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When trusted access control system suppliers are needed, use WorldBuild365's online directory for details - door access control systems manufacturers too!

Find Out Where To Buy An Electronic Door Closer Wholesale

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Limit who has access to your premises with products from trusted access control systems suppliers. WorldBuild365 is the online directory to source hotel locks suppliers and door access control systems manufacturers, as well as being an easy way to buy electronic door closer wholesale.

These systems need to be:

Suitable for all business needs.

Secure, with options for central control.

Managed for site restrictions.

Security Measures

The door access control systems manufacturers you'll find in this directory can deliver:

Door access controllers that have a card reading system of up to 50mm, and a working temperature of between 10° and 70°C. An access system acts as a visible deterrent, and enables restricted access to safeguard equipment and stock. Anyone without an access card is prevented from entering the area – helping to manage site security.

You might also be looking for: keycard systems, electronic door locks, or electronic key systems for doors.

Hotel card locks from reputable hotel lock suppliers have a card reading distance of up to 35mm, and a working temperature of between 10°–60°C. The lock can be opened about 100 times before replacement batteries are needed, so card reading is reliable.

Door Closers

Mechanical devices for controlling door closure.

Standard door closers have adjustable closing and latching speeds, as well as an adjustable back check surface mount. The track arm mechanism has a maximum opening angle of 180°, and includes a thermos-constant valve. This single action door closer is made from anodized aluminium for the body and track rail, and can be painted in silver, black, brown, gold, white, or other colors on request.

Exposed door closers are non-handed, which makes installation simple. The mechanism is highly efficient and user friendly. The closing and latching speeds are adjustable, and back check and hold open options are available. The loading capacity is from 40kg to 100kg. Finishes can be selected from stainless steel, stainless brass, or polished stainless steel.

Electromagnet door closers provide a cushioning effect when the door is opened up to a maximum 75° angle. The hold open mechanism will then engage and keep the door from closing. Modular systems ensure easy fixing, and the range of assemblies and accessories mean that when you purchase an electronic door closer wholesale via WorldBuild365, you'll almost always be able to find the ideal solutions for special applications.

Floor spring door closers are suitable for single and double action doors, and for light and medium usage. Floor spring door closer manufacturers will offer systems with adjustable closing and latching speeds, and mechanical hold options on request. The closers can be painted with a selection of colors.

Similar products include steel pressed or stainless steel rim type closers.

Other Access Controllers

For different situations.

Sliding systems are a highly flexible solution that caters for the demands of access control, with a broad range of functional options to suit any requirements. Combinations of wood and metal structures and glass feature within the high quality range of sliding door products, with the latest design innovations.

Push button latches with a plastic button tie down door handle are constructed from a sturdy zinc alloy die cast. They can be used with aluminium, wood, or metal screen interior and exterior doors. For added security there’s an inside locking mechanism feature.

Door handles on the socket are listed here in our product directory.

See also: door handle on a square outlet with Swarovski crystals, brass door handles, door handles with thumb turns, and handles with sectional trim.

Door knockers can be attached by hinges to almost any door. These metal and ornamental features alert the person inside to an outdoor presence. Door knockers are easy to install, and the iron types are durable, smooth, and very strong.