for safe evacuation. The manual mechanism to open the doors is operated from a control selector. The leaves slide and swing, and can be central or side opening, and there’s an automatic locking feature. Used in shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, and airports.

X-Ray protective doors provide screens of protection against ionizing radiation. Compliance is made to all current health and safety regulations. The doors comprise a sheet metal cloth, a deadlock cylinder, sealant, and a covering of epoxy and polyester powder paint. Doors are corrosion-proof and have anti-bacterial properties.

Technical doors are corrosion proof, and ideal for public buildings that require high quality performance doors. Constructed from sheet metal, with a basalt plate and sealant, and finished with an epoxy covering. Designs can include glazing with ventilated lattice.

Wooden doors with finishes of modern temperature resistant formats are given this added protection to deal with smoke and gas. Stylish, high-quality doors are offered in a wide variety of designs, and wood armored doors are growing in popularity.