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Buy the Latest Smart House System Wholesale

  • Hometronic - Smart House System HCM 200
    Hometronic - Smart House System HCM 200

    The new system from Honeywell allows underfloor heating systems to be controlled easily and comfortably - without wires and without the laying of cables. The central controller enables all the rooms (living room, kitchen, bathroom, hobby room or office) to be programmed and controlled individually from a single point.

  • Wireless system iNELS RF Control
    Wireless system iNELS RF Control
    Elko EP

    RF Control - Wireless RF system is unique solution of intelligent electro-installation especially for reconstructions of houses, apartments or wiring extensions. Installation can be carried easily without breaking or cutting into the walls.

  • Absolute Domautics
    Absolute Domautics

    The purpose of Absolute Domautics is to provide automation solutions to manage wide ranging category of premises at an affordable cost for every one. The solutions are simple to deploy, maintain and operate and integrates in to the life style of wide strata of society.

Home automation manufacturers produce systems that facilitate easy living. Connect with the supplier that provides the level of automation you need for your project, and make sure you get a high quality system which provides:

Convenience is the watchword of all building management systems suppliers.

The flexibility to automate any building, with systems on offer which can be customized to suit any structure.

Whole or partial automation, allowing you to install the system which matches user need.

It's easy to buy even the latest smart house system wholesale when you consult the huge WorldBuild365 directory. Here you'll find an array of manufacturers and suppliers, providing a range of high tech building management systems...

Building Automation Systems

Choose the level of automation that you're seeking. Most smart home systems come with several "actuator" modules which can be fitted to a wide variety of electrical systems, allowing for easy installation and control...

Full wireless building automation is the cutting edge in home and workplace automation. Users can link almost any kind electrical system or appliance to the unit - without the need to knock through walls or conduct other heavy refurbishment work. Popular systems to link include: shutter and blind controls, garage doors, lights and light dimming controls, driveway gates, swimming pooxls, and appliances such as televisions, to preset programs to record, etc. The wireless nature of the system means that it can be easily moved or removed without the need to re-position wires etc.

Building heating control units come from your smart home manufacturer designed to work with almost any kind of underfloor and central heating systems. They can typically be linked with your smartphone or other device to allow control of your heating units - often in individual rooms - while you're away from home. This allows you to make sure that your living room or bedroom is at the optimal temperature, ready for your return home.

Multi-room audio systems come in a wide range of options, including those systems which allow multi-zone functionality, with entertainment and high resolution audio set independently in every room in the property.

Smart Door Locks

Made by building automation systems manufacturers to keep your property safe and secure...

Keyless smart door locks usually allow you to set a PIN code instead of having a physical key. This freedom means there's no more worrying about lost keys! Most building management system manufacturers provide systems which can have time-limited PIN codes as well as longstanding ones. This gives you the option of allowing professionals - such as cleaners - access to your home for a limited time.

Key-free smart door locks are designed to replace the standard key with something else - often a special key fob, key ring, or by providing an app that links your smartphone to your locking mechanism. The vast majority of these devices are fitted with anti-tamper alarms and allow only a low number of failed PIN code access attempts before becoming locked out.