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WorldBuild365 is a reliable product directory for door handle manufacturers, door handle suppliers, door closer manufacturers, as well as many more.

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  • Invisible Neo
    Invisible Neo
    Argent Alu

    The argenta® invisible neo is a series of concealed hinges with an exceptionally high and sublime finish; not a single screw is visible. These hinges can be fixed in an easy, flexible and quick way thanks to the unique height adjustment system: you no longer require wedges to place under the door when adjusting the height.

  • Invisidoor DL
    Invisidoor DL
    Argent Alu

    Thanks to an ingenious aluminium interiot door frame, it is possible to achieve integrated doors in walls with a frameless appearance. With the invisidoor the door is lined up perfectly with the wall allowing architects to create clean lines. The alignment of the door is achieved using the concealed 3D adjustable hinges argenta invisible Neo S5.

  • Blade


  • Maxi hinges for 3 and 4 sashes
    Maxi hinges for 3 and 4 sashes

    Hinge for application to 3rd and 4th sash, the main characteristic of which is its considerable load bearing capacity, together with user-friendly, rapid mounting. The Maxi range, with two models with differing load bearing capacities: length 60 mm for wi

  • Art. 256
    Art. 256
    Aldeghi Luigi

    CATENACCI safety bolts - flat rod

  • Rubber buffers
    Rubber buffers

    Rubber bumpers are a kind of protection for the corners of the walls of buildings, houses and corners of columns from mechanical impact. They are widely used in sea ports, in public garages, parking lots and parking.

  • Cover

    Stainless steel cover suit for surface mounted door closers.

  • Model: 1100 "Economy screen door closer"
    Model: 1100 "Economy screen door closer"
    Smart Lion

    Model: #1100 1-1/4" O.D. x 9" tube "Economy screen door closer Size: 1-1/4" (31.6 MM) OD x 9" (229.0 MM) Materials: Aluminum, Zinc Most commonly used in West Coast of U.S.A. Overhead jamb bracket or side jamb bracket available Origin: Taiwan Fit for aluminum, wood or metal screen, storm, jalousie or interior doors Fit doors to up to 1-1/4" or above Full 90 degree opening

  • Locker System Hardware
    Locker System Hardware

    Maghin specializes in bath relaxation and industrial artistic designs, they have spent more than 20 years on developing the hardware gate between bath and toilet room, and especially its self closing hinge, Toilet Accessories, Toilet Cubicle ,Toilet Hardware, Toilet Partition Hardware ,Door Handle ,Headrail Parts ,Coat Hanger ,Adjustable Leg, Bracket etc.

  • Floor Hinges 750
    Floor Hinges 750
    Leado Door Controls

    GUARANTEE: A free replacement ex-works of any closer proved defective by reason either of faulty manufacture of defect in materials.  COVERPLATE FINISHES: Satinr, stainless steel or polished brass

  • Standard Door Closers 730 (#2 ~ 4)
    Standard Door Closers 730 (#2 ~ 4)
    Leado Door Controls

    GUARANTEE : A free replacement ex-works of any closer proved defective by reason either of faulty manufacture of defect in materials.   POWER SHOE ARM BRACKET : Designed to be reversed to increase final closing power by approximately 15%.   BACK CHECK : Provides a cushioning effect when the door is forcibly thrown open but does not serve as substitute for a door stop. DELAYED ACTION : Provldespro

  • DR-660 door closer
    DR-660 door closer

    DR-660 size 2 to 4 concealed type door closer. Loading capacity: 40 kg to 80 kg. Suit for door leaf width: 850 mm to 1100 mm.

  • DR-28A door closer
    DR-28A door closer

    DR-28A size 2 to 5 exposed type door closer. Loading capacity: 40 kg to 100 kg. Suit for door leaf width: 850 mm to 1250 mm.

  • DR-680 floor spring
    DR-680 floor spring

    DR-680 size 3, 4, 5, H floor spring. Loading capacity: 70 kg, 105 kg, 150 kg, 250 kg. Suit for door leaf width: 850 mm, 950 mm, 1100 mm, up to 1400 mm.

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Door handles may only be attached to objects used to manually open and close a door, but they also need to be:

Durable for long-lasting efficiency

Minimalist for an unassuming and simple accessory.

Easy to clean on an ongoing basis.

WorldBuild365 is a reliable product directory for door handle manufacturers, door handle suppliers, door closer manufacturers, as well as many more.

Materials for Door Handles

Co-ordination of door hardware is the key.

Nickel door handles look clean, sleek, and polished as the metal is silvery white with a satin tinge. It’s hard and ductile, and it won’t warp under stress. Finishes can be slightly darker, giving a warmer appearance, or satin nickel which matches stainless steel closely.

Chrome door handles are ideally suited for contemporary properties, as they blend well many different door materials. Chrome is also a weather-resistant surface, but may need cleaning with a non-abrasive polish if deposits accumulate. Check out wholesale door handles amongst the many options here on our digital platform.

Stainless steel door handles from reputable suppliers are made from a steel alloy containing a varying percentage of chromium - the higher the grade, the more resistant the handles are. Cleaning stainless steel is easy, as it can be wiped down with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, and then dried with a soft towel.

Antique bronze door handles fit into the luxury category. Opt for the addition of Swarovski crystals or seven layers which cover the handle finishing with electrophoretic coating which prevents premature oxidation and fading.

Door Hinges

Flexible devices with style.

Basic door hinges are available in a wide range of different sizes and metals from many suppliers. Hinges used for all traditional PVC profiles can hold a maximum weight of up to 120kg, and have both lateral and height adjustments. See listings for door hinges suppliers in this online directory.

Universal door hinges are suited to reversible doors, as the milling of the hinge allows the direction of the door to be determined. They’re easy to install, and work smoothly and accurately. Decorative covers hide the hinge adjustment screws. Hinges can be pre-installed during the production process.

Concealed hinges offer several advantages as they’re designed to be completely hidden from view when the door is closed. They’re easy to install and to adjust, ensuring doors line up perfectly. Strong, long-lasting connections are guaranteed when products are bought from reputable door hinges suppliers.

Door Accessories

For closers, pulls, and knobs.

Door closer suppliers offer either manual or automatic models for use at home or work. Manual closers are more cost-effective to install. Where there are high traffic areas, these closers solve the problems of banging doors, and keeping the door closed eliminates noise and other elements. They’re also an efficient way of lowering heating costs. Hold open features are an optional function, with adjustable closing and latching speeds.

Pull handles, whether straight handles with roses, or handcrafted glass pulls, are comfortable to use and durable, making them ideal for doors that are always in use. Solid brass bases ensure strength and resilience. Search for wholesale door accessories in our product catalogue.

Knobs in a variety of shapes and sizes can be found in WorldBuild365’s directory. Door knob benefits include working with doors that swing in either direction, that they don’t normally catch or damage clothing, and have a safety feature in that they’re child proof. Knobs require twisting.

Door Skins

Get added strength and insulation.

Door skin manufacturers can provide an outer surface of melamine paper, PVC, or veneer, using environmentally friendly glue. Lengths of skins vary between 2000mm-2150mm, and widths from 750mm-1050mm. The thickness of the skin ranges between 2.5-4.5mm. By adding door skins, thermal efficiency is increased – doors become low maintenance and weather resistant.