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Rubber bump stops suppliers are not the only ones listed in WorldBuild365's online directory - see alarm manufacturers, alarm equipment supplies, & more!

Choose Reputable Security Alarm Manufacturers

  • BIBUS-CLASS-LV Alarm system
    BIBUS-CLASS-LV Alarm system

    It is a must to feel secure at home. AnB has well understood that and that’s why they developped BiBus – a alarm system who benefits from the technological know how of this Belgian Company and his more than 25 years experience in the security sector. Volu

  • BIBUS-CLASSIC-S Security Control Panel
    BIBUS-CLASSIC-S Security Control Panel

    It is a must to feel secure at home. AnB has well understood that and that’s why they developped BiBus – a alarm system who benefits from the technological know how of this Belgian Company and his more than 25 years experience in the security sector. Volu

  • Grohl Monoblock
    Grohl Monoblock

    Grohl Monoblock is the whole complex video security technologies Spetslab, accumulated over 19 years for the most difficult conditions and dangerous situations.

  • Alarms
    Zenit Group - Pumps and Water solutions

    The alarm devices provide acoustic and/or acoustic/visual signalling of plant malfunctions such as power blackouts, allowing swift corrective action. The internal buffer battery ensures lengthy autonomy.

  • Cylinders + Locks
    Cylinders + Locks

    This product group includes security cylinders and locks. The portfolio ranges from keys to mechanical and mechatronic lock cylinders, digital locking systems and pushbutton locks with PIN codes, right up to keyless access control systems for private and commercial buildings. These products not only deliver optimum protection, but also give the users organizational flexibility.

  • HD Bullet Cameras H4
    HD Bullet Cameras H4
    Avigilon Singapore

    Available from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD resolution, the H4 bullet cameras provide maximum coverage for seeing activity in complete darkness. Embedded with self-learning video analytics, the H4 bullet cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) and third party VMS software and provide object detection and classification capabilities.

Take prudent measures and install an alarm system to lower business risk. WorldBuild365 has current listings for alarm manufacturers, alarm equipment suppliers, security alarm manufacturers, and many more. Alarms should:

Use innovative, cutting edge technology.

Be sourced from the best products from top security alarm manufacturers.

Provide an ultimate deterrent that’s visible and effective.


A combination of high quality, professional installation, and an optimum level of cover are all key factors when selecting an intruder alarm system. Management of the system should be simple in order to ensure that the business has the maximum level of security possible...

Alarms from the reliable alarm manufacturers on this business platform offer devices providing acoustic only or acoustic and visual signalling. They’re supplied with a battery charger and a buffer battery for 24 hour power supply. The internal selector allows for alarm-timer activation, and a continuous or self-resetting alarm function. The alarm siren usually provides a 90 decibel sound at a one meter range.

Power Distribution

Power distribution is the splitting up of power from a generator into various different sources. There are different options available, depending on how the power needs to be assigned. Construction sites, trade shows, convention halls, and many temporary structures can benefit from effective power distribution equipment...

Power distribution cabinets from trusted distribution box manufacturers are used for the reception and distribution of electricity. These boxes have a rigid structure, and the design is fully collapsible. The metal housings are tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions, and they prevent moisture from entering the power contacts. The cabinets offer low energy loss and high current distribution.

Input switching cases are suitable for residential, administrative, and public buildings. The cases are collapsible, and the hard-welded frame has guide rails for easy mounting. The side panels, roof and back wall are all detachable. The cases can be made with removable rails on request.

Rubber Protectors

Rubber obtained from the sap or latex of various tropical plants is pigmented, finished, and modified into products that are able to resume their original shape when a deforming force has been removed...

Rubber buffers protect the corners of the walls of buildings and houses, as well as the corners of columns, from mechanical impact. They’re widely used in public garages and parking lots, for example. Rubber bump stop suppliers will provide bumpers that act as dampers against impact - their installation can significantly increase the life of the building, avoiding vehicle damage during collisions. Rubber bumpers are usually mounted to the wall with screws or anchor bolts.