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Here at WorldBuild365 you'll find lists of where to buy interior doors wholesale, internal house doors suppliers, and interior wood doors manufacturers.

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  • Interior doors of series Imagination
    Interior doors of series Imagination

    The highlight of collection Imagination is the print on the leaf of the door with UV-approved paints. You can print any image.

  • Interior door F59
    Interior door F59

    Interior doors with patented ARBOTEK system. Flamenco Series. High-quality and modern manufacturing technology.

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Interior doors that close off rooms within a building can be decorative and functional.

Quality means doors will have added features and benefits.

Style is needed to complement the environment the door will be placed in.

Size is important, as it determines available ranges.

Here at WorldBuild365 you'll find lists of where to buy interior doors wholesale, internal house doors suppliers, and interior wood doors manufacturers.

Interior Door Materials

Choose wholesale interior doors made from:

Veneer - doors of faced veneered pine affixed to a lower density core resist warping and moisture. As well as being more affordable, these doors look as pleasing as traditional solid timber ones, but without the risk of splitting. Doors are finished with polyurethane varnish. See details of internal house door suppliers on this digital platform.

Laminated doors are constructed on a frame of joined timber softwood, with a facing frame of MDF. The internal filling is honeycomb, and the edges are of plastic PVC. The panel of glass is frosted. These high quality doors fulfill both protective and decorative functions. Inexpensive materials are an advantage in the production process, and doors with added films are water resistant, and simple to clean.

Glazed doors with patterned glass are elegant and sophisticated, adding an extra dimension to home interiors. Light can spill through a glazed door, allowing rooms to be bought together, giving a more modernistic outlook. Sound insulation qualities are also very good, and the transparency of the glass is a bonus with regards to safety features.

Wood - doors from interior wood doors manufacturers can be made on modern equipment for individual projects. Oak interior doors are constructed from slats and boards, specially connected. This ensures strength, and resistance to temperature extremes and humidity. The fittings are safe and reliable. Finishes include a natural linseed oil or varnish, and a vast choice of colors.

Aluminum door frames are modern in design, and of high quality. They require very little maintenance – wiping with a damp cloth, and keeping the track free of obstructions. The strength of the metal is important, as is the fact that it’s less prone to damage. These frames are elegant and functional, and available from many of the interior door suppliers we work with.

Ceiling and Wall Mounted Doors

Extensive ranges to suit any room.

Sliding doors can be made to order to any size of opening. Our suppliers offer a full service, including measuring, design, and installation. Tempered glass is used in the partitions, and suspension systems and rollers are installed for the sliding parts. Mounting can be applied to the ceiling or to the wall.

Panel doors are stylish, and available in a variety of colors, making them ideal for use in both traditional and contemporary homes. They’re attractive, durable, and safe, as well as being known for their soundproofing and lightweight qualities. They’re easy to install, and require very little maintenance.

Folding doors can be used to separate rooms, as well as for use in wardrobes and closets. Upper tracks can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall, and installation length can be selected. The sliding action is quiet and effortless. Door thicknesses vary from 16-40mm. Folding doors can be moved along the wall for space-saving solutions.

Ultra-Modern Doors

Designed by professionals.

Pocket door systems use the latest developments in materials engineering to produce a flexible, space saving door. They’re easy to install and provide years of maintenance-free service. Quick mounting to the floor is done with tabs. Pocket door kits come with anti-dust aluminum beams, allowing easy adaptation to walls with fixing screws.

Hidden doors can be requested, and are suitable for frequent use. The doors offered by our suppliers can be installed on drywall, and other brickwork, and come with a magnetic lock. Manufacturers use environmentally friendly water-based paints for the finish. Hidden doors are safe and hygienic, with enhanced aesthetics.