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Buy a stone slab, purchase polished stone slabs, and more - all in one place. WorldBuild365 lists a wide variety of stone block suppliers for easy purchase.
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    Granite slab
    Granit Standart

    Granite is widely used for cladding facades and in the design of the memorial complexes. Natural stone slabs protect walls against the negative influences of various natural phenomena like rain or shine, cold or heat. Buildings, lined with granite slabs, are of particular grandeur, monumentality and expressiveness.

Stackable stone blocks are simple to source when you search this directory. You'll also find a broad array of other types of stone slabs, as well as the equipment needed for shaping and cutting these materials. All of the products you'll find through the suppliers and manufacturers listed here are:

High quality, sourced from the leading names in the industry.

Available in various quantities to match any requirements that you might have in your most recent project.

Made of varying materials, such as Indian sandstone, travertine, natural stone, and many more - perfect for any look or environment.

Get the best deal on stone block prices, or ensure that you've got the right equipment for cutting stone slabs down to size. WorldBuild365 numbers a great variety of reliable and trusted stone slab and tool manufacturers in its directory. Get searching today to find...

Stackable Stone Blocks

Make it simple to stack stone blocks you're planning to use for construction purposes in the future, with a pre-cut full stone slab of just the right size and shape...

Stackackable stone blocks are one of the staples of the construction industry. Weathered natural stone or polished natural stone are two of the most common varieties used, with the basic stone slab being the building block of paths and driveways across the world. They are available in a wide range of sizes from numerous stone manufacturers and suppliers.

Stone Slabs

Are made of various different types of naturally-occurring stone, and are used in various interior and exterior building projects. Buy stone slab made from...

Polished limestone slabs are most popularly used in interior work. But because of the wide range of types of limestone that this heading covers, you'll be able to find many varieties suitable for exterior use too. The vast number of available colors and finishes comes from the number and variety of ancient marine organism remains present in the material.

Sandstone blocks or slabs are made from a very versatile material, which adds value to any project they're involved in. The natural hues available for purchase commonly include grays, beige, and browns.

Travertine slabs are widely regarded as both a durable and stylish building material. The Colosseum in Rome is perhaps the most famous use of travertine as a construction material, but slabs made from this substance have also been used in domestic homes and commercial businesses for many years. Completely pure travertine is white, but most types provided for construction purposes have at least some imperfections - mainly because the colour variation, pits, and striations produce beautiful surface effects.

Equipment For Shaping or Cutting Stone Slabs

Make sure that the rough stone slabs you're buying become the polished stone slabs you need for building...

Full rough finishing machines for stone slabs will allow you to work with stone slabs of almost any type or thickness. Most machines of this type use pressurized water - at pressures up to 2000 bar - to provide cutting power. Shaping or cutting large volumes of stone is usually possible, depending on the specific model of machine that you rent or buy. Many function using multiple nozzles or rotating heads so that a wide variety of different finishes can be achieved.