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Marble manufacturers, as well as marble tile manufacturers and granite tile manufacturers, can all be found on WorldBuild365. They offer many different items, and can even facilitate wholesale orders of products such as marble tiles. More details about what they provide is given below.

Marble Tile and Other Manufacturers List Their Products in This Directory

  • Granite G603 Padang Grey brand
    Granite G603 Padang Grey brand

    Granite grade G603 (commercial name - Padang Grey) is a light-gray granite speckled with pronounced black, colored quartz, produced in the province Fudziyan in the southeast of China.

  • Marble Emperador Dark Imported brands
    Marble Emperador Dark Imported brands

    Emperador Dark marble brand Importёd Marble Emperador Dark Imported brand is dark brown or dark brown marble with large veins in black, brown or coffee. Obtained marble Emperador Dark Imported brand in the south-Sun

  • Marble marks Black and Gold
    Marble marks Black and Gold

    Marble marks Black and Gold is a beautiful black marble with golden veins or patterns, orange or yellow. Obtained marble brand Black and Gold in the southeast of China.

  • Bathrooms

    Marble and granite used for entrance groups and floors inspire with respect to the owner of the house. Stone in bathrooms allows to feel luxurious during relaxing time. Stone cools in summer and relaxes in winter. It makes possible to feel oneself like a medieval royal person.

  • Granite
    VH stone

    Application: interior finishing (floor, walls, table tops, stairs, balusters, column bases, decorative fountains and columns)

  • Wall Covering
    Wall Covering
    Stone Service

    we realize interior and exterior wall coverings in different marbles and natural stones. Materials from all over the world are manufactured and layed by the skilful hands of our artisans.

  • Flooring
    Stone Service

    We realize bespoke floorings in different marbles and natural stones, materials from all over the world are manufactured and layed by the skilful hands of our artisans that are able to transform the ambient creating exclusive and refined atmospheres.

  • Napoleon Brown
    Napoleon Brown

    Stone surfaces for Italian lifestyle.

  • Nova Blanca - white marble, slabs and plates
    Nova Blanca - white marble, slabs and plates

    Nova-Blanca - in slabs and plates. Offered sizes: - thickness 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm - 30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm, 50cm x 50cm or any customer specified size (The maximum possible size of one plate to 300cm x 160cm)

  • Granite paving tiles
    Granite paving tiles

    The advantages of granite tiles for paving sidewalks: - Granite tiles economical. - It allows for multiple use. - Withstands high pressure and large temperature changes. - Granite tiles clean and not exposed to harmful chemicals.

  • Granite curbs
    Granite curbs

    Specifications granite curbs:   - Durable;   - Does not need annual painting;   - Retains its shape without chipping and damage;   - Opposes the influence of all weather conditions, easy to clean from dirt and dust does not enter into chemical reactions with substances in gasoline or dissolved in the atmosphere.

  • Granite steps
    Granite steps

    The granite monolith has the highest strength, it is not destroyed, it will not crack, so the steps of granite has a very long service life with minimal maintenance requirements. Granite steps have high moisture and frost stability.

  • Marble Internal Staircases
    Marble Internal Staircases

    Marble stairs show not only luxury and wealth of the building, but at the same time can be considered as durable and functional architectural element.

  • Marble Columns
    Marble Columns

    All column types, pilasters, half-columns can be used as supporting and decorative elements of any construction.

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Marble and granite products are versatile. All those featured on this site are:

Hardy and resistant to wear, color fade, and various temperatures and climates.

Visually appealing, and suitable for use in many kinds of exterior design projects.

Made to last for years and years.

Marble manufacturers, as well as marble tile manufacturers and granite tile manufacturers, can all be found on WorldBuild365. They offer many different items, and can even facilitate wholesale orders of products such as marble tiles. More details about what they provide is given below:

Quality Marble Products

Wholesale orders of the following high quality marble products and more can be made:

Marble benches, which are not only incredibly resistant to scratching and wearing, but also extremely attractive too. As a consequence of this, these benches are perfect for users who desire exterior designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet long lasting and functional.

Marble basins, which can transform almost any bathroom into a luxurious and stylish space. Marble is ideal for use in wet rooms because they have a naturally good response to both water and moisture. And of course they won’t be chipped or scratched like standard ceramic sinks, which also wear out much more quickly over time than marble ones.

Marble exterior floors, which are very resistant to all weather conditions, making them perfect for outside use. An added advantage of this type of flooring is its reflective qualities. For instance, when surrounded by attractive buildings, balconies, swimming pools, and other structures, the aesthetic appeal of these floors will be enhanced. It should also be noted that like the other marble products offered in this online directory, these products are incredibly strong and long lasting.

Marble tiles that have low absorption levels – they’re ideal for all different decorative applications. Because of their excellent aesthetic appeal, they’re highly regarded by interior designers. And not for just for their beauty, but their durability too – these marble tiles are stainless, highly resistant to scratching, and have extraordinarily long life spans, if fitted and maintained correctly. Moreover, the marble tile suppliers in this directory can offer units with differing levels of gloss, and in various colors and styles.

Marble staircases that can make the exteriors of any property stylish and attractive in an instant. While it can be said that marble is a naturally slippery surface, the products produced by the marble manufacturers on WorldBuild365 can be equipped with safety measures such as rubber anti-slip tapes, cuts, and sandblasting.

Specialist Granite Products

The subsequent items are just some of those that can be found in this online catalogue:

Granite interior tiles are particularly hard, ensuring durability, and water and staining resistance. This makes them appropriate for all rooms including bathrooms and kitchens. Those on offer from the professional granite tile suppliers found in this directory can come in a diverse range of styles and color, including, but not limited to, a special red design.

Granite exterior paving tiles that can be used for sidewalks and more. These tiles are economical and can be used multiple times. Additionally, they can withstand high pressure, large temperature changes, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

Granite steps which have amazing strength. It’s almost impossible to damage or crack them, and they have long lives and minimal maintenance requirements. These steps are subjected to specialist heat treatments during the production process, and as a result have an anti-slip surface from the get-go.

Granite polished plate suitable for both vertical and horizontal planes. These plates can be decorated with many materials, including lacquer and paint. They can be used in the base of floor coverings, when leveling walls, and so much more. Plate thicknesses available range from 15 to 30mm.

Granite curbs don’t need annual painting and won’t be damaged by any weather conditions. These curbs can be easily cleaned of dust and dirt. And substances they’re likely to be exposed to, such as gasoline, won’t damage them in any way. They can be used on both roads and pavement or sidewalks.