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Contact a semi precious stones manufacturer to source materials, component materials, and overlays made from various decorative stones. These stunning materials give any space a grand and impressive edge, along with...

The appearance of kings and queens! The Byzantines, Mughals, and many others throughout history used precious stones in their decoration.

Hard-wearing durability, suitable for luxury kitchen and bathroom designs, and much more.

Customization - with such a valuable material, many semi precious stones suppliers will be happy to customize their final products for you.

Make sure you connect with the right manufacturers and suppliers of building materials made from these exquisite stones using the vast WorldBuild365 directory...

Semi Precious Stones and Materials

Select from a rich variety of materials that use semi-precious stones as part of their construction...

Standard micro-crystal stone is an ingenious material, but can suffer from low surface hardness, making it relatively easy to scratch.

Crystal layered stone only comes from a select semi precious stones supplier. The technique used in the manufacture of this material results in a much more precise fusion of stone and crystal, making the resultant substance significantly more resistance to wear. As a side-effect, this also makes the material more translucent, giving an attractive shimmering effect to the finished surface.

Epoxy bonded gemstone is made from crystals which have been molded in epoxy. The standard size of gemstones fixed in this fashion is usually around 2-3cm, with the final piece usually available in different levels of surface refinement. This can range from smoothly polished, to sandblasted, to brushed. The approximate ratio of epoxy to crystal is usually 1 in 10, or around 10% epoxy or less.

3D-effect semi-precious stone is usually available in both geometric and gemstone or geode varieties. The former, of course, gives a very man-made appearance reminiscent of simple mosaic or miniature tiles. The latter gives a rougher more natural look that could be said to be aping the ways that the crystal would appear naturally.

Overlays and Coverings of Semi-Precious Stones

As well as a convenient way to buy semi precious stones wholesale, the WorldBuild365 directory gives you access to suppliers of overlays, veneers, and other decorative uses of semi precious stones...

Gemstone overlays give all the aesthetic wonder of semi precious stones on a base of another material, such as marble, granite, wood, acrylic, or glass. This base material can be flat, or a carved or bas relief image, which the resultant overlay will then mirror. This method is popularly used for building with varieties of shell or gemstone which are not suitable for mixing with epoxy. Gemstone overlays are popularly used in wall cladding and floors, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens.