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Inlaid stone is a highly sought-after material used in any situation where an incredibly sturdy and easy-to-wipe material is called for. It's commonly used in the construction of tables in homes and restaurants, as well as walls, floors, and other surfaces in both residential and business buildings. This is because it provides:

Beauty - stone inlays offer a huge variety of aesthetic choices, including many materials, colors, and patterns of inlay.

Durability - though frequently highly decorative, one of the main benefits of an inlaid stone or marble surface is its durability.

Allergenic qualities, as well as being easy to maintain, with a single wipe usually being enough to recover from any spillages.

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Inlaid Stone Tables and Tabletops

Popularly used to produce surfaces for rooms which get frequently wet, or which see a lot of activity relating to food, inlaid stone - especially inlaid marble and inlaid quartz - offer significant advantages. They're also very environmentally friendly, being both renewable and replaceable...

Inlaid stone counter tables are available in many different colors and materials - usually a marble-granite mix, with black, browns, and creams being enduringly popular. This kind of top is suitable for building kitchen work surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and for use in the construction of freestanding tabletops too. Thanks to the material's qualities, inlaid stone manufacturers who create this type of surface produce incredibly durable materials which offer great advantages in terms of easy cleaning and maintenance.

Stone inlaid marble tabletops come in a variety of different patterns, with some inlaid stone suppliers even offering chess board tables and other high quality pieces. Popular options include marble inlaid with semi precious stones, sea shells, and other similar materials.

Items in this category include marble inlaid stone dining tables, marble inlay coffee tables, marble inlay side tables, inlaid stone coffee tables, inlaid stone dining tables, and antique marble inlaid stone coffee tables.

Quartz inlaid stone is made from a proportion of pure quartz crystal, usually 90%+, along with a variety of colored resins and pigments. Usually on offer from inlaid stone manufacturers in various hues, including greens, whites, golds, and a plethora of mixed colors, it is commonly used in public building and house decoration. This can include installation in shopping malls and shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, banks, and transport centers. In the home, it is often used as a kitchen countertop, as a bar top, as well as in wall and floor construction.

Solid surface marble restaurant tables are of the type frequently seen outside restaurants and fast food establishments. The material they are made from is usually a mix of artificial marble, artificial quartz stone, and acrylic, manufactured via a process of compression. They most commonly have a sturdy stainless steel base, and also benefit from inlaid stone's usual seamless surface and durability advantages. Like other similar materials, the surface of this kind of table is resistant to chemical spills, heat, mold, pollutants, and bacteria, as well as scratches and impacts.

Popular searches in this category include solid surface cafe tables and chairs, starbucks furniture, and solid surface coffee tables.