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Find out all you need to know about exterior doors suppliers, steel entry door manufacturers, and front door manufacturers on WorldBuild365 – the online directory.

Wholesale Entry Doors Listed on WorldBuild365

A door that allows entrance to or exit from a building needs to be safe and secure, and meet many other standards:

Insulating qualities will ensure energy efficiency.

Hard-wearing is a key element, as doors need to withstand all weather conditions.

Protecting properties with strength and locks.

Find out all you need to know about exterior doors suppliers, steel entry door manufacturers, and front door manufacturers on WorldBuild365 – the online directory.

Safety Doors

For when security and welfare are the main concerns.

Safe doors are reinforced with a rubber insulation circuit, and a magnetic seal. The exterior metal finish is coated with antique copper powder, the interior is oak. Locks can be selected from lever, cylinder safe, or catch varieties.

Security doors with finger print opening systems are hi-tech. Equipped with an electromechanical locking system and finger print scanner, they allow up to 99 finger prints to be registered, so there’s no need for duplicate keys. The digital keypad has a secret code, a transponder, and card.

Front Doors

The main entrance to the property.

Steel doors purchased from the trusted steel door suppliers listed on WorldBuild365 will ensure protection from extreme weather conditions. Street entrance metal doors are designed with thermal insulation systems that eliminate freezing, and prevent condensation and the formation of frost on the surface of the door. Reinforced apartment doors equipped with a reliable locking system come in a variety of decorative finishes.

Entrance doors are made to fit by entry door manufacturers. The standard size of the door is adjusted to suit the frame. Doors have energy-saving single-chamber plastic windows installed, filled with argon. The exterior glass can be decorative, stained, or sandblasted, leaving the interior transparent. Other options include aluminum doors, and doors with an overlap. Wholesale entry doors can be sourced here on our digital platform.

Wooden doors are resistant to fire and treated with a special waterproof finish. Luxury entrance doors are available from front door manufacturers constructed from a variety of woods. Wood is a natural insulator, making it energy efficient. It requires little maintenance, and it can easily be polished or painted in any colour. Wooden doors have a long life as they don’t chip or crack easily – they’re extremely durable and sturdy.

Feature Doors

When something a little different is needed.

Sliding doors are made to suit individual sizes, with a wide selection of handles for opening doors. Plastic lifting and panoramic doors are lightweight and elegant. Custom made doors are also available with a wooden surround – the durability and soundproof structure increases home comfort.

Folding doors generally serve as a divider between spaces, making them ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, or living rooms overlooking the garden. They maximize natural light, and take up very little space when open. The flexibility of the system allows for full opening of the doors within the entire frame, and maintenance is simple and speedy.

Swing doors offer flexibility and safety. The versatile design adapts to provide solutions for various installations, indoors and out. Sub-frames made of galvanized steel have adjustable hinges, door detectors, and heat insulation.

Automatic doors for convenience are a bonus, as there’s no need to close the door manually - smooth and frequent walk in and out is possible. The doors are safe, ensuring a high level of security, and apart from being energy efficient, they’re also low maintenance.

Balcony doors come in a range of styles to suit the structure - systems are elegant and easy to operate. Sliding doors provide a light and smooth opening and closing process, and are waterproof, dust, and soundproof.