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Purchasing mosaic tile art supplies has never been simpler. WorldBuild365 contains a vast and ever-updating list of suppliers and manufacturers of mosaic and mosaic-related products, giving you access to:

Classic style and elegance - mosaic has a history of use as a decorative material stretching back to Ancient Rome and beyond!

A broad range of materials, from the traditional ceramic or marble tiles to slightly more modern glass mosaic materials.

Mosaics sheets or mosaic chips, suitable for installation by an experienced stonemason or an able craftsman depending on need.

Get in touch with the manufacturer who'll let you buy just the right mosaic supplies wholesale, or high quality materials in smaller quantities. View the correct areas of this directory to learn more...

Mosaic Tiles, Mosaic Pieces, and Mosaic Chips

Select from amongst the highest quality work from leading manufacturers, or quickly purchase discount mosaic supplies...

Mosaic marble tile is one of the oldest decorative uses of marble. Still incredibly popular, particularly in the construction of kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, this material usually arrives in tile form, or as tile pieces or chips. In which format to buy will be an important decision, and will most likely depend on the skill and experience of the professional who'll be conducting the installation.

Square chip mosaics come in small, uniform chips - either in bags individually, or more usually as whole pre-formed tiles or sheets ready to be laid together. These latter are measured by the number of pieces in width by the number of pieces in length. They'll usually be available from your mosaic marble tile manufacturer in a whatever color requirements you might have for the project at hand.

Anti slip mosaic tiles are a newer product made of pre-formed sheets of mosaic. Purchasable in a broad array of colors and shades, this material is ideal for use as flooring in any commercial or residential property.

Metallicized mosaic is similar to square chip mosaic, and usually comes in sheet format of various sizes with a highly reflective finish.

Glass mosaic supplies are available from many manufacturers. Glass is a wonderful material to use in the creation of mosaics, offering easy-clean properties, as well as a huge variety of colors to use in the creation of custom artwork, or as pre-made tiles.

Mosaics With Pictures, Photos, or Artwork

These come with both custom and stock photo format options...

Photo-effect mosaics are available from mosaic tiles suppliers who stock a range of stock artwork in tile format. Ranging from sea and underwater scenes for bathrooms to a wide variety of other images, these offer a colorful and more modern take on mosaic than traditional materials.

Custom mosaic pictures can be purchased from many suppliers of wholesale mosaic tile. They can be customized to display almost any image that you or your client might have in mind. Discuss your needs with your supplier when you get in touch.