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The WorldBuild 365 business platform features a wide range of locking devices - Get wholesale padlocks and everything needed to protect property and possessions from intruders.

Buy Wholesale Padlocks from Online Lock Suppliers

  • 603-215 Window Chain
    603-215 Window Chain

    Chain for windows made of nickel-plated steel of attractive color.

  • Door Lock AF8945 A9114
    Door Lock AF8945 A9114
    Onlee Hardwares

    The AF8945 A9114 Model is a standard cylindrical lock with a steel body and steel parts. Opening the lock is carried out from two sides. We recommend this lock to you as a good solution for the main entrance to your house.

  • Door lock Model 813
    Door lock Model 813
    Zhongsheng Locks

    Zhongsheng Locks produces exclusively high-quality accessories for doors. Lock Model 813 is a typical example of the quality and reliability of our production.

  • Door handle M100-200
    Door handle M100-200
    Zhongsheng Locks

    This model is a locking device for easy entrance and interior doors, which need to be closed with a key. The model is fully ready for installation and use.

  • Locks series LOQ
    Locks series LOQ

    LOQ from Colcom is a new line of locks for glass doors, which expands and complements the product range. The LOQ series will find its application in any type of mounting of locks on the door frame. Technology for its functionality and design will be relevant for both the office and the home.

  • ZV7 318.T-P Mortice Cylinder Lock
    ZV7 318.T-P Mortice Cylinder Lock

    Mortice Cylinder Lock ZV7 318.T-P can be set up in all types of exterior doors including armoured doors. It meets the fourth (highest) class of Russian Government classification.

  • DiSec Sferik Armor Plate
    DiSec Sferik Armor Plate

    The armor plate protects the lock cylinder from various types of hacking, such as cracking with a gas key, pipes. Provides maximum breaking resistance due to the enormous strength and features of the structure.

  • ZV8 151.1.0 Mortise Lock
    ZV8 151.1.0 Mortise Lock

    The lock is installed in the entrance doors of public and residential buildings with metal, steel, fortified, armored doors. The lock is installed in the door by the "insert" method.

  • Mortise Cylinder Lock ЗВ4 402.0.0
    Mortise Cylinder Lock ЗВ4 402.0.0

    Mortise cylinder lock (body), certified in accordance with the 3rd class of safety according to GOST. The lock is recommended for use in fire doors (certificate ROSS.RU 34.В00864). The lock has one direction of locking - three steel crossbars with a diameter of 12 mm, extending from the body to 24 mm.

  • Disec EL200 Armor Plate
    Disec EL200 Armor Plate

    Disec EL200 is a high-tech solution to protect your front door. Bronenack is equipped with alarm system and blocker BA100.

  • 3B8 151.1.0 Lock
    3B8 151.1.0 Lock

    This is a classic mortise lock. The product is certified in accordance with GOST and has a third class of safety.

  • ЗВ8 811.0.0 Lock
    ЗВ8 811.0.0 Lock

    ЗВ8 811.0.0 is a light 6-lever lock with a rectangular crossbar. Mounting of the lock is made by an input method

  • JM-M75 Mortise Lock
    JM-M75 Mortise Lock
    Wuyi Jiamin Locks

    JM-M75 is a metal mortise lock. The lock is suitable for installation on most doors and provides reliable protection against illegal penetration.

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Find a padlock manufacturer or door lock suppliers online. Choose security solutions for homes and commercial properties and get that door lock wholesale!

Chose mechanical or electronic systems - Products suited to new installations and others that can be retrofitted to existing doors or windows.

The WorldBuild 365 business platform features a wide range of locking devices - Get wholesale padlocks and everything needed to protect property and possessions from intruders.

Mechanical Locking Systems

Buy locks wholesale for wooden, metal, PVC or glass doors and fastenings for windows, cabinets and anywhere that security needs to be assured.

Mortise Locks - A traditional design long used by lock manufacturers. It combines a sprung latch controlled by a lever handle and a deadbolt that adds an additional layer of security. Suppliers featured here offer mortise locks with or without handles, suitable for high security armoured doors and also interior use mortise mechanisms.

Cylinder Locks - Most commonly used for home security, with variants including single and double cylinder. The mechanism may also include a button which acts as a deadbolt. The cylinder construction is commonly used in sliding doors which can only be opened from the inside. Lock suppliers featured in our directory offer cylinders with and without handles and also coin operated cylinders suited for lockers and other internal short term secure storage.

Cam Locks - Generally used to secure cabinets or furniture, cam locks are largely thought of as internal locks offering a light level of security and protection of privacy. Advantages of cam locks include the fact that they're inexpensive, require little skill to fit and are suited to use in tight spaces. Higher security cams suited to both interior and exterior use are also available.

Master Key Systems - Ideal for hotels or other environments where one or a few people need access to many doors while others only need to enter a specific room or area.

Keyless Locks

Electronic locks - Offer significant advantages in many situations. They're suited to use in multi-occupancy buildings eliminating the need for keys and making it easy to grant access to as many people as necessary. Variants include, number pad or fingerprint operated mechanisms. Electronic locking mechanisms can include additional features such as alarms that sound in response to hacking attempts, attempted forcing of the lock, or failure to use the correct access code.

Remote access systems - Used when an operator inside the building needs to grant entry to a visitor at the door.

Combination locks - At its simplest this could be a combination padlock from any padlock supplier. Advanced combination locks offer additional security features such as allowing up to 1000 different users to set their own code.

Door Lock Supplies and Accessories

Padlocks - Padlock manufacturers produce the only truly portable lock. Padlocks can be fitted to doors, or used to secure an item in place. Both key and combination padlocks, in a variety of sizes and strengths are featured in the product catalogue. Padlocks are easy to fit but can only be used from one side of a door and will only ever be as strong as the fitting which secures it.

Replacement cylinders and keys - In the case of a feared security breach, contact a door lock manufacturer to see if it's possible to replace the cylinder mechanism and supply new keys. This is quicker, simpler and far less costly than replacing a complete lock system.

Lock boxes - Use a lock box, opened by combination to store spare keys for house-sitters, child-minders, maintenance workers or anyone else to be granted temporary access to the property. Combinations can be reset, providing an easy way to ensure ongoing security without having to replace any moving parts.