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Doors, Gates, Elevators & Building Automation Systems Doors are the first part of the property we see when we come home. A beautiful door can make a big difference and impress visitors and guests. It is one of the subtle necessities that can have a great impact on a home’s overall design.
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Building Automation Systems – the Smart Way to Improve Energy Efficiency

  • ISD02 Industrial Gates
    ISD02 Industrial Gates
    Doorhan Almaty

    Gates for closing openings in car showrooms and other buildings with glazed facades.

  • Gama T78 Door
    Gama T78 Door
    Langu Gama

    Traditional entrance door for Europe, one of the most popular models due to a combination of high quality, practicality, pleasant appearance and relative availability.

  • Gama T78 Rustic Door
    Gama T78 Rustic Door
    Langu Gama

    Front door for a house in a classic style. Traditional for European doors, the glass on the sides of the door gives a special feeling of coziness.

  • Gama T78 Mira Door
    Gama T78 Mira Door
    Langu Gama

    A spacious entrance door in a European-style style creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, letting the sunlight through the spacious windows.

  • Gama T78 Braga Door
    Gama T78 Braga Door
    Langu Gama

    The entrance door with glass inserts perfectly integrates into the wooden-glass facade systems.

  • 1501 Ocean Line Door
    1501 Ocean Line Door

    1501 Ocean Line high-quality door with a unique design in the form of a geometric abstraction, reminiscent of sea waves.

  • 325 Line Door
    325 Line Door

    A reliable interior door with an intriguing modern design will become a bright detail in the interior.

  • 319 Line Door
    319 Line Door

    High-quality 319 Line door with a refined organic design and an abundance of options for sheathing materials.

  • 329 Line Door
    329 Line Door

    Reliable light door with eloquent design. Contrasting colors of dark natural wood and night blue visually deepen the space of the room.

  • 314 Line Door
    314 Line Door

    Lightweight high-quality door c with many options for customization to create a unique individual style. Available with a gap of frosted tempered glass and in different materials.

  • 308 Line Door
    308 Line Door

    308 Line door with insets of tempered frosted glass and with the ability to choose the number, size and design of the inserts to create a unique atmosphere.

  • 1505 Horus Line Door
    1505 Horus Line Door

    Light high-quality door with a modern design. The insert in the center of the door and the special design of the door arch visually expand the space of the room.

  • 300 Line Door
    300 Line Door

    Light modern 300 Line door with a variety of design options for a glass insert. A wide range of colors is available.

  • 326 Line Door
    326 Line Door

    The door with an intriguing design, a geometric ornament of the regular form on the ebony, captures the eye.

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Doors Have a Great Impact on Property Design

Doors are the first part of the property we see when we come home. A beautiful door can make a big difference and impress visitors and guests. It is one of the subtle necessities that can have a great impact on a home’s overall design.


Interior doors are often overlooked, but they have a significant effect on the entire property’s style. As most homes already have doors installed, when rented, or bought, one rarely pays attention to them. Despite this, designers and property owners put a great amount of thought into choosing interior doors. A new door can dramatically change the look of the room. As such, they have a very important role as part of the building or renovation process. Indoor doors should feature the same basic properties. Sound proof doors are a preferred choice in interior design. Another thing to consider is the material and whether it matches the rest of the interior design scheme.


Exterior doors, also called front doors, are the building’s first impression. When greeting guests or inviting visitors in, the exterior door hints who you are and what they can expect when coming into the property. Front doors add to the overall property value too. Energy-efficient doors can also help property owners save about 10 % on energy bills. 


Front doors, like any other exterior feature, should be weather resistant and able to withstand long-term usage. The design of the door should complement the overall style and outer appearance of the property.


Security and safety are a crucial things to consider when choosing door locks. One should go for maximum security without locking themselves out. The smartest choice is going for user-friendly door locks that also guarantee maximum protection. 


Gates – a Stylish Greeting for Visitors

There is no better greeting for visitors than a stylish gate. It reminds the guests of the heritage of the family they are about to visit in a very impressive way.


Automatic gates are a hit on the market. They are easily operated via a remote control system, granting owners the ability to control the access to their property in a convenient way.


There are several important factors to consider when choosing gates. Size, material and weight will determine the type and the opening method. Heavy gates require powerful equipment and forces to open and close.


Elevators – a Convenient Way to Move Around

Elevators can improve the quality of life for anyone with mobility problems. They are the fastest and most convenient way for people to get from one floor to another, saving them the time and effort of climbing stairs. Installing an elevator also adds to the value of the property.


Some major factors should be taken into consideration when choosing elevators, be they for residential or commercial use. The distance that they will travel determines the type and lifting mechanism. Small platform lifts operate up to eight feet, while hydraulic elevators are used in skyscrapers and tall buildings. Size is another factor. Vacuum or small platform elevators are not spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair, while hydraulic elevators can transport most mobility devices.


Building Automation Systems – the Smart Way to Improve Energy Efficiency 

Building automation systems enable energy consumption optimization, controlling the indoor heating, cooling, plug loads and so on. They function as the property’s dynamic monitoring facilitator. Any building automation system should feature 3 main integrated components: software, wall sensors and control modules. 


Together, all these components, allow facility managers to control all of the building’s vital functions. They greatly contribute towards lowering energy costs and can also serve as alarm when a certain HVAC component needs maintenance. Thus, they also help manage equipment maintenance.