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See a comprehensive range of high-speed door manufacturers, automatic sliding gates manufacturers & sectional door manufacturers in WorldBuild365's listings

Fit Wholesale Industrial Doors to Any Property With Ease

  • Stacking Door SPACELITE HT
    Stacking Door SPACELITE HT

    The stacking door SPACELITE HT was developed especially for specific demands in industrial buildings and workshops. Since then thousands of doors have endured the test of time in practical use.

  • Панорамные подъемно-секционные ворота Crawford OH1042FG
    Панорамные подъемно-секционные ворота Crawford OH1042FG

    Панорамные подъемно-секционные ворота Crawford OH1042FG - это полностью остекленные ворота, разработанные для зданий, в которых необходимо обеспечить хорошее освещение или демонстрацию содержимого.

  • Mavicold door
    Mavicold door

    Mavicold is the strong, energy efficient High-Speed Door for cold stores -1°C to -30°C or Chiller Room. Features and benefits : - Mavicold unique insulated curtain technology - Internal heating system prevents frost and ice build-up - Revolutionary soft bottom edge - Takes safety and durability to another dimension Flexible Guide

  • Maviroll Red door
    Maviroll Red door

    Flexible high speed roll-up door for heat and sound insulation. Applications in industry, commerce, agro-industrial sector.

  • High-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT
    High-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT
    Efaflex rus

    Robust plastic ropes and tension springs in the side members of the door hold the curtain under tension when opening and closing.

  • Sliding Door HANGAR DOOR
    Sliding Door HANGAR DOOR

    Butzbach Hangar Doors can be provided in nearly all dimensions and due to the numerous design variants are suitable not only for new constructions but are also excellent when utilised in renovation tasks, where the static tolerance is often very limited.

  • Automatic doors for refrigerating rooms
    Automatic doors for refrigerating rooms
    Aiss Group

    Rolling Shutters - perfect for openings with high intensity traffic to seal and prevent air in a variety of areas. High rolling and folding gates excellent protection against dampness, drafts, noise and dust.

  • Automatic sliding gates
    Automatic sliding gates
    Aiss Group

    For more than ten years, we produce and install sliding doors and free-standing gate of its own production. Many years of experience in the production of these products ensures a high level of quality and long service life.

WorldBuild365 is a product directory for a broad range of doors from industrial door manufacturers, high-speed door manufacturers, and a handy way to buy wholesale industrial doors.

Industrial doors need to be able to deal with heavy traffic, and meet many other performance demands:

Durability is a key factor, as the door will be opened and closed numerous times. Exterior doors also need to be able to withstand all types of weather.

Safety is an important issue. Proper safeguard designs should avoid any potential hazards.

Security, fire, thermal, and sound performance should all also be focused on.

High Quality Industrial Doors

Ideal for commercial properties, retailers, offices, and industrial buildings, these doors are tough and offer various opening methods.

General use doors from industrial door suppliers are advantageous in offices and warehouses. Galvanized metal sheets with hinges are a popular choice. Locking systems which feature door handles are an excellent choice for maximum security, and also prevent employees from inadvertently locking themselves in or out. These doors can be painted in a wide variety of colors, and given an anti-scratch treatment. Panic bars can be added if required. See the industrial door manufacturers on this digital platform for more details.

Sectional doors are a straightforward design which gives great value for money. There is no maintenance work involved, as there are few components. Door panels are made from translucent fiberglass which absorbs energy, making working conditions bright and glare-free. The doors are weather resistant, and can be opened mechanically, and are available from many different sectional door manufacturers.

Stacking doors have been developed especially for the specific demands of workshops and industrial buildings. As with sectional models, the door panels are made of fiberglass, which gives a light-filled working environment. As hinges, springs, and ropes hinder the operation of this type of door, these are excluded from the design. The door is constructed to be self-supporting, and can easily be adapted to a wide range of business uses.

Folding doors are available in many different sets and systems, suitable for both interior and exterior use. View ranges from specialist hangar door manufacturers listed in WorldBuild365's online directory.

Sliding and High Speed Industrial Doors

For when convenience and durability need to be your watchwords.

Sliding doors are available in a whole range of sizes to suit your needs. They can be fitted with movable door leaves, be adapted to go around corners, or be telescopic! These doors are ideal for installation in situations that are unusual.

Horizontally opening high-speed doors are great for when the whole height of the doorway needs to be accessed straightaway. This method is fast and safe, as it virtually guarantees there’ll be no collisions with the door itself. This in turn saves on repairs and replacement costs.

High-speed roll up doors require minimum maintenance as they’re incredibly well constructed. The smooth surface and almost-airtight qualities make them a heavy duty must-have - readily available from several roll up door suppliers.

High-speed folding doors are often used for closing off an entire building, and have become an intrinsic part of today’s industrial architecture. They rate highly for low space needs, and come in a vast range of sizes. They’re quick to operate, as well as being sturdy and economical. They also have an excellent performance-to-price ratio.

High-speed cold room doors are specifically designed for cold stores and chiller rooms. They take safety and durability to the extreme. Modern insulated curtain technology and internal heating systems stop ice and frost build-up. Take a look at custom builds for all your indoor environment needs – reliable and flexible options mean that you can find a door that easily fits into your budget.

Automatic sliding gates are free standing and designed to move along two roller supports mounted on either side. They’re easy to use, and offer exceptional levels of security. See the ranges of the automatic sliding gates manufacturers on this digital platform.

Safety and Display Doors

Industrial doors to keep your business safe, and to show prospective clients what's on offer

Mobile partition walls are a great investment if you want to display your shop merchandise at all hours of the day and night. They allow a clear view of your products at all times. Designed specifically for stores located in shopping centers, these are cost effective and security conscious.

Fire resistant sliding doors are a safety requirement in many buildings. Frames can be ordered in various sizes, and fitted with automatic retractable thresholds. A panic system can also be installed if required. Standard fits come with ventilation grill gates, glazing, and a door closer function.