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For a huge range of garage door manufacturers, overhead garage door manufacturers, & wholesale garage doors suppliers, use WorldBuild365's online directory.

Opt For Highly Rated Garage Door Suppliers

  • Sectional Garage Door LPU
    Sectional Garage Door LPU
    STM Agency

    Hormann’s elegant automatic sectional doors open vertically, meaning that you have more space both inside and in front of the garage. Sectional doors fit anywhere, no matter whether your garage opening is rectangular or chamfered, or whether it has a segmental or Norman arch. The other benefit is that sectional doors are made in standard sizes, meaning it is easy to modernise if you feel the need

  • Solid wood garage door
    Solid wood garage door

    Hangzhou Gongwang doors and windows manufacturing’s gates and door are remarkable for their beautiful external features. The products are made of natural materials, decorated by exquisite carving and can be designed according to the customer’s requirements.

When housing a motor vehicle is an important factor for the owner, WorldBuild365 have access to a top quality garage door supply, residential garage door manufacturers, and make it easy to find low garage doors wholesale prices.

A trusted garage door supplier will ensure the systems they offer are:

Secure, for complete protection of valuables.

Excellent value for money.

Insulated and sound-proofed.

Sectional Styles

The choice has never been greater...

Sectional garage doors have panels that open vertically, giving more space both internally, and in front of the garage. Double skinned doors from the most reliable suppliers offer the best possible insulation, as well as stability and a quiet operation function. Surfaces are protected against rust, and due to the high quality polymer coating, rain will run right off. Other features include acoustic insulation, a tight seal, and a tested wind-load.

Sectional sliding gates are used for garages with glazed roofs or sloping roofs, offering quick access to the garage with partial opening of the gate. This wicket door function lets occupiers in with the minimum of fuss. As the door opens to the side, maximum space under the garage ceiling is permitted. Manual and power-driven doors can be opened just slightly if required, reducing waiting time. Sectional doors are reliable, and convenient.

Metal picket gates, swing gates, and metal gate blinds can also be sourced here.

Sectional doors fit perfectly into the garage doorway in any form, even when the opening is arched or beveled. Doors open vertically, and so are space saving. All products from the trusted suppliers of garage doors in this directory meet the highest standards for safety and reliability. Correct installation protects from pinching fingers, and these household automatic garage doors can be ordered at any time.

Up and Over Doors

Easy to use and accommodate.

Roller garage doors can be mounted internally or externally due to their revolutionary design. The doors roll up vertically, giving maximum space both in the garage and outside. The roller garage door is the most diverse type of door in terms of installation, and can be positioned in almost any shape or size of garage. The shutters are extremely easy to open and close, and meet all European standards. You'll see the listings of many roller shutter door suppliers on this digital platform.

Overhead garage door manufacturers can be easily sourced here. These doors are widely used for houses and parking lots. As well as being good for increasing curb appeal, these doors can save money with insulation options, reduce energy bills, and keep out exterior noise. Durability ensures no rotting, splitting, or problems due to extreme weather conditions. Maintaining the doors regularly will ensure correct functioning without any problems. You can also get garage door parts wholesale to complete any necessary repairs.

High Speed Doors

Technical enhancements.

Slide and fold steel doors are designed to give an elegant look. Yet they are also convenient to use and have a long service life. One of the main advantages of sliding garage doors is the freedom of design offered due to the lack of restriction on thickness, weight, or size of door panels used. Garage door suppliers offer sliding doors as a solution to both domestic and commercial needs.

High speed spiral doors can now be manufactured with thermally separated insulated laths as standard. The need for speed may be paramount in the business sector, so a high speed door purchased from the reliable wholesale garage doors manufacturers you'll find here in our business directory are a great investment. Fast opening and closing times make any facility more secure, as well as serving to reduce heating and cooling loss. The combination of a high performance door with the durability of traditional rolling door offers the perfect balance of toughness and security.

Exclusive Doors

For any design requirements:

Solid wood garage doors from the residential garage door manufacturers you'll find via WorldBuild365 have beautiful external features. The doors are made of natural materials, are decorated by exquisite carvings, and can be designed according to requirements. Options available include doors with two remote controls and two keys, providing a reliable automated mechanism.